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Dracula 1979

Quiet Days in Clichy

original title: Stille dage i Clichy


  • UK Theatrical Version
  • German Theatrical Version
Release: Feb 08, 2015 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
This screen adaption of a Henry Miller novel is anything but quite. We follow the path of writer Joey and his friend Carl. They share a little apartment in the Paris district Clichy and are broke most of the time. If they can get their hands on some money, it is going to be wasted on groceries (alcohol basically) and women. For these connoisseur of the art of living, women are just some bitches and the only thing they are good for is between their legs. Their main interest is sleeping with as many women of different age, physical appearance and nationalities as possible. But when Joey gets involved with a 14-year-old mentally challenged girl, it is getting hairy for them for the first time in their lifes so they lay low in Luxembourg.

In 1970, Henry Miller visited the set of another screen adaption of his novels: "Tropic of Cancer". Because the set was pretty close, Miller could drop by easily and visit director Jens Jřrgen Thorsen on set. Miller attested Thorsen that he had a way with turning his novels into a decent picture.

After completing it, the movie was sodl to 87 countries. In most of them, it did not run uncut though. In the US, it was even categorized as porn.

Compared are the Theatrical Versions from the UK and Germany (both available on the German Blu-ray by 3L).

Neither of the versions can actually being considered uncut. The UK Theatrical Version could be considered that if one huge scene had not been cut. The German Version on the other hand lacks a lot of sex scenes plus some more shots.

UK Theatrical Version: 90:38 min 23.975 fps without end credits
German Theatrical Version: 91:02 min 25.000 fps without end credits

4 X alternate footage: no difference
4 X extended scenes in the UK Theatrical Version: 1 minute and 42 seconds
1 X additional scene in the German Theatrical Version: 4 minutes and 52 seconds
Alternate Footage:
After Carl decided to be the first one sleeping with the surrealist, the actually act immediately takes place. The UK Theatrical Version contains a few more explicit shots. The German Theatrical Version contains a black screen instead.

no difference

UK Theatrical VersionGerman Theatrical Version

Alternate Footage:
Same thing a little later.

no difference

UK Theatrical VersionGerman Theatrical Version

Alternate Footage:
Same scene a little later right before Joey does her from behind.

no difference

UK Theatrical VersionGerman Theatrical Version

Extended Scene UK Theatrical Version:
Joey had an exhausting day. After all, he met young Nys at a bar and slept with her. Unfortunately, he gave her all his money. As a result, he can't afford to buy any food so he has to go to bed with an empty stomach. While he is dreaming of food after he turned off the lights, Carl returns. He brought an underaged girl called Colette. One can hear the two men talk in the dark. Carl tells Joey that he had just slept with Colette. The German Theatrical Version lacks a small part of that conversation. He explains Colette wasn't a virgin anymore and he had to dispose the sheet because he couldn't just give it to the dry cleaners.

UK Theatrical Version: +13 sec

Extended Scene UK Theatrical Version:
Extended shot of Jeanne running from Carl and Joey.

UK Theatrical Version: +11 sec

Extended Scene UK Theatrical Version:
Extended shot of the bus that takes Carl and Joey back to Clichy from her quick trip to Luxembourg.

UK Theatrical Version: +3 sec

Alternate Footage:
Carl and Joey took three prostitutes from the nightclub Cabana home. While Carl is getting some wine and food, Joey enjoys himself with the other two in the bathtub. In the German Theatrical Version, a close-up has been replaced with a black screen again.

no difference

UK Theatrical VersionGerman Theatrical Version

Extended Scene German Theatrical Version:
After the excessive orgy, Joey gets some shuteye because he missed a lot of sleep. Shortly before he falls asleep, one of the prostitutes approaches his bed and asks for some change for her two collegues because they have a long way home and they probably have to share a cab. With an exhausted voice, Joey wants to know where they had to go to and she answers they had to go to Ménilmontant. Joey falls asleep. Whether or not he gave her some change remains unknown. Subsequently, the German Theatrical Version contains a few shots of Ménilmontant. In addition to that, a shot of the three prostitutes saying goodbye plus Joey wakes up because he is hungry angry. Thank God he finds some French bread in the toilet bowl and some red wine.

German Theatrical Version: +4 min and 52 sec

Extended Scene UK Theatrical Version:
At the end of the UK Theatrical Version, the black screen is accompanied by the song Mara performed by Country Joe McDonald.

UK Theatrical Version: +1 min and 15 sec