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Accidental Spy, The

original title: Dak Miu Shing


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Malaysian Extended Version
Release: Oct 08, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: Matar - external link: IMDB
Comparison of the regularly uncut HK version (Universe-DVD) and the version from Malaysia.

The version from Malaysia contains more scenes and some alternative takes than the regularly uncut HK version.
Scenes that are in Italics cannot be seen in the Malaysia version.

In the Malaysia version one can see the title “The Accidental Spy” already.
- Sec

Here follows the title in the HK version.
- Sec

The scene continues. The man notes a card at Jackie’s coat.
7 Sec

The woman tries out a training tool while Jackie still presents the ball. The manager still talks to Jackie.
10 Sec

Initially two takes were changed. An additional scene with the girl, Jackie is working with, follows.
44 Sec

After Jackie ran away with the money, some additional scenes can be seen in which Jackie meets the bank robber. When he punches him and runs back, he meets the others and walks in the other direction again.
17 Sec

In the Malaysia version, the last take is missing in which Jackie runs on the roof.
However, the take in which Jackie runs out of the elevator is longer.
The bank robber comes out of the door through which Jackie wanted to flee. Jackie runs in the opposite direction through the door. The bank robber screams at him. His fellows come to him and then follow Jackie again.
16 Sec

In the regular version one can see in two takes one of the bank robbers climbing up a ladder to haunt Jackie. In the alternative version one can see another takes with Jackie running away.
- Sec

Jackie’s beer bottle is empty. He rolls with his chair into the kitchen in order to get a new bottle.
13 Sec

One additional scene in which Jackie and the reporter are on the way to the grave.
After that a survivor to the next take. After that the HK version continues.
6 Sec

The take prolongs. The next take is missing in the HK version.
7 Sec

The scene at the grave continues. Jackie and the reporter talk a bit and she takes some photos. 12 Sec

A short dialogue during the return. Jackie looks out of the window. The reporter could ask him what he is thinking about. Jackie seems to respond “nothing”. 7 Sec

In the Malaysia version follows a rough cut – right in the middle of the scene where Jackie jumps from the roof with the help of some umbrellas. So the complete rest of the scene in which Jackie escapes the bank robbers is missing. This could be due to the revealing scene in which Jackie tries to hide his penis. However, the cut is really bad. The alternative version continues in the hotel where he gets a message.
- Sec

Jackie moves forward with the suitcase. The two following scenes (Yong looks at him/ Jackie looks at her) were changed in the alternative version.
16 Sec

Directly after this scene, the scene in the Malaysia version continues: Yong closes the door and demonstrates Jackie that she does not want to go with him. Zen is saying some words to Jackie. He retreats and gives Zen the suitcase and walks away. After a while Yong appears and seems to be angry. They talk to each other.
143 Sec

In the HK version one can see the postcard before Jackie posts it. In the alternative version one can see the same scene but with focus on Jackie.
- Sec

A take of Carmen and the driver and another of Jackie who are talking in a frantic way via walkie-talkie.
4 Sec

The truck can be seen longer in the alternative version.
2 Sec

Additional scenes like the police cars blocking the streets and the take of Jackie and Carmen who are talking via walkie-talkie.
12 Sec

Jackie is talking to the driver.
3 Sec

The outtakes are presented over the whole screen in the Malaysia version while the credits are running over the screen. In the HK version, the outtakes can be seen in a small window, the credits run alongside.