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  • Director's Cut (+ Theatrical Version)
  • Cabal Cut
Release: Jan 01, 2018 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Director's Cut (2014 Blu-ray) AND the Theatrical Version with the Cabal Cut by Seraphim (2017 Blu-ray)

There are more than 150 documented differences with alternate footage in ALL three versions

* Length Theatrical Version Blu-ray: 101:35 min (95:46 min excl. end credits)
* Length Director's Cut Blu-ray: 120:49 min (113:54 min excl. end credits)
* Length Cabal Cut Blu-ray: 145:14 min (137:25 min excl. end credits)

Background: All Versions of Clive Barker's Nightbreed

Clive Barker fans should be familiar with the fustercluck of a situation regarding the versions of Nightbreed. The main facts:

In 1990, the movie was released theatrically but the studio made numerous recuts before its release. The movie flopped at the box office not least because the marketing was ambiguous. Over the years, the fanbase became bigger and bigger and people were still hoping for the original version to be released at some point.

In 2009, a VHS workprint that had been found in the office of Clive Barker's production company Seraphim was shown at the US HorrorHound Festival. Said cut was completely unedited, e.g. there were a few scenes without audio and some shots were shown repeatedly. This was probably the reason for the high expectations of a "3-hour version".

In 2012 the so-called "Cabal Cut" premiered on US festivals. Based on the workprint, the footage of identical scenes was replaced with the DVD footage for quality reasons. In addition to that, duplicate/superfluous shots were removed. Bit by bit, there were at least 7 cuts, all edited a little further based on further notes that had been found or VHS snippets and also based on feedback of the audience.

In 2014, the first (and due to the very complicated legal situation almost the only) HD release followed. The restored Theatrical Version was only a bonus of the relatively expensive Limited Edition because the centerpiece of said release is the "Director's Cut". Barker was actually involved and calls it his favorite cut. Despite several additional minutes and extensive recuts (please see the comparison between Theatrical Version and Director's Cut for details), fans were complaining about missing footage from the "Cabal Cut".

In 2017, it was announced unexpectedly that the "Cabal Cut" would be released on Blu-ray which is also what the following comparison is about. As reported a few months back, this is a release by Seraphim - US rights holder Morgan Creek green-lit the "VERY Limited Blu-ray Disc Release". Compared to the festival versions (resp. the latest one), further alterations are very likely - for the very reason that HD footage was available for the very first time.

The Cabal Cut Blu-ray by Seraphim

How "VERY limited" it is was not quite clear back then. The original announcement in July 2017 sounded tempting for fans worldwide:

The kicker? This Blu-Ray will be REGION FREE. So everyone out there, around the world that wants to get a copy of the CABAL CUT will finally be able to watch it regardless of what Region they're living in.

It then became pretty quiet and in September 2017, the following details were released:

It will be $250 each for 200 Copies
And $75 each for 50 standard copies (no sleeve or extras)
Available the end of September
200 deluxe copies include:
> Numbered bluray sleeve
> Decker enemel pin badge
> 10 X postcard set
> 11'' X 17'' poster by Ralph McQuarrie
> 11'' X 17'' poster by Daniele Serra
> Cabal Rorschach vinyl sticker
it is very limited because Morgan Creek is allowing Seraphim Inc. only to make 250 copies, otherwise it would compete with the sales of the Director's Cut.

The worldwide demand had to be satisfied with 250 copies only that were incredibly expensive. The standard copies released 3 weeks afterwards were available via Facebook and the in-house shop only and they were sold out within the hour. It did not take long for the Deluxe Edition to be sold out either.

A further release is still possible, of course, but nothing indicates that an official release is planned in the near future. But is being one of the few who got a copy actually a good thing?

The Technical Aspects of the Cabal Cut Blu-ray: Picture and Audio Quality

Everyone should be aware that this is a pure fan cut that does not fulfill expectations regarding picture and audio qualitly of an official release. While the first announcement (linked above) stated "the best quality footage available", the wording on the official shop listing sounded more reserved:

This is a composite edit of all Nightbreed cuts, workprints and available production dailies. please note, that whilst all effort was made to ensure the highest possible definition, in order to include as much footage as possible, the cabal cut includes 12 minutes of VHS workprint video and 30 minutes of VHS workprint audio, leading to scenes varying in quality.

