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01 Episode 1


  • 8 episodes version
  • Original version
Release: Jan 31, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the 8 episodes version (e.g. on HBO Max or Apple TV) and the 6-part original version (e.g. included on the German DVD from Universal / BBC / Amazon)

- 2x exclusive material in the original version with a duration of 10.7 sec
- 1x exclusive footage in the 8 episoes version with a duration of 17 sec

We wrote about the different versions of Park Chan-wook's The Little Drummer Girl in detail in the report on the Director's Cut of Episode 1. Here, we focus only on the minimal differences that can still be found between the original release as a 6-parter and the later division into 8 episodes, each with a shorter duration. As already roughly summarized, only the end/beginning scenes of the episodes are affected in each case. For our main episode breakdown of the reports, we'll take the original 6-part version as a basis.

In episode 1, we get to see an alternate take of Florence Pugh's character on the beach at the end of the 8-part version. A re-cut of Becker, played by Alexander Skarsgård, can also be discovered exclusively here. Along with this, another shot of Pugh is missing and a shot was removed to enter the second episode of the 8-part version.

Running times are according to the scheme
8 episodes version / Original version

Ep1 01:30-01:35 / 01:29-01:34

In the 8-part version, another text note for Bad Godesberg is missing here. A bit strange, because all the other notes are identical.

No runtime difference

8 episodes version6-part original version

Ep1 40:39-40:56 / 40:38-40:46

In the 6-part original version (on which the Director's Cut is also based), here there is only one shot of Charlie waving to the others and then turning to Becker.

The 8 episodes version has a different take here, immediately recognizable by the different arm position in the first comparison image. She also keeps her hand in front of her face when she turns to Becker. During a shot of him, she takes her hand down and the camera switches to her once again.

8 episodes version 9 sec longer

8 episodes version6-part original version

In the 8-part version, the credits follow here.

Ep2 00:00 / 40:46-40:49

For this, a first shot of Michel in the car is missing at the beginning of the 8 episodes version. The episode starts here with a close-up of the stamp in the passport, which is handed to Michel immediately afterwards. In the 6-part original version, this was probably included for the sake of a smoother scene transition.

2.8 sec

Ep2 04:05-05:06 / 44:53

After Michel is loaded into the car, the 8-part version features the opening credits.

+ 61.5 sec

Ep2 15:37 / 55:23

The 6-part original version ends with a close-up of Charlie. The shot is identical in the 8 episodes version. There it continues with the note "Four Months Earlier" above a close-up of the tape recorder - which, by the way, is also an alternative shot. But more about that in the report for episode 2.

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