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New World, The


  • Theatrical Cut
  • Italian Cut
Release: Aug 09, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Theatrical Cut (PG-13) (represented by Disc 1 of the Italian DVD) and the Italian Cut (an early version) (represented by Disc 2 of the Italian DVD).

Theatrical Cut (TC): 126:36 min, credits excluded (129:56 min credits included) in PAL
Italian Cut (IC): 140:38 min, credits excluded (143:53 min credits included) in PAL

- 109 cuts / extensions, including
* 13x alternate footage
* 6x Theatrical Cut longer
* 6 editings
Changes in the audio track havn't been counted in.
- difference: 14:02 min

The movie

It should take exceptional director Terrence Malick seven years to create another movie in 2005 after his anti-war-film The Thin Red Line. Before that, he retracted from the movie business for two decades, because his film Days of Heaven had been changed too much in 1978, with which Malick obviously was not satisfied at all. The editing-process for The Thin Red Line also took several months and quite a few characters were in the end reduced to a minimum by Malick – that only as a sidenote, though.

In The New World he took the myth of Pocahontas and the love story between English settler John Smith and the Chief's daughter (she remains nameless until she is baptized as Rebecca but is called Pocahontas, just as in the credits) is more of a minor matter. Mostly, the numerous meditative nature-shots, which Malick had shot on 65mm and plays music by Wagner, will be remembered. Also, the conflict of the cultures, which is made clear with as little dialog as possible.
In addition, both Smith and sometimes Pocahontas ponder about love and the social grievances per voice overs. These appear more or less independently to the respective footage resp. was also (especially in the Extended Cut, which will be discussed in the following) put directly over the dialogues.
Captain Smith is being personated by Colin Farrell, at the time 14-year-old newcomer Q'Orianka Kilcher is seen as Pocahontas and her later lover John Rolfe is being embodied by Christian Bale.

The versions

As indicated in the beginning, Malick is known for putting a lot of emphasis on his works' final cuts. Therefore it should be surprising that The New World actually has three official versions and, at least internationally, the following have been released on home cinemas:

1. The regular Theatrical Version (130min PAL / 135min NTSC)
=> a.o. Italian DVD
2. The Italy Cut (144min PAL / 150min NTSC)
=> Italian DVD*
3. The Extended Cut (172min NTSC)
=> US-DVD / British Blu-ray

In Italy, the regular Theatrical Cut was released in a fancy 2-Dics-Digipak-leathercase together with the so called "Italy Cut", a version about 15 minutes longer. This version is the first final version of the movie, which was also shown for about a week in American theaters in 2005 and actually was only just finished for the Academy Awards ceremony. There are no other releases of this early version known outside of Italy.*
For the international release in theaters, Malick removed some scenes, reinserted others and edited further scenes. That's exactly what this comparison is about. If you want to know the differences of the Theatrical Version and the Extended Cut you should check out the other comparison.

One can say that the amount of differences (Theatrical Cut vs Italian Cut) is bigger (than the differences in Theatrical Cut vs Extended Cut), but the footage itself is much more unspectacular. In most cases some shots have been shortened for the Theatrical Version. Moreover one can find extended shot without interruption which have been shortened via jumpcuts in the Theatrical Version (and in the Extended Cut as well!). As a result of that, the Italian Cut seems to be more meditative than the two offical versions.
Some scenes are extended identically, the plot of the early version has been reconstructed here and there. To sum it up, one can say that it's not that different plus the Italian Cut contains further different footage, but the relevance of it is questionable (as already mentioned). It's very likely that some dialog scenes have been removed to make the movie more mysterious. Subjectively spoken, some of the protagonists' direct statements in the Italian Cut make the entire movie more moderat. But it's very conspicious that some of the removed scenes in the Theatrical Cut are completely missing or that they appear later - which means that the version contains more new footage than the pure difference of 14 min. imply. Whereas some scenes have just been shortened in the Extended Cut, entire scenes have been removed in the Italian Cut. Voice overs have also been removed and later reinsert, which isn't quite reasonable, or just removed even though it's still in the Theatrical Cut. Furthermore the editing can be different in the later-released Extended Cut and so can the voice overs itselves. The last striking characteristic is that this version doesn't contain any text boxes and so doesn't the Theatrical Version. The seperating in chapters is "Extended Cut exclusive".

