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Young Dragons: Kung Fu Kids

original title: Chi xian te jing chu geng


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Japan LD
Release: Oct 01, 2011 - Author: Jason - Translator: Jam3s - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Hong Kong Theatrical Version (taken from the German VHS) and the Japanese Laser Disc release by Toei.

Whereas the HK version doesn't include any closing credits, the Japanese LD shows some kind of satire on the humorous out-takes from Jackie Chan's Movies. The movie itself makes fun of both Jackie Chan- & Bruce Lee-movies. Although I do not have further versions to check this, it seems as if this credit was especially produced by Toei for the Japanese version (see pictures below).

The time differences between the versions also result from the rounding up and off regarding full or half seconds.
Running time of the HK version: 1:22:11 min. (no credits)
Running time the Japan LD: 1:31:18 min. (1:25:45 min. without credits)

Different sources say, the US DVD has been cut even more. However, we haven't checked it so we can not confirm this by ourselves.

1 extended scene = 5 min. 27 sec.
Opening credits:

Logically there's no Toei Video Logo in the Theatrical version
6 sec.

The title font differs; the Japanese version is animated.

Theatrical Cut:

Japan LD:

No time difference

Ending credits:

In the Theatrical cut the last scene freezes and is followed by the black screen.
In the Japanese version you can see a sort of trailer, obviously made for or by Toei. It contains some familiar and altered scenes from the movie and also some funny out-takes.

Some advertising clips for merchandise products.

The boys change clothes in a more or less artistic way. The fat boy gets knocked to the floor and the other two leave the room.

Morning toilet. The fat boy gets a involuntary teeth cleaning and is plunged into the pot head-first, but also dried with a towel after.

While controlling their remote-controlled cars the boys are driving on roller skates through the city and mock a passing by woman.

At a swimming pool each boy tries to impress the girl on the lounger. But she's not interested and the boys resignedly drop into the water, the fat boy rather against his will.

With many things going wrong the three boys record the title track in a studio.

Back at the swimming pool: The boys got themselves swim shorts. The fat boy is not able to get changed in time and the girl is shocked. After this they get a cold shower for the promo picture

In the studio again: the fat boy is being hit and starts to cry, but he calms down after he also punches his brothers.

Some alternative scenes from the intro and the ending scene, where they fall into the pool. The fat boy seems to drown and somebody appears to help him.

The scene freezes and the ending credits appear.

327 sec.