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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: May 31, 2015 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Versiony and the Unrated Version, both taken from the Canadian Blu-ray by Universal.

- 24 differences, nine of which feature alternative footage and three of which contain a zoom effect
- Difference in running time: 193,5 sec (= 3:14 min)

The Movie

With already more than 100 million copies sold in 2015, the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by British author E. L. James, which was released as recently as 2011-2012 is without doubt a big success despite the harsh criticism it sometimes received. The announcement of a movie adaptation was hardly a surprise to anybody and the first movie has by now grossed more than 500 million, which is more than most studios can dream about, especially considering its relatively low budget.
Because of the movieĎs controversial content, it was very interesting to see how the rather prude US-american public would handle its S/M themes. As was to be expected, the movie is rather tame in these aspects, every single one of the scandalous moments of the novel are less drastic in the movie. However, the movie should not be reduced to the sexual aspect and if a viewer can do so despite all of the media hype, he or she can enjoy a really solid movie, but this is of course not a review.
A possibly naughtier Unrated Version can now be found on the Blu-ray available in the US and Canada. This new cut offers about 3 more minutes, which will be analyzed in the following comparison.

The Unrated Version

The most thrilling aspect up front: yes, there are some extensions/additional moments during the sexual scenes and no, it is rather improbable that any viewer really notices them. This way, the Unrated Version both fulfills and disappoints the expectations viewers will have when watching it.
Almost all of the sex scenes have additions which are typical for the MPAA. The only memorable moment is when Ana gets whipped in the groin a little. Otherwise, there is a bit more eroticism in several shots. The contract between Christian and Ana is more detailed as well.
There are also some additions to the plot without a sexual background: Ana is now getting into a plane in order to visit her mother in Georgia and after her degree she can be seen with Christian in the car. This might seem irrelevant but is actually a good addition to the character development. Christianís controlling nature and Anaís critical stance concerning it are worked out better as well.
Last but not least, there is an alternative ending which was simply added to the regular ending of the movie. It can now be seen that both are suffering from the breakup and the course for the next movie is being set. Whether this is really necessary or whether the original ending with the elevator struck a better chord is question every viewer has to answer for themselves.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
Theatrical Version / Unrated Version
Alternative Footage
43:30-43:35 / 43:30-43:35

Different shot of Christian above Anaís groin.
The Theatrical Version keeps the shot longer and the pans to Christian, the Unrated shows Ana again.
Theatrical Version 0,7 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

44:22 / 44:21-44:22

A shot of Ana starts a bit earlier.
1 sec

The rest of the shot has been slightly zoomed in in the Theatrical Version for no apparent reason.

Theatrical VersionUnrated

44:47 / 44:48-44:50

The medium long shot is a bit longer, Christian thrusts once more.
1,7 sec

44:52 / 44:55-44.57

A shot of the tangled legs starts earlier.
2 sec

45:13 / 45:18-45:19

The view of the happening in the ceiling mirror is a bit longer.
1,3 sec

Alternative Footage
55:45-56:51 / 55:51-57:04

The scene at the riverside was put together differently and the chat can be seen in different takes (but with identical dialog). As the breaks between the phrases in the Unrated are more extensive, it is longer in total as well.
Unrated 7,3 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

60:06 / 60:19-60:25

Ana can be seen in the shop, a further part of the contract is being read out aloud; "The Submissive will not drink to excess, smoke, or take recreational drugs, or put her person into any unnecessary risk."
This can be heard in the Theatrical Version 20 seconds later during a shot of Christian in the office.
The following shot of the street is identical, yet the Unrated Version lacks the voiceover of the Theatrical Version: "The Submissive agrees to procure oral contraception from a physician of the Dominant's choosing."

5,7 sec

Alternative Footage
60:21-60:26 / 60:40-60:55

The "oral contraception" comment can now be heard in the Unrated Version as well, there is also an additional shot of Ana running.
The identical voiceover about the eating of certain food can be heard during different shots and Christianís office can be seen earlier in the Unrated.

Unrated 9,9 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

In the following video-wise identical seconds, there are two completely new comments in the Unrated Version: "The Submissive will obey any instruction given by the Dominant. She will do so eagerly and without hesitation. [...] The Dominant may flog, spank, whip, or corporally punish the Submissive as he sees fit, for purposes of discipline or for his personal enjoyment."
The comment "The Submissive may not touch the Dominant without his expressed permission to do so." was moved a bit and can be heard BEFORE the statement that she has to call him "Sir" or "Mr. Grey" in the Unrated.
The Theatrical Version features the part about drinking/doing drugs at this point.

60:55 / 61:24-61:28

An additional shot of Ana brushing her teeth before the safeword colors yellow and red are mentioned.
3,9 sec

Alternative Footage
63:32-63:35 / 64:04-64:07

The Unrated shows the medium long shot of Christian reaching for the glass longer. The Theatrical cuts to a close-up of Ana instead.
No running time difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

63:42-63:56 / 64:15-64:29

The image section of the two following shots of Ana were changed in the Theatrical so her nipples cannot be seen.
No running time difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternative Footage
64:15-64:16 / 64:47-64:48

The Unrated shows Christian putting an ice cube to AnaĎs nipple one second earlier. The Theatrical shows Ana longer instead.
No running time difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

64:36-64:38 / 65:09-65:11

The image section is different when Christian rips open the condom wrapper.
No running time difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

64:38 / 65:11-65:14

There is a long tracking shot down Christianís body in the Unrated. The middle part is missin in the Theatrical, which starts again without zoom with the rest of the shot.

3 sec

Alternative Footage
64:43-64:45 / 65:19-65:22

Christian thrusts once more in the Unrated in the same shot. The cut to him after that is different as well.
Unrated 0,8 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternative Footage
64:48-64:50 / 65:25-65:27

The shot is longer again at the end, Christian can be seen thrusting once more again. The Theatrical Version shows him in a softer way.
No running time difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

76:42 / 77:19-77:37

After Anaís graduation party, there is an additional scene with Ana and Christian in the car. There is no cdialog, but the two are obviously excited.
18,9 sec

Alternative Footage
88:36-88:38 / 89:31-89:34

The Unrated shows Ana getting whipped in the groin lightly.
The Theatrical Version uses a softer shot in which he only traces her belly. The shot before is also almost half a second longer and before the whip the Theatrical switches earlier to the following shot.
No running time difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

Alternative Footage
89:08 / 90:04

The short view of Christianís genitals is an impressive total of 5 frames (0,2 sec) longer.
The Theatrical starts the following view of his backside as much earlier.

No running time difference

Theatrical VersionUnrated

89:25 / 90:20-90:24

Two additional shots of the sex before the climax.
3,9 sec

Theatrical Version longer
89:36-89:37 / 90:35

The shot of Christian carrying Ana in the corridor was slightly shortened in the Unrated version.

+ 0,7 sec

96:29 / 97:27-98:13

After Ana hast told Christian that she has to go to Georgia, the Unrated shows her flight.
Christian secretly booked first class for her and she writes him a slightly critical text concerning this. He instantly answers that she should switch off the phone and at least follow the rules in the plane.

45,8 sec

118:17-118:27 / 120:01-121:41

After Ana has closed the elevator door, the picture stays black for a few seconds, but then there is an additional montage in the Unrated Version. Both Christian and Ana are thoughtful and remember their shared experiences. At the end, Christian gets up during a meeting.

Unrated 89,7 sec longer

The R-Rated reference after the ending credits can only be seen in the Theatrical Version.

+ 9 sec