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The Last of Us

Needful Things

The War of the Worlds


Night of the Demons


  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 19, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated Version from Republic Pictures and the Unrated Version (German DVD from X-Rated).

10 cuts = 2 minutes and 15.5 seconds
1 alternate shot = no difference
1 additional shot in R-Rated = +2.5 seconds

Two versions of the first movie of this trilogy are available in the US: an R-Rated and an Unrated Version. The Unrated Version is uncut, most of the cuts in the R-Rated are utterly superfluous because, except for two violent scenes and one sleazy dialog, only plot scenes have been cut. But it's very unlikely that those plot scenes have been removed to get the R-Rating in the first place.
8 Min
Billy says to Sal that, if he'd been him, he'd have run off already before her boyfriend arrived to make pulp out of his ugly face.
Sal tells Billy to not tell such BS and wants him to get sister before he (Sal) lost his temper.
Billy hesitates which is why Sally collars him and tells him to get her or he was going to rough him up.
Billy tells him to let go of him and threatens to call for his mom.
Sal tells him not to wet himself and asks if he couldn't take a joke. Then Sal tells him to finally get his sister.
20 sec

10 Min
Angela steals groceries. Being done, she whistles to her friend Suzanne who's distracting the guys at the register.
12 sec

11 Min
Suzanne asks the guys at the register sth. The guy at the register affirms her response makes it pretty clear that she never intended anything else but mocking them.
8 sec

11 Min
The cartoon on TV is longer.
9 sec

20 Min
The party is longer. Stooge and Rodger arrive with a heavy box. They ask Sal where to put but Sal doesn't respond which is why they ask Jay.
24 sec

31 Min
Tracking shot of the group.
18 sec

31 Min
Missing shot of Helen.
5.5 sec

35 Min
Some of the group members are checking out one of the rooms. Max says that reminded him of a story. Jay answers he better didn't tell it because anyone had had it with horror stories but Helen wants to hear it anyway.
28 sec

55 Min
Jay's eyes get squeezed by Suzanne. The R-Rated contains an alternate take plus an additional shot of Suzanne.
no difference


79 Min
Rodger hears Helen screaming for help while he's on the other side of the wall. Then a tracking shot of the demons who are just about to get Helen down the wall.
11 sec

79 Min
A slight part of the tracking of the demons has been added to the R-Rated Version here.
+2 sec

83 Min
Only the R-Rated Version contains an additional shot of the old guy spitting out his coffee while the razor blade cuts his throat from the inside.
+2.5 sec

83 Min
Bloody shot of the razor blade in the old guy's throat (close-up).
2 sec