All in all this early version is a nice bonus for fans and supporters of the "Malick-typical" extravagant production. Nevertheless watching the Theatrical Version or the Extended Cut (due to the amount and relevance of the differences) is just fine, the Italian Cut is no "must see".

*The Italy Cut was supposedly contained as a digital copy on the US DVD of the Extended Cut per attached code resp. according to information on the web it was just this alternative version you could download, even though this was not noted anywhere. Due to this offer having been expired in September 2009, this could unfortunately not be checked.

Runtime designations were set in this order:
Kinofassung in PAL / Italian Cut in PAL
04:53 / 04:53-04:58

Extended shot of Smith looking up and earlier beginning of the following shot through the bars.

5.1 sec

05:58 / 06:03-06:12

The tracking shot of the riverside is slightly extended, then a shot of Pocahontas and Tomocomo.

9.2 sec

06:08 / 06:22-06:27

Another shot of Smith in his cell, the following one of the Sheriff begins slightly earlier.

4.7 sec

07:52 / 08:11-08:38

Like the EC: first shots of Smith clumping around plus some shots of the sea and the gallows.
Then an additional shot of the riverside (shortened in the TC at ~ 08:45).

But the following voice over is only in the IC: "How many lands behind me? How many seas? What blows and dangers?"

26.8 sec

A further IC only voice over before the next extension: "Fortune ever my friend."

07:58 / 08:44-08:53

Trivial extended shot of Smith, then an additional shot of him on the field in the EC - but the IC is longer here.

9 sec

Only TC longer / editing
08:26-09:02 / 09:21

Here the TC is longer after the oysters have been found. The settlers advance to the new country, among other things we see the two scenes at the riverside shown earlier in the IC.

Newport: "All these months at sea... I'm weary of looking further. This place will see. We have deep water to the shore, we can see up and down the river. Our enemies will have no advantage of surprise. Bring the anchors and midsails to shore, in case some homesick person decides to slip away with them. We must be careful not to offend the naturals. If our crops fail, we shall be obliged to trade with them. Once we're established here, we may go up the river and seek a route to the other sea."

+ 35.5 sec

09:49 / 10:08-10:17

Extended shot: the native, who touched Newport, is being pulled back gently by Tomocomo. The following shot also begins slightly earlier.

9.2 sec

10:03 / 10:31-10:38

Additional shot of Smith walking. And again a slightly earlier beginning of the following shot (just a couple of frames).

6.4 sec

10:15 / 10:50-10:51

Earlier beginning of the shot, just like the EC. The TC immediately shows the native turning around.

1.6 sec

10:22 / 10:58-11:01

In the IC, the shot is also extended and the native returns with Pocahontas.
(Following shot trivially earlier)

2.6 sec

10:29 / 11:08-11:11

Extended shot of the natives dancing around Smith. Then Pocahontas and her playmate on the field.

2.8 sec

Missing voice over of Smith in the IC: "The savages often visit us kindly...timid, like a herd of curious deer."

Only TC longer
10:45-11:10 / 11:27

The settlers build up the camp and place the wooden constructions, Newport comes up with some instructions (the beginning in the identical shots beforehand): "Tonight we shall sleep aboard our ships, everyone in full armor. In the morning, we will chop down every tree within half a mile of the moorage and use the straightest limbs to erect a line of watchtowers and to build our fort. When we have done that, we set our wheat and barley, put up houses and lay in firewood. Slackers will be whipped at the site of their transgression."
Emery: "Sir..."
Newport: "Yes, Emery."
Emery: "When might we, uh, be going out to...poke about, sir?"
Newport: "We are not here to pillage and raid."

+ 24.5 sec

Some more sentences, which are just in the TC, after the scenes which are also in the IC.
Newport: "We are here to establish a colony."
Smith (from the off): "How many lands behind me?"
Newport: "Gold will do you no good. Not six months from now, when the snow has begun to fly."
Smith (from the off): "How many seas? What blows and dangers? Fortune ever my friend."

11:17 / 11:34-11:35

Extended shot of the natives in the grass.

1.4 sec

12:36 / 12:54-13:04

Like the EC: extended shot of Smith. He looks upwards and watches a bird flying around.

9.6 sec

Only TC longer
13:47-13:54 / 14:15

Only in the TC, Argall presents the two natives taken prisioners just before one of them gets shot because he grabbed a hatchet.
"Captured these two, sir, talking to the men, spying.".

