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#16 The Frost Giant's Daughter


  • Regular censored version
  • Uncensored Savage Tales Version
Release: Aug 30, 2012 - Author: Preacher - Translator: Mr Miau
The story "The Frost Giant's Daughter" is based on a narration by Robert E. Howard. The author Roy Thomas and the artist Barry Windsor-Smith originally created the cartoon version of this Conan story for the magazine "Savage Tales 1".
"Savage Tales" was a maagazine for older readers and therefore not restricted by the comic code. In this case this was especially handy for the erotic depiction of Atali, the daughter of the frost giant.

Because the monthly series "Conan the Barbarian" quite often could not get its comic stories in time, the publishers decided to use the story from the "Savage Tales" again. This happened in the issue 16 of "Conan the Barbarian". However, as the comic code applied to this magazine, the quite often topless Atali had to be redressed in order to include the story. This censored version was reprinted by Marvel thrice, in "Conan Saga #6", in "The Essential Conan" and in "The Chronicles of Conan 2 - Rogues in the House a.o.S.".

The original novel was reused as basis for a comic strip of the Dark Horse series "Conan" in 2004 and became a success in the US. It was published as Issue #2 and then reprinted as an album called "Conan - The Frost-Giants-Daughter".

The new version does not lack the quality of the old one by the way, the drawings are great and the texts rather true to the original.

Uncensored version of the story:
Savage Tales #1
The Savage Sword of Conan #1

Censored version of the story:
Conan the Barbarian #16
The Chronicles of Conan #2
Conan Saga #6
The Essential Conan #1
Page 5, picture 6: When Atali meets Conan, her left breast is not covered in the uncensored version, in the censored version it is.

Page 6, picture 1: Atali covers her naked torso with nothing but some see-through cloth. In the uncensored b/w version even her nipples can be seen a bit. Picture #2 shows the version by Dark Horse, in which at least Atali's figure can be seen behind the cloth, whereas nothing can be seen in the censored Marvel version (picture #3).

Page 6, picture 3: Atali is fleeing Conan. In the colored version, her hair is covering her originally visible left breast.

Page 9, picture 5: A part of Atali's breast can be seen beneath her dress, but only in the b/w version.

Page 10, picture 3: Atali can free herself from Conan's grip and runs away. He holds her dress in his hands. In the b/w version she runs away naked, in the colored version she is still dressed.

Page 10, pictures 5+6: Atalis is naked in the uncensored version but still dressed in the new version.

Page 11, picture: When Atali disappears in a blue lightning, she is naked only in the old and uncensored version. In the censored version, she is still dressed.