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Ants aka It Happened at Lakewood Manor

True Romance


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Killer's Kiss

Day of Anger

original title: I giorni dell'ira


  • International Version
  • Italian Version
Release: Aug 07, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the International Version and the Italian Version (both available on the UK BD/DVD combo by Arrow Video).

35 differences, among them
- 20 removed scenes
- 3 removed scenes in the Italian Version
Length difference: 1660.96 sec resp. 27 min 40.96 sec

As for the versions, all I can say is that the Italian Version is the much better one. Even though the International contains a few scenes missing in the Italian Version, which makes that version at least interesting for fans of the film, there is simply way too many missing scenes in the International Version. For that reason, I strongly recommend the Italian Version because it is simply better paced and the characters have more depth as well. The frame cuts in the Italian Version can be ignored.

Please note: This comparison has been made with English audio. I checked a few scenes and contentwise, there is no difference to the English subtitles based on the Italian audio track. Of course, the choice of words is different.

Time index refers to
International Version – Italian Version.
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Removed Scene Italian Version
03:59 / 03:59

Scott earlier in the International Version.

International Version 3.4 sec longer

Removed Scene
06:50 / 06:47

Scott earlier in the Italian Version.

4.2 sec

11:39 / 11:40

Scott a little longer when he gets on the horse. Only the International Version shows him actually sitting on the horse for a brief moment.

International Version 0.96 sec longer

12:03 / 12:03

Murph a bit earlier in the International Version.

International Version 1.04 sec longer

14:20 / 14:18

Ayleen 1 frame earler in the International Version.

International Version 0.04 sec longer

Removed Scene
14:23 / 14:22

After Ayleens tells Scott her dad did not want her to talk to him again, Ayleen goes back in the house. In the International Version, she turns around and we see Frank Talby at the saloon for the very first time.
In the Italian Version, she actually goes back inside. Then Judge Cutcher at the window who watched the whole thing. He goes outside to talk to Scott.
Scott: "Oh. Good morning, Judge Cutcher. I… you see… I…"
Cutcher does not say a word. Instead, he purposely drops his handkerchief. When Scott bends over to pick it up, Cutcher grabs Scott by the hair.
Cutcher: "You're a good boy, Scott. But you're an illegitimate bastard. Your mother was one of Vivian Skill's girls and your father… Who knows who your father was? That's always been a pretty popular house. You mustn't raise your eyes to look at my daughter. Mind that. You must never talk to her. And you must never stop here again. Beat it!"
Cutcher lets go of Scott.
Cutcher: "Is that clear? Beat it."
Cutcher goes back inside, Scott leaves well.
Then Talby at the saloon again but the Italian Version contains more footage. Only here, Scott gets poored a drink.

89.24 sec bzw. 1 min 29.24 sec

Removed Scene
14:24 / 15:52

The shot of Talby from behind begins earlier in the Italian Version. He watches the people at the saloon a little longer before Scott walks up to his table.

8.92 sec

Removed Scene
16:57 / 18:34

After Talby used his colt for the very first time, the subsequent conversation with barkeeper Abel Mmumrray is shorter in the International Version.
(Talby: "You'll testify that I fired only after he aimed his gun at me.")
Abel: "Perkins was a braggart and a bully but he never tried to shoot anyone."
Talby: "Now, how was I supposed to know that? A gun is not a toy."
Abel goes back behind the bar, Talby reaches for his whiskey.
Talby: "Drink up, Scott Mary. I don't like to hang around a dead man."
Talby empties his glass. Scott does the same but the booze makes him cough.
Talby: "That your first?"
Scott nods.
Talby: "You better have another drink to keep it company."
Then the trial. Judge Cutcher makes use of his gavel and expects everybody to be quiet: "Silence. Silence! Silence!"
A shot of Talby, the defendant, follows.

50.24 sec

16:57 / 19:24

Cutcher earlier in the Italian Version.

2.12 sec

Removed Scene
18:40 / 21:10

After Scott gets beaten up in the courtroom, he runs off. The International Version ends when he is on his way out.
Only the Italian Version shows him actually leaving the courtroom. Then Scott outside. On the way to the barn, someone yells at him: "You'd better run, Scott. When they arrive, they'll get Talby.".
In the barn, Scott realizes that Talby's horse is gone: "I guess he's gone.".
Scott gets the dollar he got from Talby out of his pocket and throws it up in the air. He then gets his other money he has stashed there and gets his horse: "We'll catch up with him, Sartana. Come on.".
5 longer shots of Talby and Scott, who is gooing after Talby, follow. With the 6th shot showing Talby, the versions are basically back in sync. That very shot begins a little earlier in the Italian Version though.

132.84 sec resp. 2 min 12.84 sec

Removed Scene
21:36 / 26:19

After Scott's "Come on, Sartana. We gotta go and hear that third lesson.", Scott gets on the horse. The International Version then shows Talby getting of his horse in front of a saloon.
The Italian Version contains more footage of Scott following Talby. Back to Talby. He has arrived at a town called "Bowie". Several shots of Talby follow until the Italian Version shows Talby in front of a saloon as well. The shot of him in front of the saloon begins a little earlier in the Italian Version though.

79.56 sec resp. 1 min 19.56 sec

23:49 / 29:51

The end of the shot oof Talby is insignificantly longer.

0.88 sec

Removed Scene
28:57 / 35:00

More footage of Scott getting beat up by Wild Jack in the Italian Version.
Wild Jack: ("We'll teach ya how to drink in Bowie.) Now we'll see if you drink."
After Wild Jack takes down Scott, the former smashes a bottle and intents to cut Scott with it but Talby intervenes.

53.4 sec

Removed Scene
29:39 / 36:35

After the forth lesson, another shot of Wild Jack follows. He is talking to his men.
One the men askst: "And now what?"
Wild Jack: "Wait for him at Bill Farrell's place. "
Another one of Jack's men wants to know: "Hey, Wild Jack. What's the matter with you? Why in hell don't we take care of that man, now?"
Wild Jack explains: "If I get the chance, I'll take care of him. The rest of you get going. Hurry."
Wild Jack's men ride off. While they are doing so, the International Version is back in the saddle - so to speak.

47.88 sec

Removed Scene
32:05 / 39:49

After Talby kills Wild Jack, the shot of him riding off is longer in the International Version. (6.36 sec)

The Italian Version now shows Talby on his way to Farrow Farm. (81.08 sec resp. 1 min 21.08 sec)

With the shot of Talby riding on the premises, the versions are back in sync. Except the shots starts 8 frames earlier in the Italian Version. (0.32 sec / no screenshots)

75.08 sec resp. 1 min 15.08 sec

37:16 / 46:15

After Scott saves Talby's life, 2 frames are missing at the end of the shot.

0.08 sec
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