Often, the Cabal Cut switches from decent HD to massively zoomed and worn and torn VHS footage in the middle of a shot and the same goes for small additional shots. And there have to have been several different sources because only sometimes, a black bar covers what probably used to be the time code - every now and then, the quality is not that bad at least. Even if most people know what to expect due to the colorful history of this motion picture, this is an entirely different experience than the Director's Cut. Except for a few very brief moments, the Director's Cut is completely in good HD quality and other than that, it is simply nice and round. No doubt, the love for detail is even more obvious in the Cabal Cut but due to the fact that sources keep switching on a permant basis, it might be a little more exhausting.

Also worth pointing out is the additional audio footage with a length of approx. 30 minutes. There are obvious clunking noises and especially two characters stand out. First of all, there is Dirk Lylesberg, played by Doug Bradley. His character was redubbed with a German accent for the Theatrical Version and that action was critized by many. For that reason, Bradley redubbed his scenes for the DC once again. In the workprint footage within the Cabal Cut, one gets to hear Bradley's original voice from back in the day. Unfortuntately, some of those original recordings were damaged. The Rachel character, played by Catherine Chevallier, was redubbed for the Theatrical Version but there is a huge difference: She was redubbed because it was intended to make her sound a little more like a Gypsy. In the new scenes, one gets to hear her actual voice now - which kind of sounds like a naive US chick. All in all, a few more aspects that might be considerd a little annoying.

On the other hand, there is no need to worry that the ENTIRE additional footage in the movie looks or sounds bad. A lot of footage had already been found and restored for the Limited Edition US-Blu-ray by Shout Factory - the only release that contained the Theatrical Version and a few of these deleted scenes, that are now in the movie, as bonus on a second disc. Eye-catching is the - compared to the previous and subsequent shots - different color timing every now and then.

A Hybrid Comparison

The partially extremly interleaved alterations lead us to the essential question which version should the Cabal Cut be compared with. Intuitively, the original Theatrical Version should be the one because this is how it all started. On the other hand, the Cabal Cut is supposed to represent Barker's vision and big freaking surprise, there are already numerous scenes in Barker's Director's Cut that are equal to the Cabal Cut. The DC footage that was additionally altered resp. recut every now and then or often simply removed, is still in both the Theatrical Version and the Cabal Cut most of the time.

Another thing is the fact that the people interested in the very special Cabal Cut are usually so very familiar with the situation in general and also with the Director's Cut that this is why purchasing the expensive Cabal Cut is being considered in the first place. As already mentioned, the Director's Cut is mainly in HD and the differences have already been documented. So for most people, the real question, besides the general line of approach of the Cabal Cut of course, is which scenes are new in the Cabal Cut resp. were still missing in the Director's Cut.

Eventually, the Cabal Cut is some kind of hybrid between Theatrical Version and Director's Cut. The latter is much more alike though due to its significant alterations regarding the content. For that reason, the DC has been chosen as main version for the following comparison. As for the Cabal Cut footage equal to the Theatrical Version, a rather unique way of documenting those has been chosen here: Those will only be mentioned in a single sentence and there will be no screenshots or detailed descriptions so that the very long comparison will not be longer than actually necessary. The goal here is to perfectly illustrate the Cabal Cut and its footage on the one hand while focussing on the exclusive footage on the other.

The Additional Senes and Alterations of the Cabal Cut

Going back to the fact mentioned in the previous section: The very same scenes that are new in the DC are often present and even a little longer in the Cabal Cut. Even though people who are familiar with the DC get the gist of it, there are many details such as alternate or longer takes to be spotted. Apparently, the raw footage was edited for the DC and the Cabal Cut contains the original material again.

What really stands out are that several characters profit from the Cabal Cut and some of them act entirely different in certain situations. Starting with Lori who has several more emotional scenes now. Her performance as singer, which was also of the critized scenes in the DC, is in the Cabal Cut as well. In addition to that, she supports Boone more distinctly in several scenes - including a deeper pep talk in Midian. And then there is the fact that she has a much deeper connection with the Midian residents: Right when she arrives, she and little Babette get much closer and later on, they either speak face to face or communicate telepathically from the car. She is more involved in the final escape as well and supports the residents. Like in the DC, she offs herself at the end and is being "converted" after being bitten by Boone.

