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Lady Supercop

original title: Nu er dang zi qiang


  • US Laserdisc
  • Chinese Laserdisc
Release: Jun 10, 2022 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US laserdisc from World Video & Supply Inc. and the China laserdisc from Zhuhai Special Zone Culture & Art.

- 6 cuts
- Difference: 89 sec (= 1:29 min)

Lady Supercop features Carina Lau and Teresa Mo as two mismatched sisters who tangle with Michael Wai, Eric Tsang and Waise Lee, among others. The names should mean something to Hong Kong fans. However, the film is only recommended for die-hard genre fans. Somehow, real highlights or weird ideas are missing, although in the second half at least the amount of violent scenes increases a bit. As usual, this is in stark contrast to various scenes of rather childish silliness.

In the USA, the film was released on laserdisc, which is the version we had for comparison. It is supposed to be identical to the Hong Kong laserdisc and thus seems to be the original version. However, in China you can discover a version that is about 1.5 minutes longer. This release is sometimes classified as an extended version, but presumably the film is supposed to look exactly like this in its uncut form. A few scenes are a bit longer, often in the middle of the shot. It seems rather as if these moments were lost on the US laserdisc due to errors in the master.

Note: There is also a VHS from China that has all of the scenes mentioned here, but has various violent bits censored.

Running time information is arranged according to the
US laserdisc in NTSC / Chinese laserdisc in PAL speed
The US Laserdisc has an additional logo before the identical mention of Perfect Films noch ein weiteres Logo.

+ 21 sec

Shortly after that, the title card differs. The credits after about 2 minutes are also different in color and placed a bit differently.

US LaserdiscChinese Laserdisc

Note: Since this copy of the Chinese laserdisc had damage (laser rot), the following screenshots were taken from the Chinese VHS. This has its own cuts, but contains all the parts missing from the US laserdisc.

21:07-21:08 / 19:55

The first reel change (markings in the picture at the China laserdisc) leads to a small jumpcut - right before the "Get off!" in the conversation.

+ 1 sec

39:08 / 37:11-38:06

The scene with big brother ends rather abruptly on the US laserdisc. There is further back and forth during the meal preparation, with him clumsily holding up the dog the whole time and squeezing her arm in between.

54.6 sec

78:23 / 76:18

When the guy gets out of the car, the shot starts insignificantly earlier.

0.6 sec

81:09-81:12 / 78:24-78:36

The shootout between the containers was tightened up a bit in the US LD with several shortened shots.

China Laserdisc 9.4 sec longer

84:00 / 81:17-81:20

Before Io drops the cigarette, the US LD misses how she takes another puff with relish.

3.4 sec

84:01 / 81:21-81:23

The pan shot to the ground is a little longer.

2 sec

84:14 / 81:36-81:55

And a final cut at the US LD: The investigators arrive, look at the burning wreckage, and there's some more brief grumbling.

19 sec

US Laserdisc:

Hongkong Laserdisc:

China Laserdisc: