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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Feb 02, 2023 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Compared the R-Rated with the Unrated.

Lady Avenger

Maggie is in prison when she learns that her brother was murdered by drug dealers. She uses the permission to go to his funeral as a chance to escape. In hiding, she is helped by her boyfriend Kevin and her friend Annalee to find her brother's killer. But the syndicate acts mercilessly....

David DeCoteau's revenge thriller lives mainly from the 80s Los Angeles atmosphere. The plot is rather poor and leading actress Peggy McIntaggart visibly overstrained to play the ice-cold avenging angel. At least she was put into a tight tank top without a bra including a red headband. For the surprisingly debauched nude scenes, Michelle Bauer can be seen as Annalee. Of note is the approach that for once here a man is saved from some evil gangsters as a Damsel in Distress by a badass woman. For a low-budget action thriller nonsense, Lady Avenger is surprisingly entertaining. Sometimes someone gets shot, sometimes something explodes, then Michelle Bauer gets naked again while Peggy McIntaggart isn't trying very hard to look grim, and poof, the movie is over. Well worth seeing if you know what you're in for.

R-rated version censored for nudity

In the USA, Southgate's film was released on VHS. Included is the R-rated version in which the end of Annalee's strip scene is missing before she begins oral sex. All other sex and violence scenes are included. The problem with this scene in particular was probably that Michelle Bauer's private parts can be seen.

The Unrated version was released by Maritim Pictures / Cargo Records in Germany on DVD. The Dutch VHS from Baracuda was also available for comparison. The German DVD has a small, negligible missing bit when Maggie steps up to Maria's bedside. Qualitatively, the German DVD is on a solid VHS level, but for lack of alternatives, you can still strike here.

Picture Comparison:


German DVD:




R-Rated (US VHS): 81:29 Min. (NTSC)
Unrated (German DVD): 79:29 Min. (PAL)




Missing part on the German DVD: Maggie can be seen earlier when she comes to Maria's bedside.

US: 3 sec


In the US it's missing how J.C. and Max run to the door of the department store.

DE: 7 sec


The DE shows Annalee slowly undressing. She raves about the Porsche that she really wants to have. She asks the man if she can do something for him before she starts oral sex.

In the next shot, the car can be seen earlier.

DE: 1:19 min