The second character who develops entirely different in the Cabal Cut is Decker played by David Cronenberg. While the slasher part was kind of his thing in the Theatrical Version, his role had already been altered for the DC. Now, in the Cabal Cut, his mask speaks to him several times. Both his responses and his conversations with Boone make it abundantly clear that he does not kill of his own free will resp. he is probably schizophrenic. As a consequence of that weakness, he attacks Joyce differently and contrary to the DC/Theatrical Version, this attack is not lethal. The DC also lacked the scene from the Theatrical Version that shows Ashberry reviving Decker. This is also missing in the finale of the Cabal Cut but curiously enough, this has become a post credits scene for some reason.

A few more words regarding the previously mentioned further characters. As already stated, Joyce survives and similar to Lori, he picks the side of the Midian residents. This is being build up with several additional scenes, e.g. he sceptically speaks with ruthless Eigerman. Eventually, he gets to save Babette as well. Ashberry on the other hand wanders around in Midian and he is really fascinated by this unique world. All in all, not really long and not much of a difference contentwise either and yet striking is that Baphomet looks different in the Cabal Cut. The special effect that his eyes are glowing, as known from the DC and Theatrical Version, is still missing here.

What people also might be interested in is potentially missing violence resp. more gore because cuts for the R-rating are anything but unlikely. In that context, one scene in particular stands out: Only in the Cabal Cut, Narcisse gets beheaded by Decker at the end. Furthermore, much more people are getting shot in the finale because the cops and entourage cause much more damage in the Midian massacre. The latter sounds more interesting than it actually is though because first of all, there are no bloody close-ups or anything and secondly, it would be hard to recognize anyway - the workprint inserts here are so dark and blurry that this part here is without added value.

Is the Cabal Cut the Longest Version Possible or Does It Lack Footage As Well?

Thanks to the previous paragraph, it is already quite clear that also the Cabal Cut lacks a few scenes (which are in either both the Theatrical Version and DC or at least in one of those versions) due to dramaturgical reasons. If anyone expects an "Integral Cut" with every single frame of footage in it, they will be disappointed. It would not make any sense though because the paths the three cuts take are way too different.

For instance, the first scene with Lori and Boone in the bedroom at the very beginning is in the Theatrical Version and DC, yet it is missing in the Cabal Cut. As a matter of fact, it has been replaced with a new but contentwise similar scene shortly afterwards. Still, it is remarkable that a long scene like that is missing.

But most of the time, the small scenes are the ones that do not always make total sense: A shot ends a little earlier or the cut to another character is missing - nothing worth specifically pointing out though. And as mentioned earlier, some of the footage added to the DC is missing in the Cabal Cut. One way or another: No, not even the longer Cabal Cut is a version that contains ANY single scene that has already been in one of the versions.

Which Version of Nightbreed Should Be Watched?

Well, that depends and due to the significant alterations, every single cuts has its appeal and fans should have all three cuts anyway. How lovely would it be if there was an all-round carefree package available with all official cuts on one multi-disc Blu-ray release - like there is for other films with complex situations regarding the different cuts, such as Dawn of the Dead (1978) or Army of Darkness? Until then, potential buyers might want to think about the following aspects:

No doubt, the Theatrical Version is still appealing and also the cut that fans saw first - differences in the novel or not. The two further cuts are basically reconstructions or approaches to reconstruct Barker's original version which have little flaws because some of the footage is simply not availably anymore. Also, the running time makes the Theatrical Version easy to watch. Who is more interested in a fantasy story told in a rather conventional way should stick to the Theatrical Version.

The Director's Cut focuses much more on the Midian residents resp. takes the audience deeper into that incredibly fascinating parallel universe. The actions of the cops and the scenes with Cronenberg's character Decker in particular (both slasher and action scenes most of the time) have become less though. Barker himself was very much involved in this new cut and considers it his favorite cut nowadays. Putting that statement aside, it very likely that many people will get or already have the DC due to its availabilitly.

