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Dragonball Z



  • French Version
  • Uncut
Release: Oct 04, 2017 - Author: MajoraZZ - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the French Version (German DVD by Kazé) and the Uncut Version (Unrated US DVD box set by Funimation). All in all, 62 seconds are missing due to 8 cuts.
The first shot is much longer plus C-16 pulls Cell's tail until he yanks it off.
The last shot of Cell lacks his laughter.
17.24 sec

Cell's tail grows back.
Schwanz wächst nach.
7.60 sec

Cell's body fluid burns holes in the ground.
The shot of C-16 is much shorter. It starts when he is already speaking.
5.48 sec

C-16 screws his hand back on his arm stump
The following is shorter as well. It starts when C.16's face is completely on-screen.
5.12 sec

C-16 unscrews both his hands.
9.52 sec

Cell sucks in C-17 longer.
5.88 sec

Shot of C-16's head wound.
6.28 sec

Cell speaks longer with C-17's voice.
4.88 sec

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