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Uncut DVD (Region 1 - NTSC)

War and Peace

The Koker Trilogy

Night Killer

Stand by Me

Men of War


  • French Version
  • BBFC 15
Release: Apr 14, 2013 - Author: Demerest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Difference: 19 cuts with a total length of 58.72 seconds.
Running time French Version (end credits excluded): 1:34:31 (PAL).
Running time Uncut Version (end credits excluded): 1:35:21 (PAL).
The time index refers to the scheme Cut / Uncut.

This good and hard mercenaries actioner with Dolph Lundgren was released in France by Metropolitan on VHS and DVD. The French release is based on the Unrated Version. Unfortunately, the label made a couple of cuts. As a result, the French Version lacks almost one minute of footage. The cuts appear to be pretty random because, aside from violence, some quite harmless scenes are missing as well. Bottom line: the French DVD is not recommendable at all, despite its very good quality.

Compared are the shortened DVD by Metropolitan Film & Video and the uncut DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment (BBFC 15).
0:00:00 / 0:00:00
The French Version contains the Metropolitan logo.
+10.8 sec

0:00:43 / 0:00:34
The titles are different.
no difference
French Version:
BBFC 15:

0:16:41 / 0:16:32
Nolan kicks a thug in the face in a very bloody way.
1.68 sec

0:18:59 / 0:18:52
Explicit shot of Keefer puts a bullet in a mercenary's head. Blood splatters in the guy's face next to him.
0.52 sec

0:43:44 / 0:43:37
Ocker's GSW is gets treated by a female villager.
1.56 sec

0:53:38 / 0:53:33
Now a short but brutal shot of the village elder chopping off the left hand with a hatchet.
0.24 sec

0:53:43 / 0:53:38
The village elder holds his arm stump into the fire. He screams in agonizing pain.
1.36 sec

0:53:46 / 0:53:43
The village elder picks up the chopped off hand and offers it to Blades.
3.2 sec

1:09:30 / 1:09:29
A baddie rams a needle in his arm and starts laughing.
8.4 sec

1:09:57 / 1:10:05
Close-up of the bloody leg stump of the landmine victim. Then a tracking shot of the screaming mercenary.
3.8 sec

1:18:22 / 1:18:34
Blood splatters in the villagers face with a hatchet in his chest.
3.52 sec

1:18:35 / 1:18:50
Bloody slow motion shot of Nick slitting an enemy's throat. Then he keeps running.
6.76 sec

1:21:26 / 1:21:49
Close-up of Ocker slitting the throat of the enemy who tried to mug him before.
0.72 sec

1:23:22 / 1:23:45
Loki's opponent rams the weapon in Loki's right leg. Looks kind of bloody.
0.84 sec

1:24:49 / 1:25:13
The baddie keeps watching Loki making a run for it. He soon realizes she slipped him a handgrante so he checks his entire upper body.
3.44 sec

1:25:08 / 1:25:35
Ocker rams a knife in Blade's in the chest which makes him scream. He removes the knife and punches Ocker in the face. Thr first one and a half seconds of Blades grabbing Ocker's neck is also missing.
10.92 sec

1:25:15 / 1:25:54
Close-up of Blades' wounded face.
0.52 sec

1:26:28 / 1:27:07
Missing shot of Ocker's and the (female) villager's body at the beach.
5.8 sec

1:27:54 / 1:28:39
Po keeps raising the chopped off heads of Warren and Lyle. Then he says "Stop now!".
2.48 sec

1:31:35 / 1:32:22
Nick rams the bone in Keefer's lower jaw. Very bloody scene.
0.96 sec

1:31:36 / 1:32:24
Again Keefer with the bone in his lower jaw, followed by a further shot of Nick. Before Keefer gets dragged in the water, there'a another shot of him (0.4 sec) with the bone stuck in his jaw.
2 sec

1:37:53 / 1:38:43
The French Version contains a product information while the Uncut Version contains an extended black screen instead.
+9.04 sec / 1.2 sec