Because of varying quality due to the different sources of the additional footage, the Cabal Cut should be considered a bonus and is definitely not recommended when watching Nightbreed for the very first time. Similar to the DC, the Cabal Cut focuses more on mythology and many creatures in Midian of which there is additional footage. Other than that, there are many scenes in the Cabal Cut that got removed for the DC and a few character developments are entirely different. Especially Decker (acts kind of other-directed) and Lori (feels closer to the Midian residents) profit from that. Since this version is based on an old workprint, it should get at least come close to Barker's first cut and be his favored version back then when the movie was released. Unfortunately, it is not available any longer because the very limited release is already sold.

Time index refers to
Director's Cut Blu-ray / Cabal Cut Blu-ray
1 of 5
The Cabal Cut begins with a logo.

8.6 sec

03:37 bzw 08:19-09:25 / 03:45-05:10

The new scene in the DC that shows Lori paying Boone a visit at work is a little earlier in the movie now. In addition to that, it is longer in the Cabal Cut.

Director's Cut longer
08:19-08:20 / 03:45

The first shot starts insignificantly earlier in the DC.

+ 1.4 sec

08:27 / 03:52-03:56

The shot of Boone continues: He looks up and the co-worker shows up for the very first time. Then Boone for a brief moment.

4.2 sec

In either DC or Cabal Cut, the subsequent shots start a few insignificant frames earlier - less than 0.5 sec though.

08:46 / 04:15-04:24

They kiss longer.

9.1 sec

08:57 / 04:35-04:39

More kissing plus Lori asks when he would clock out.

3.7 sec

09:23 / 05:05-05:06

Boone insignificantly earlier after says bye.

1.5 sec

Now, it gets interesting already: Because that scene with Lori and Boone is earlier in the Cabal Cut, the other scene from the Theatrical Version/DC with Lori and Boone in the bedroom would not make any sense here...

Director's Cut longer
03:37-05:17 / 05:11

...and for that reason, the Cabal Cut here lacks the footage of Boone waking up at home, Lori being a little worried about him and Lori suggesting to go somewhere for a few days. Boone says Decker had called him again, followed by a close-up. Then the new scene in the DC that shows Decker on the phone with Boone. It starts a little earlier here.

+ 100.3 sec (= 1:40 min)

The first shot of Decker starts 0.8 sec earlier in the Cabal Cut.

Director's Cut longer
06:22-06:23 / 06:16

The last shot of Decker is slightly longer in the DC.

+ 1.4 sec

06:23 / 06:16-08:14

The Cabal Cut shows Boone by the window. He is having doubts. Lori calms him down in the background. Being on the bed, Boone then says people were only waiting for him to have another breakdown. Lori gets on top of him and keeps cheering him up. She suggests to grab a bite somewhere but Boone rather wants to go home and kisses her goodbye.

Then a night shot - also in the DC but before Decker calls.

118.5 sec (= 1:58 min)

Subsequent to the murder scene, the DC contains contains the additional scene with Boone at work from earlier in the Cabal Cut...

08:19 bzw 09:27 / 10:10-11:11

...and before Boone's subsequent encounter with Decker (like in the Theatrical Version), the Cabal Cut contains additional footage of Detective Joyce arriving at the crime scene. An elderly guy speaks of victims and wants the to catch whoever did it.

60.3 sec

11:26 / 13:10-13:45

The very first workprint VHS insert: After Decker mentions the numerous murders, Boone has a little breakdown. He asks Decker angrily whether he thought he was responsable. Decker gives him a hug and Boone has a good cry.

34.9 sec

Basically, the following shot of Boone by the window is identically equal to the Theatrical Version and DC, except for one thing: The shot if 1.4 sec longer. For that reason, the source for said shot was some old and crappy master. The additional frames are superfluous but in order to illustrate the huge loss of picture information here. It appears the VHS source was originally in fullscreen hence the false aspect ratio.

Director's CutCabal Cut

12:08 / 14:28-14:40

Another (long) sequence added to the DC and again, there are minor alterations in the Cabal Cut (few frames)...and yet interesting because there is another workrpint insert as well: Before Boone opens the drawer, he walks up to another drawer and empties it out on the bed.