+ 6.4 sec

15:33 / 15:54-16:02

Now the scene which has been previously removed in the IC. The ending is sligthly longer.

7.9 sec

15:48 / 16:18-16:22

Like the EC: extended shot of the natives checking the ground.
(Tracking shot plus additional shot)

4.1 sec

Change of soundtrack
16:40-16:52 / 17:10-17:22

Alternate voice over by Smith.

TC: "What voice is this that speaks within me...guides me towards the best?"
IC: "Where? I will not die until I find it."

18:11 / 18:45-18:47

Like the EC: slightly extended shot of the men on the ship, Selway is looking around.

2.3 sec

Only TC longer
18:28-18:43 / 19:04

Further shots of Smith and his men lost in the woods. A native flees and Smith says: "Let him go!"

+ 14.7 sec

19:03 / 19:24-19:32

Like the EC: shot of the canoe from the back.

7.3 sec

20:08 / 20:37-20:43

Black image in the IC plus earlier beginning of the following shot (Smith in the swamps).

6.6 sec

20:24 / 20:59-21:10

The following tracking shot is much longer. A native behind a tree in the foreground, he watches Smith.

10.8 sec

20:52 / 21:38-21:39

Slightly extended shot of straying Smith before the native's attack.

1.3 sec

24:49 / 25:36-25:37

Close shot of Pocahontas approaching fast before she protects Smith with her body.

1.2 sec

25:19 / 26:07-26:09

Earlier beginning of the shot of the native.

1.9 sec

26:35 / 27:25-27:30

Extended shot of the men passing by the plants, then an earlier beginning of the next shot which shows the native bending the bow.

4.6 sec

26:43 / 27:38-27:41

Extending shot of Smith moving forwards.

3.4 sec

27:43 / 28:41-28:43

Extended shot of Smith after he taught Pocahontas the word "sun".

2.1 sec

27:53 / 28:53-28:55

Extended shot of Pocahontas after she said "water".

2.2 sec

28:04 / 29:06-29:07

Extended shot of Pocahontas illustrating the wind.

0.9 sec

35:05 / 36:08-36:16

Shot of Pocahontas running in the grass in the IC before the natives in the water.
(The other shots, which appear in the IC here, are missing.)

8 sec

41:37 / 42:48-42:56

Extended shot of Smith when he's walking. He also turns around before the children run over to him.

7.6 sec

44:51 / 46:10-46:31

Like the EC: Smith sits in the room and looks at the Indian feather. Then he steps aside ponderingly and looks out of the window.
The scene is accompanied by his voice over: "Tell her. Tell her what? 'I love you. But I cannot love you.'?"

21 sec

The first words, "Tell her. Tell her what?" to be more precisely, are audible as voice over in the following shots in the TC.

45:09 / 46:49-47:01

Like the EC: Addtional shot of Smith in the cabin, combined with his comment "It was a dream. Now I am awake.", which is also in the TC, but split. A part of it is audible in the previous scene, the rest in the following one.
After that a shot of the workers outside and the two versions are synchronized again.

12.3 sec

47:46 / 49:38-49:43

Further shot of the mobbing guy walking in the alley. He says: "Two horses run on the rocky crags."
Another one reprimands him ("Enough of your bedlam, fool!"), the mobbing guy replies with "Do we plow with horses?".

4.9 sec

48:25 / 50:22-50:23

Slightly extended shot of Smith after he was being informed about Ackley's death.

1.2 sec

48:43 / 50:41-50:45

The medium long shot is sligthly extended, then a closer shot of an old man.
At the same time one can hear "Who ate his hands?".
Smith says (also in the following shot): "Put this in the morning's report. Spare no details!"

4.1 sec

50:19 / 52:21-52:29

Trivial extension of the shot of the natives' backs, then a shot of Pocahontas up front.

8.1 sec

52:14 / 54:24-54:29

Two further shots of the two in love clueless-standing around.

4.8 sec

52:22 / 54:37-54:50

Trivial extension of the shot of the natives, then a shot of Smith and finally, a shot of Pocahontas.

12.6 sec

53:39 / 56:07-56:10

Additional shot of Smith leaving.

3.1 sec

53:45-53:55 / 56:15-56:16

Two shots of the sea and Smith's boat in the TC.

In the IC the following shot of the riverside begins sligthly earlier.

