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Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

original title: Street Fighter II


SNES Version
Region: Worldwide

Arcade Version
Region: USA/Europe

Release: May 03, 2015 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: Sebbe
„Street Fighter 2“ was CAPCOM's breakthrough in the beat-'em-up generation and was later ported to countless different systems, has spawned several sequels, and was even the basis for some movies. This was the first time ever that players could make supermoves by pressing the respective buttons or making the right movements. The most successful games were the two 16 bit console versions for Super Nintendo and Mega Drive in 1992.
There are to be found several graphical differences in these two versions, as well as different animations in the background, for example the elephant in the Dhalsim stage. We do not have pictures for these differences, only issues with censorship are shown below. This is a comparison between the original arcade systems version and the internationally censored SNES version.
Cover Picture/Logo

The following report will show that one of the most famous video games of all time is indeed censored, although you might have thought otherwise.
The references to drugs, politics, war and the word "kill" were removed.
Bloody character pictures were not altered, surprisingly enough, considering that we are dealing with Nintendo here.

The transitional displays showing the character pictures of the two opponents, in the so-called "vs. screen", contain some bloody details in the original version; this was changed for the SNES version.
SNES VersionArcade Version

A hint to the drug empire of M. Bison was removed from Chun Li's ending; they avoided the word "drug". Additionally, the pictures differ slightly, maybe to cover up the religious background, but this cannot be said for sure.
SNES VersionArcade Version

Some lines in Zangief's ending were also altered due to the cultural background, which is why the word "Russian" was removed completely. Moreover, the close-up of the then president Gorbachev was removed. Only the upper part of his head with the birthmark can still be seen, and he's addressed differently.
SNES VersionArcade Version

One further change refers to Guile. In the arcade version, he obviously has a score to settle with Bison, in connection with the war in Cambodia. This reference was removed, and "kill me" and "murderer" were defused.
In addition to that, Guile wakes up from a nightmare in his home in the arcade version, while the SNES version only shows a picture of him with his family, without any text.
SNES VersionArcade Version

The pictures of the fighters after their fights were also shown in the SNES version, despite all the blood. Just some examples:
SNES VersionArcade Version