12.3 sec

12:13 / 14:45-14:49

Further additional shot, this time in HD though: Boone with all the notes on the ground for the very first time.

3.6 sec

Prior to the flames, the shot of Boone is insignificant 0.5 sec longer. Counterbalanced by longer fire though.

12:38 / 15:14-15:16

Before tumbling down the stairs, the shot of Boone with fearful look on his face is a little longer.

2.5 sec

The poor special effect (in order to illustrate the hallucination) is missing in the Cabal Cut.

Director's CutCabal Cut

12:45 / 15:24-15:26

Boone walking across the room a little longer.

2.2 sec

Subsequently, the poor special effect one more time. Interestingly enough, Boone's "hologram" also shows a posterior moment of the very same shot.

Director's CutCabal Cut

13:07-13:12 / 15:48-15:55

Boone slightly longer...and subsequently afterwards, there are further alterations of the same kind - in addition to the hologram special effect.

Cabal Cut 1.5 sec longer

13:50 / 16:33-16:35

Lori's performance starts a little earlier.

2.5 sec

14:03-14:05 / 16:48-16:50

In the DC, the close-up of Lori starts a bit sooner.

no difference

14:56-14:58 / 17:41-17:43

The Cabal Cut cuts to the applauding audience.

no difference

15:29-15:31 / 18:13-18:15

Whatever the intention might be: The Cabal Cut cuts 2 sec earlier to the medium long shot of Lori.

no difference

16:03 / 18:47-18:48

Lori appears a little earlier from behind the stairs.

0.9 sec

16:52 / 19:37

Now, the Cabal Cut is based on the Theatrical Version again: During Boone's flashbacks, both the Cabal Cut and Theatrical Version contain a picture of a dead body while the DC shows Shuna Sassi instead.

Please note: There will not be any screenshots for further scenes of the same or similar kind that were either in the Theatrical Version or DC and also in the Cabal Cut already.

no difference

Director's CutCabal Cut

Same goes for the following 3 minor alterations (the truck is getting closer to Boone) that have already been described in the other comparison.

20:17 / 23:02-23:08

When Narcisse starts pulling off her scalp, the subsequent shot with Decker and the other in the hallway starts earlier. Decker here explains the patient's background (e.g. a schizophrenic disorder was diagnosed when he was 13 years old).

5.3 sec

Unfortunately, an incredibly sloppy job has been done here: The rest of the shot is from the original HD source. The result are very different shades and also a continuity issue because for some reason, the people make a step backwards all of a sudden resp. there is a duplicate. Here, the two subsequent frames as screenshots:

Narcisse's screams, which have been replaced by an original recording of the deeper, more manly voice in the DC, are now audible with the more high-pitched voice again.

24:29-24:50 / 27:20-27:37

Subsequent to the shot of Boone behind the wall, his first encounter with Ohnaka is a little different. In the Cabal Cut, the smile at each other longer plus Ohnaka disappears differently as well.
Only the DC contains the suspenseful score. While the footage differs, there is no score in neither the Theatrical Version nor the Cabal Cut.

Director's Cut 3.5 sec longer

Director's CutCabal Cut

24:53 / 27:40-28:03

Boone's first encounter with Kinski: They fight a little and Boone takes a look around.

22.8 sec

The two shots of the female creature while Boone is running from Peloquin are identically equal to the Theatrical Version - please see other comparison. Even Boone is being shot at, the Cabal Cut contains the redundant 0.6 seconds that were removed from the DC for some reason.

31:51 / 35:01-35:20

After the coroner takes a look at Boone's jacket, Lori is questioned longer - thanks to the VHS source. Joyce presses her on Boone, Lori reaffirms she did not believe what people were saying about him.

18.5 sec

32:01 / 35:30-35:47

Lori whines a little and asks for the tape recorder to be turned off.

17.3 sec

32:09-32:16 / 35:55-36:11

After the light above Boone is being turned off, the scene with Lori starts earlier. Decker says he hoped she had not misunderstood him. Lore then asks (identically equal to the Theatrical Version and DC) where he had died. The Cabal Cut sticks with the worse source because only here, she thanks Decker after he mentions Midian and steps aside.