TC 9.5 sec longer

54:54-55:06 / 57:15-57:27

Flashback in the TC. Pocahontas balances on a tree trunk while Smith is walking underneath it.

Shot of the native in the IC, then Pocahontas in front of the field and finally an earlier beginning of the following shot of Smith.

no difference

55:11-55:15 / 57:32-58:08

In the TC Pocahontas looks down here, Smith on the ground. He grabs her feet to tease her.

The IC starts with an insignificant extended shot of Smith, then a shot from the distance which shows them walking to each other and finally hugging each other. Then two close-ups (with the last on the TC is in again).

EC 31.8 sec longer

55:32 / 58:25-59:50

First an extended shot of Smith and Pocahontas, then (like the EC) the two already shown shots from the TC - the last one lasts longer, Smith attempts to grab her more often. Plus more fondlings and the last shot of Pocahontas also begins earlier.
Voice over by Pocahontas: "True. Is this the man I loved? So long. A ghost. Come. Where are you, my love? Free. What do I fear?"

84.3 sec

Shortly afterwards only "Free" is also audible in the TC - then the same words in both versions: "Can love lie?", only in the TC followed by "My America. Where are you, my love?"

55:46 / 60:04-62:27

Here's the same extension as in the EC, but previously and afterwards with additional footage.

First an extended shot, Pocahontas bends over and her voice over "No, my soul." is audible.

Then they keep on frolicing around and Smith makes some plans: "We can't go into the forest. Could I show you England? Oh, it's too far."
Pocahontas: "If I can be with you that is all."

Stopping down, followed by several shots of them growing up.

143.2 sec

56:09 / 62:50-62:58

Like the EC: an extended shot of the nature.

8.5 sec

(Smith's voice over, in both versions identically, has been removed to this scene.)

Alternate / editing
56:17-56:31 / 63:06-63:10

The following shot is also extended in the IC.

In the TC instead, the remaining voice over (previously removed, see above) is audible now, paired with scenes of Pocahontas and Smith on the field.

TC 9.8 sec longer

57:07 / 63:46-63:48

Extended tracking shot of the field.

1.8 sec

57:10 / 63:51-63:54

Additional shot of the natives on the field.

3.3 sec

57:30 / 64:14-64:31

Before Pocahontas is being chased across the field, the IC contains a shot of her standing around with the other tribe members while she's grieving. The shot is much longer than it is in the EC, but then again the two last shot of the headman are missing.

17 sec

57:37 / 64:38-64:49

Extended shot of Pocahontas in the woods plus earlier beginning of the following shot at night.

10.6 sec

57:44 / 64:56-64:59

Extended shot of Pocahantas from the back and an earlier beginning from the front.

3.2 sec

58:10 / 65:25-65:36

Slightly extended shot of Pocahontas, followed by Smith's question "How does he know?" and the grieving Pocahontas again.

11 sec

58:49-58:54 / 66:15-66:20

Jumpcut to a closer shot of Pocahontas in the TC. The previous shot in the IC is accordingly longer.

TC 0.6 sec longer

Theatrical CutItalian Cut

58:59 / 66:25-66:32

Tracking shot of Smith.

7.7 sec

59:40 / 67:13-67:17

Extended shot of the moon. Moreover here (and also a couple of seconds before the mentioned shot) Pocahontas' voice over is audible:
"Mother, stay near me."

4.1 sec

59:52-59:57 / 67:29-67:30

Another distance shot of Pocahontas in the TC.
In the IC, the previous shot instead which is slighty longer.

TC 4.5 sec longer

Theatrical CutItalian Cut

60:07 / 67:40-68:31

Further editings when Smith is close to the fire and Pocahontas walking in the grass.
Then Smith walking in the village and ordering to gather his men.
("Wake the men up! Silently. Have them report here.").

51.3 sec

60:30 / 68:54-68:58

Another shot of the natives sneaking around in the grass, the following shot also starts a bit earlier.

4.1 sec

60:34 / 69:02-69:12

Mentioned shot without being interrupted in the IC but with a longer scene being removed in TC. The removed footage has been reinsert at the end (the native in the foreground startles up).

9.7 sec

60:38 / 69:16-69:22

Same here. A part of the scene has been removed for being reinsert when the native looks left.

6.1 sec

60:49 / 69:33-69:35

Extended shot of Smith.

