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1.08 Alex's Big Day


  • International Version
  • UK Version
Release: Sep 12, 2015 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
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Removed Scene

In both versions, a picture og a hot blonde is being covered up with a "Lock it up" poster but the following dialog is longer in the UK Version.
Alex: "You do know that Lord Scarman's coming to see if you're a racist, corrupt institution, not to check whether you polish your paperclips."
Gene: "And he won't find anything to stick in his poxy report in this station."
With Chris' following comment, the versions are back in sync.

8.68 sec

Extended Scene

Alex's conversation with Gene is longer. She needs Ray's help to keep the bomb that kills her parents from going off.
Alex: "We are about to prevent a major incident. Think how good that'll make you look."
Gene: "I don't want anything spoiling Scarman's visit. Is that understood?"
Alex: "Understood.

The bold-marked dialogs are missing in the International Version.

4.08 sec

Removed Scene

Ray's discussion with Alex whether or not she told Gene she was about to take his Quattro is longer in the UK Version. The following is missing in the International Version.
Alex: "Listen, Ray. This could possibly be the most important day of my life. OK? I need a decent set of wheels."
Ray (sighs): "Right. Where to?"
Alex: "We're off to a rally."
The versions then are back in sync.

9.64 sec

Removed Scene

After Gene placed Chris under arrest in order to deceive Lord Scarman, the end of the scene is longer in the UK Version.
After Gene's "You just tell Lord Scarman what a marvellous nick this is, you'll be out in a jiffy.", the International Version continues with the next scene.
In the UK Version, Viv takes Chris to the cells and on his way out, Chris yells "I want my phone call!". Then Gene goes to his co-worker, who bought the trophies with Gene's money, and demands the change. Gene takes his money and leaves. Then a shot of the other co-workers and after that, the versions are back in sync.

15.48 sec

Extended Scene

After Ray spotted Tom Robinson among all the homosexuals, he sings longer in the UK Version.
Alex: "Who?"
Ray: "Tom Robinson. You know."
Then he starts singing: "2-4-6-8, ain't never too late. Me and my radio are truckin' on through…"
Alex: "I remember that."
Ray keeps singing: "3-5-7-9, on a double white line. Motorway sun coming up in the morning light…"
Alex: "Yeah, alright Ray. Alright. I get the picture."

Ray: "I went out and bought that record. I had no idea a poof had made it. I mean it’s a man's record about driving."

The bold-marked dialogs are missing in the International Version.

8 sec

Removed Scene

After Alex crushed her uncle's car with a tank, the International Version shows Gene coming out of his office.
In the UK Version however, we see Chris in the slammer for the first time.
Chris gets startled when Viv asks him: "Anything I can get you, sir? Soft toilet paper? Magazines? Cup of tea? Hand job?"
Chris: "Ha-ha, yeah. Very funny. Piss off!"
Viv laughs:" Cheer up, sir. The govenor wants Scartman to think it's like Butlins in here."
Chris: "I wanna go and see how Shaz is, Viv."
Viv: "The hospital will phone if there's any news."
Chris approaches Viv and says: "Viv. I need to go to the toilet."
Viv looks at the toilet in the cell hence Chris turns around and looks at it as well.
Chris: "I just can't go, not out in the open like this."
Viv: "You shoud have thought about that before you committed a criminal offence."
Viv then shuts the hole in the cell door. Now Gene, who comes out of his office, in the UK Version as well.

33.6 sec

Removed Scene

Another scene in the UK Version which is longer at the end.
After Gene asked "Are you actually asking for my help, Bolly?", we see Alex. She sighs. Then the Quattro in the International Version.
In the UK Version, the conversation is not over yet.
Alex: "Yeah, I might be."
Gene: "What? You want a hunk of 'The Gene Genie' in the room with you in case the man scares you?"
Alex (sighs): "Godness' sake."
After a small pause, she goes on: "At least let me borrow your car."
At the same time, she tries to grab the car key but Gene is faster. Then he says: "Hang on, Bols."
Now the Quattro in the UK Version as well.

16.4 sec

Removed Scene

The conversation with Layton is longer in the UK Version.
Layton: "Seems to me that I've got something you need, Alex. Thing is, do you have anything I need? When I get out of here, maybe you and I could get together, maybe get married. Have a kid."
Then he laughs.
Gene: "He's winding you up like a top. Don't think you're safe from me inside here, Layton. One word from me, you'll never be picking the soap up in the shower again.
(Now to Alex) Right. I'm going back to my station before Lord Scarman closes it."

The bold-marked dialogs are missing in the International Version.

16.8 sec

Removed Scene / Alternate Footage

When Gene is gone, the conversation with Layton continues. It does not come as a surprise that the UK Version is longer.
After Layton intoned "Hope you're happy" comes the cut in the International Version.
Alex: "You know something, Layton? You think that this is a low point in your life. But, er… it isn't. I've seen your future. And it is desperate."
After short, intense eye contact, Layton says: "Well, if you can see into the future, don't need any answers from me then, do you?"

From this point on, the versions are back in sync but the International Version contains alternate footage when Alex says "Do you know the truth about why my parents died?". The previous shot just keeps going which means the camera is closer to Alex in the International Version.

29.24 sec

Removed Scene

Chris' conversation with the made-up guy in the cell is longer in the International Version.
Mann: "Alright?"
Chris: "Yes, thank you."
The guys snuffles, Chris swallows.
The versions are back in sync when the guy asks Chris "What you in for?".

9.36 sec

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