Cabal Cut 8.8 sec longer

32:36-32:45 / 36:31-36:46

Interesting: After Boone is allegedly being revived, the DC contains an additional shot (compared to the Theatrical Version) that shows Lori and Decker getting closer.
In the Cabal Cut, the previous shot of the tool that hit the ground ends earlier. Then someone leaps out of the window. Now a shorter moment right before the footage from the DC starts. A close-up of some feet in front of the broken window follows.

In the Cabal Cut, the subsequent shot of the window is insignificantly longer at the beginning/end - the same goes for the Theatrical Version. The Theatrical Version then lacks the following shot of the doc showing up, the Cabal Cut and DC do not.

Cabal Cut 6 sec longer

Director's CutCabal Cut

32:53 / 36:54-36:57

Joyce steps aside and Lori makes a step forward.

3 sec

32:59-33:02 / 37:03-37:09

Alternate shot of Joyce by the window: In the Cabal Cut, he remains there a little calmer.

Cabal Cut 3.3 sec longer

Director's CutCabal Cut

33:08-33:11 / 37:15-37:20

While the footage quality of Lori's flashback is quite nice in the DC, it sucks in the Cabal Cut. Therefore, it is longer resp. the shot of Lori looking out the window is longer.
In addition to that, the subsequent shot of Boone differs. The quality is better in the Cabal Cut but also a different one and without the shimmering effect from the DC.

Cabal Cut 2 sec longer

Director's CutCabal Cut

33:13-33:15 / 37:22-37:27

Lori a bit longer & the curtain slightly alternate (probably just a different moment of the very same shot, screenshot only from the Cabal Cut).

Cabal Cut 2.6 sec longer

Director's Cut longer
33:18-33:21 / 37:30

The last shot of Lori is a little longer in the DC.

+ 3.4 sec

The bar footage approx. 1 minute after is identically equal to the Theatrical Version. Please see the DC comparison for this incredibly redundant mini alteration.

Director's Cut longer
35:54-35:57 / 40:03

Lori's conversation with Sheryl (not in the Theatrical Version, added to the DC) is also in the Cabal Cut - except for the introductory exterior shot of the bar is missing here.

+ 2.5 sec

36:19 / 40:25-40:30

Lori's "Yeah!" as response to Sheryl's suggestion to go to Midian together a little earlier in the Cabal Cut.

4.9 sec

Director's Cut longer
37:21-37:22 / 41:32

In the DC, Sheryl looks a little longer to the door.

+ 0.8 sec

42:08 / 46:18-46:23

Lori repeats the name of Sheryl's lover Curtis and says it sounded nice.

4.7 sec

42:18 / 46:33-46:45

The scene is longer: Sheryl is joking around she would never get rid of her hangover if she stayed any longer. They agree on getting some aspirin on the way.

11.8 sec

44:37-45:25 / 49:04-50:31

The shot of Lori bending over to the doglike creature that turns out to be Babette starts earlier in the Cabal Cut. At first in HD quality (although with strong yellow shade), then from a VHS source: Lori here also pets the creature and asks if she was thirsty or hungry. Lori then worries that she might die and carries her around a little. Since her condition appears to get worse, she wonders if the sunrays are the reason why. Eventually, the mother (Rachel) appears & she gets closer to Lori (compared to Theatrical Version/DC, the Cabal Cut contains alternate footage here).

The Director's Cut (identically equal to the Theatrical Version!), however, contains an alternate tale of Lori approaching the doglike creature and before she has even made it over there, Rachel starts talking to her. That means Lori only grabs Babette because Rachel tells her to while Lori is kind of drawn to her in the Cabal Cut.

