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Doom II


Censored GameBoy Advance Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored PC Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Oct 03, 2011 - Author: Martin Tsang - Translator: Tony Montana
Like the prequel, all GBA Versions of Doom II has been censored worldwide. Furthermore, the bonus levels in the style of "Wolfenstein 3D" have been altered: any NS symbols have been removed.

Compared are the censored Game Boy Advance Version by Activision and the uncensored PC Version by GT Interactive.

Please note: the different sizes of the screens result from the different aspect ratio of the PC and GBA Version.
The blood in the entire game is green instead of red:

Uncensored Version:Censored Version:

Blood on the Token
There's an image of the token in the status bar. The more wounded the player, the more wounded the token. In the GBA Version, the blood has been removed or to be more specific: it has been colored and looks brown now:

Uncensored Version Version:Censored Version:

Splatter Effects
If enemies get hit by heavy arms like rocket launcher or exploding barrels, they often burst. But they do not in the GBA Version which only comes up with the regular death animation:

Uncensored Version:Censored Version:

In the GBA Version, the corpses vanish into thin air after a short period:

Uncensored Version Version:Censored Version:

Mutilated Corpses
Usually, the game is full of mutilated, hooked and spitted corpses. All of them have been removed for the GBA Version (here just one of many many examples):

Uncensored Version Version:Censored Version:

Censored Bonus Level
The two bonus levels in the style of "Wolfenstein 3D" are also in the GBA Version but any NS symbols have been replaced by symbols of Wolfenstein. The Hitler paintings have been replaced by paintings of another person (looks like a screenshot of character from "Return to Castle Wolfenstein"). All following screen are from the GBA Version: