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Legend of Zelda, The

original title: Zelda no Densetsu: The Hyrule Fantasy


Censored NES Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored NES Version
Region: Japan

Release: Nov 07, 2011 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Matar
I. The beginning of a legend:

Developed by:
Nintendo, Capcom/Flagship, Vanpool

Made by:
Shigeru Miyamoto, Takashi Tezuka

Relesed on:
February 21st 1986 Japan / Famicom Disc
August 22th 1987 United Staates / NES
27. November 1987 Europa / NES

II. Story

Ganon, emperor of evil, releases himself from the dark world, steals the Triforce and kidnaps princess Zelda. Before she gets kidnapped the Triforce cracks into eight pieces and is being scattered in the whole kingdom of Hyrule. Link wants to save and restore them to free princess Zelda.

III. The Famicom Disc System (FDS)

The Famicon Disc System was released in Japan in 1986. It is a disc operating system for the Japanese NES console Famicom. The entity is plugged into the Famicon system and is being connected via a modified cartridge, known as RAM adapter. The Ram adapter contains 32 kb RAM for temporary program saves, 8 kb for the data and an ASIC known as the 2 C33. The discs follow the principle of dual layered discs and at some point the disc has to be turned. This entity never made the jump across the ocean.

IV. Differences
Between FDS and NES version are, except for censorship, only of technical nature.
- The River Zora has no black lines and the mouth as well as the eyes are slightly edited.

- In the intro the game has been renamed to The Legend of Zelda.

- In the NES version there are some enemies which can not be found in the FDS version.
- Font effects (color) are different.

V. Censorship:

Sexuality, drugs, violence and religon are things which are most likely to be deleted from Nintendo games. Because of the fact that the Legend of Zelda uses religious symbols the NES versions were edited. .

Compared is the US-NES and the JP Famicom Disc cersion.

Religeous censorship:
The book Bible was renamed in Book of Magic.
US-NesFamicom Disc


The Japanese version has the same censorship but the Japanese signs have not been changed.
JP-NesFamicom Disc