Cabal Cut 38.9 sec longer

45:55-47:40 / 51:01-53:10

A little more complicated and due to the huge amount of alternate takes & inserts from different sources, the following will be summarized:
Lori's discussion with Rachel and Dirk is a little longer - what stands out is Rachel's different voice and, of course, the different child actor (!) for Rachel's daughter Babette. In the Cabal Cut, Lori finds it all a little strange for instance plus she responds with "You do?" after Rachel tells her she knew why Lori had come. Rachel then tells Lori that she better leave. Dirk's appearance is alternate as well (longer take) - and Doug Bradley's voice is different resp. it was redubbed for the DC while one gets to hear his original voice in the Cabal Cut. In the subsequent comversation, Lori insists on getting a reward for saving the child - in a rather whiny way. Also, Dirk says she had never been supposed to see it in the first place and Lori explains she had realized that herself by now.

Screenshots only for the additional footage in the Cabal Cut - sometimes even in good HD quality.

Cabal Cut 24.5 sec longer

47:44 / 53:14-53:15

VHS quality from the middle to the end of the shot. As a result, the shot is a little longer.

1.2 sec

The superfluous alternate shots of Lori's escape across the cemetary 2.5 minutes afterwards are identically equal to the Theatrical Version.

51:45-51:48 / 57:16-58:00

In the Cabal Cut, Decker's mask winds up on Lori who is lying on the ground. Also, Boone says in a surperior kind of way: "I'm dead, I'm the walking dead!"
Decker then whines a little that it had not been his fault and the mask made him do things he did not want to do. He claims he would have gotten punished if he had not found a patsy. Boone says he had picked the wrong guy. Meanwhile, Narcisse has gotten there as well. She wonders that had called himself human because he was not any more human than Narcisse. Boone then rephrases and uses the term "monster". Narcisse then welcomes him home.

The Director's Cut (identically equal to the Theatrical Version) only contains a small shot of Narcisse and Boone's "I'm dead, I'm the walking dead!".

Cabal Cut 41.1 sec longer

52:01-52:02 / 58:13-58:18

Even the beginning of the shot from the worse source. Narcisse then keeps walking at Decker. His "Doctor" is on-screen now while the DC cuts to Decker and Boone for that.

Cabal Cut 3.8 sec longer

Director's CutCabal Cut

52:10 / 58:27-58:29

Narcisse longer with the blade in his hand. As a result, his comment is on-screen now while it is audible at the beginning of the subsequent shot in the DC/Theatrical Version. Speaking of the subsequent shot: It starts a few insignificant frames earlier as well.

Cabal Cut 2.3 sec longer

Like in the Theatrical Version, the Cabal Cut only shows Narcisse for a brief moment before Decker gets free. The DC is 1.3 seconds longer due to a close-up of Decker & Boone's arm on his.

Director's Cut longer
53:07-53:08 / 59:24

For whatever reason, the shot of Boone and Lori ends slightly earlier in the Cabal Cut.

+ 1.7 sec

53:33-53:49 / 59:47-60:18

Interestingly enough, the Cabal Cut contains the (compared to the Theatrical Version) alternate take of Dirk's conversation with Boone. From this point on, the Cabal Cut sticks to the angle at the side (and then cuts to the worse VHS source all of a sudden) while the Director's Cut contains a close-up of Baphomet, followed by a shot of Dirk - and only him. Boone then leaves and sees Baphomet with glowing eyes - earlier in the DC (compared to the Theatrical Version). In the Cabal Cut, the scene comes up later (71:27-71:41 resp. right before the conversation between Joyce and Decker, like in the Theatrical Version).

But there is more dialog in the Cabal Cut. Boone would like to talk to Baphomet and Dirk explains a normal conversation was impossible because he was a ghost. Boone then asks what Dirk was afraid of and the latter says Baphomet could destroy anything he had built.
Boone's response ia a little condescending: "Take it easy on him".
Boone leaves.

Cabal Cut 13.3 sec longer

56:07-56:13 / 62:35-63:24

When Lori rises up in the Cabal Cut, she encounters the alternate child actor playing Babette again. Babette says "he" could hear her and Rachel explains Babette and Lori had gotten pretty close from when she was carrying her around (previous additional scene). She adds Babette had already known Lori was going to get there. When Rachel has gotten behind Babette, Lori then takes a look around resp. she looks at the skulls on the wall.

In the Director's Cut (identically equal to the Theatrical Version), Rachel is standing by the wall all by herself and Lori slowly rises up. Last but not least, a close-up of Rachel.

Cabal Cut 42.3 sec longer
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