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Release: Jul 20, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US VHS from Paramount/Palisades Entertainment (R-Rated) and the uncut US DVD from Synapse Films (Unrated)

Beside the cut British VHS (the DVD released later is uncut) the R-Rated version presents the version of this film with the most cuts which had to be done in order to ensure the movie to get the more profitable R-Rating instead of the infamous X-Rating. The US-DVD that was released later contains the unrated version.

R-Rated = 83:23 Min.
Unrated = 85:36 Min.
00:00 The Paramount Logo can only be found on the VHS.
+ 16 Sec.

37:12 Just like in every other cut version, the infamous Blowjob scene was heavily cut.
39 Sec.

37:29 End of a shot of the moaning Brian, followed by the Aylmer pulling the womans brain out of her mouth and disappearing into Brians trousers with it.
10 Sec.

48:53 After Brian has tossed away the bloody lump out of his ear, the R-Rated shows the Aylmer saying "Oh, oh Brian! Now you're really loosing your mind.". After that Brian starts to pick his ear. In the Unrated he pulls a long and gory something out of his ear while screaming.
19,5 Sec.

49:03 The close up of Brians ear is longer and starts earlier in the Unrated.
1 Sec.

49:05 After the piece of ear has fallen off, the Unrated shows the shot of the Aylmer from the previous cut. After that gallons of blood shoot out of Brians head as he screams.
11 Sec.

49:31 Longer shot of the Aylmer. Then we see Brian lying on the floor. The camera moves back and Brian turns to the side. Foam flows out of his mouth. During this we hear the Aylmer telling Brian that he only needs to come to him to make the pain go away.
41,5 Sec.

57:05 As the Aylmer attacks the guy on the toilet, a shot of Brian walking up and down in front of the toilet is missing. Then follows a shot of blood splattering onto the ceiling above the booth.
26 Sec.

57:13 End of a shot under the booth. A lump of brain falls down between the legs of the corpse.
2,5 Sec.

63:20 In Brians dream: As he lies onto Barbara while kissing her and sucking her brain out, the R-Rated changes color so the whole thing cannot really be recognized. Also, the R-Rated fades away earlier as we see Brian with the piece of brain in his mouth.
3,5 Sec.

83:18 The Paramount Logo after the ending credits can once again only be found in the R-Rated.
+ 5 Sec.