2.2 sec

62:47 / 71:33-71:37

Extended shot of the heaven between the battle scenes.

3.6 sec

62:52 / 71:42

Minor extension of the native on the ground.

0.8 sec

62:59 / 71:49-71:53

Extended shot of Pocahontas' front and earlier beginning of her back.

3.4 sec

63:34 / 72:28

When Pocahontas is being captured, the shot begins insignificantly earlier in the IC.

0.4 sec

64:22 / 73:16-73:22

Like the EC: two additional shots: Smith's men back out and one of the natives with a mask.

5.4 sec

Change of soundtrack

The bold marked words from Smith's voice over are missing in the battle scene in the IC, accordingly his comment has been removed:
"Lord, turn not away thy face. You desire not the death of a sinner. I have gone away from You. I have not harkened to Your voice. Let us not be brought to nothing."

65:24 / 74:24-74:51

Two more shots of the natives' settlement in the IC, one of Pocahontas' father from behind, standing in front of the ocean and the following one of Pocahontas also starts earlier.

27 sec

Alternate / editing
67:17-67:34 / 76:44-77:12

Extended shot of Smith walking around in the IC while there's a shootout behind his back. Then a steaming helmet on the battle field, "commented" by Smith. Last but not least a flag in the wind.

In opposite to that, the TC shows the flag in the wind first. Then the scene with Smith and the steaming helmet, but only partial, because the TC just contains the last seconds of it (no images).

IC 10.9 sec longer

68:30 / 78:08-78:09

Extended shot of Smith.

1.4 sec

69:40 / 79:19-79:25

Another scene which has been shortened in the middle for the TC: extended shot of Smith walking straight to Argall, who mentions "Strike me and you break the laws of this colony. Those are the laws." and Smith replies "Strike you?"
The TC shows Smith pushing him immediately.

5.8 sec

70:04 / 79:49

Additional shot of Smith being hung in the TC.
In the IC, the following shot begins accordingly earlier.

no difference

Theatrical CutItalian Cut

70:20 / 80:05-80:13
Only in the TC, the speech of the delirious man is being interrupted by two shots of a whiplash for Smith. The IC shows the delirious much longer. The next shot, also contained in the TC, begins with a jumpcut.

IC 7.5 sec longer

Theatrical CutItalian Cut

70:24 / 80:17

The TC is being interrupted by a shot of a listener, the IC instead shows the speaking man the entire time.

no difference

Theatrical CutItalian Cut

70:33 / 80:26-80:28

Extended shot of the man at the end.

2.6 sec

71:03 / 80:58-81:09

Shot of Pocahontas and another woman from behind.
(Longer than the EC)

11.3 sec

Only TC longer
71:12-71:18 / 81:18

Shot of a native in the TC.

+ 6.2 sec

71:20 / 81:20-82:28

Instead the IC continues after the shot of Pocahontas: she is being abducted and the other natives mutiny. Inbetween the shot of the woman already shown in the TC.
The following scenes of the seddlers burning down the village are in different order in comparison to the extension in the EC.

67.6 sec

73:05 / 84:13-84:14

Pocahontas leaves the ship earlier.

1 sec

73:11-73:24 / 84:20-84:32

TC: shot from aside of Pocahontas while she's going ashore and looking around confused.
IC: First Pocahontas from the front, then a short similar (but still different) shot of her from the back and the following scene begins earlier.

TC 0.7 sec longer

Theatrical CutItalian Cut

74:52 / 86:00-86:02

Only in the TC: black image after Pocahontas looked out.

2.4 sec

Change of soundtrack
75:10-75:14 / 86:20-86:24

The last sentence of Smith's voice over has been removed in the IC: "The tide now swung to the English side."

75:15 / 86:25-86:30

Now an additional shot of the delighted seddlers before Pocahontas gets scared by the shooting.

5 sec

77:27 / 88:42-88:53

Extended shot of Pocahontas and Smith holding each other on the field.

10.2 sec

Change of soundtrack

Just after that, only the TC contains Pocahontas' voice over about the two in the woods:
"What is right? Give. Wrong? Who is this man? Now...all is perfect. Let me be lost. True."

77:48 / 89:14-89:30

Extended shot of Pocahontas and Smith making out.
Voice over by Pocahontas: "You flow through a river."
(also appears in the following scene of the TC!)

16 sec

78:03 / 89:45-89:58

Additional shot of Smith.

