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Patriot, The


  • Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jan 09, 2010 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared is the Theatrical Cut with the Extended DVD

Now it's certain what a lot people suspected: most of the new footage was available as Deleted Scenes on the first DVD release, but not the whole footage.

Running time Theatrical Cut 2:38:07 Min. Credits included
Running time Extended Version 2:47:58 Min. Credits included

Added scenes: 15
Modified scenes: 4
Running time new scenes: 652 Sek.
07:11 Min.
Gabriel Martin (Heath Ledger) reads a newspaper article to his father (Mel Gibson).
Gabriel:"The New York and Pennsylvania assemblies are debating independence."
Benjamin:"What about the middle colonies?"
Gabriel:"In Chestertown they burned the customs house and tar and feathered two magistrates. They died of… They died of burns." Benjamin:"Damn fools."
Gabriel:"Who? The writers or the magistrates?"
Benjamin:"What does it say about the Continental Congress?"
Gabriel:"It says here they'll make a declaration of independence by July."
36 Sec.

09:13 Min.
Matthew (Charles Black) enters the room to inform Charlotte Selton (Joely Richardson) that the children, nieces and nephews have arrived.
12 Sec.

10:28 Min.
Gabriel is longer on his tour.
9 Sec.

10:39 Min.
Gabriel returns to spread some news.
Gabriel:"Harry Burwell is here recruiting. The governor has vowed if the assembly votes a single shilling to the Continental Army, he'll dissolve the body."
Charlotte to Benjamin:"Wouldn't that force our delegates in Philadelphia to vote for independence?"
Benjamin:"Yes. Send us off to war alongside Massachusetts." The family watches a scarcrow of King George burn. Benjamin sends the children in, Charlotte still watches the crowd. Then she says to Benjamin: "Burwell will be counting on your vote. And he'll expect you to be the first to enlist."
Benjamin:"Yes, I imagine so. I'm sorry, the heathens are…"
Charlotte:"They have long needed a woman in their lives. A mother. Especially Susan."
Benjamin would like ot reply, but he's unable to.
76 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
18:27 Min.
We hear Gabriel reading the letter he wants wo send to his little brother but we see Benjamin plowing the acre with an ox. After that we see a horse escaping out of its stable. These scenes are also in the Extended Version, but in a different context.
13 Sec.

Extended Version
21:00 Min.
We hear Gabriel reading the letter he wants to send to his little brother but we see Benjamin visiting his wife's grave.
13 Sec.

22:59 Min.
Here's a scene that pops up in the Theatrical Cut as well, but we've got it etended here. Benjamin plows his acre with an ox, his son Thomas (Gregory Smith) helps him. A horse escapes from its stabel, Samuel (Bryan Chafin) and William (Logan Lerman) hunt it. Noticed by one of the farmers and Abigale (Beatrice Bush) Margaret is sent for their brothers. Benjamin sees the horse and his children hunting it, too. Due to a hunch he grabs his gun. Thomas also feels that something is wrong. The horse comes close to the river, rests there and gets caught by the children. Magareth arrives, the siblings recognize a bunch of corpses in the river. Benjamin arrives and the children are told to go back to the house immediately. Afterwards, when they're eating, the atmosphere is still anxious.
109 Sec.

28:26 Min.
Benjamin and his son Thomas check out the battle field in front of the house.
40 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
39:11 Min.
In the Theatrical Cut Benjamin passes off the corpses and he seems to get eliminated by the sunlight.
9 Sec.

Extended Version
43:54 Min.
Tracking shot to someone who's supposed to be dead. Cut to a shadowy Benjamin. Another cut to the heavily injured soldier, a further cut to Benjamin dissolving in the sunlight and another cut back to the soldier who's almost unconscious.
20 Sec.

44:21 Min.
Benjamin and his sons are back home, his two daughters and his youngest son are waiting. The house is completely burned down. Benjamin kneels in front of his dead son (Thomas) und recognizes the tin soldiers in his dead hand. He puts an English tin soldier in his pocket and is close to tears. The rest of the family stands in front of Thomas' grave to bury him.
89 Sec.

45:58 Min.
Colonel William Tavington (Jason Isaacs) stands on the sidelines of the Britsih tent camp and watches the fireflies around him. He's able to catch one of them with a fast move. Capt. Bordon (Jamieson Price) reports that a casualty has been found.
23 Sec.

50:37 Min.
Benjamin looks at his dead wife's medaillon. Charlotte comes into the room with a glass of wine in her hand.
17 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
43:12 Min.
Gabriel enters the room and says to Charlotte and Benjamin: "Gates and the Continental Army are in Hillsborough."
6 Sec.

Extended Version
50:57 Min.
Benjamin is behind Gabriel's back. Charlotte goes to the left side of the room und Benjamin says to both of them: "We'll go to Saint Helena. That's a free slave island just north of Charles Town. Right under the British noses. They won't think of look..." Gabriel cuts him off in mid-sentence.
76 Sec.

57:07 Min.
Colonel Tavington and his adjutant Captain Bordon ride to the British camp tent. Out there they go to the officer's mess and meet General Lord Charles Cornwallis (Tom Wilkinson) and other officers. General Cornwallis steps up to him and blames him for acting to selfish. General O'Hara (Peter Woodward) steps forward. Now General Cornwallis blames him for his monstrosities to the civilians which gave him the nickname "The Butcher". Apart from that the General wants to reschedule the conversation to the following day. Completely annoyed Colonel Tavington leaves the tent.
65 Sec.

Theatrical Cut
49:12 Min.
Two missing frames of the shot from the army's camp.
2 Sec.

1:49:56 Min.
Abigale shows Charlotte and the children their new quarters, then we see Benjamin hiding in the swamp again.
39 Sec.

2:19:27 Min.
We see the army's troups moving to the enemy, then Colonel Tavington getting some medication. General Cornwallis reminds him to follow the orders. Otherwise he has to live with the consequences.
58 Sec.