13.8 sec

78:10 / 90:05-90:13

Extended shot, Argall makes some more steps.

7.8 sec

Change of soundtrack
80:30-80:45 / 92:33-92:48

Voice over by Pocahontas only in the IC, when she has a new dress and Mary and her go outside: "Come. My love. Give us one heart."
The EC differs here.

80:46 / 92:49-93:06

Pocahontas states a couple of questions to Mary: "Why do they want gold? Can't they make it? Do they eat it?"
Furthermore the following shot of Smith starts earlier.

16.6 sec

80:48 / 93:08-93:11
The mentioned shot is also extended (no images) and the following one starts earlier.

2.9 sec

80:52 / 93:15-93:17

Again a shot of Smith which begins earlier.

2 sec

81:36 / 94:01-94:08

Further shot of Smith walking around in the village, combined with his voice over: "Why this sleep? Fever."

7.6 sec

81:42 / 94:14-94:22

Shot of the heaven, then Smith at the riverside.

8 sec

81:54 / 94:34-94:37

Before Smith walks around in the village, a shot of Pocahontas in her cell in the IC.

2.9 sec

82:17 / 95:00-95:01

Pocahontas sligthly earlier on the field.

1 sec

82:38 / 95:22-95:26

Extended shot of Smith following Pocahontas, the following shot of his starts also earlier.

3.8 sec

84:38 / 97:26-97:29

Extended shot of grieving Pocahontas at the riverside.

3.4 sec

86:47 / 99:38-99:42

Only in the IC appears a black image after Pocahontas "powdered" her face.

3.4 sec

87:20 / 100:15-100:24

The native clings to Pocahontas' hair in an additional shot.

8.6 sec

Change of soundtrack
92:22-92:29 / 105:26-105:33

Mary's last sentence of the voice over is only audible in the TC:
"We must act the play out, then live our troubles down, my lady."

Change of soundtrack
95:50-95:53 / 108:54-108:57

Additional voice over by Rolfe in the IC:
"How do you bear your solitude?"

97:46 / 110:50-110:55

Like the EC: earlier beginning of the shot when Pocahontas strokes the bull.

4.9 sec

Change of soundtrack
97:55-97:57 / 111:04-111:06

Additional voice over by Rolfe: "All sings to her."

98:41 / 111:50-112:12

More dialog. First a closer shot of Pocahontas, then one of Rolfe and the following medium long shot starts much earlier.

Pocahontas: "There are things you don't know. Things you could not guess."
Rolfe: "I know what I have to. I know that I love you."

22.2 sec

Only TC longer
100:21-100:26 / 113:52

Only the TC shows a static shot of the house before we see Pocahontas lying in bed.

+ 4.5 sec

Change of soundtrack
103:20-103:23 / 116:46-116:49

The bold-marked part of Pocahontas voice over is missing:
"You give life to the trees and the hills, to the streams of water, to the sky, the sea, to all."

The next 5 differences are equal to the extensions in the EC:

104:50 / 118:16-118:21

Extended shot of the ocean followed by another shot of it.

4.7 sec

104:58 / 118:29-118:33

Shot of Smith before he turns around and leaves.

4.2 sec

105:12 / 118:47-119:00

Extended shot of Smith walking around.

12.6 sec

Alternate / editing
105:15-105:18 / 119:03-119:07

In the TC, the shot of the ocean has been reinsert here. In the IC it already appeared slightly earlier.
The IC instead shows the native.

IC 1.7 sec länger

105:24 / 119:13-119:18

Extended shot of the waves.

4.4 sec

106:28 / 120:22-120:25

The middle part of a longer shot (Pocahontas from behind) has been removed in the TC.

3.6 sec

109:28 / 123:25-123:27

Extended shot of the headman turning away from Pocahontas.

1.7 sec

109:34-109:37 / 123:33-123:38

Tracking shot of the water in the TC, extended shot of the ship in the IC. Then a black image.

IC 1.8 sec longer

Theatrical CutItalian Cut

Change of soundtrack
115:47-115:52 / 129:49-129:54

Rolfe's comment only in the IC:
"I will not rob you of your self-respect."

Change of soundtrack
117:08-117:21 / 131:10-131:23

Some words are only in the IC. But he started to talk earlier, the remaining sentences appear later in the TC.
"I was a fool not to have bound my fate with yours. I might be a happy man now."