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  • Original Cut
  • Extended Cut
Release: Jun 11, 2024 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the original version (HD main movie) and the extended version (SD bonus), both included on the Australian Blu-ray from Imprint Films
- 16 cuts
- Difference: 443.8 sec (= 7:24 min) [in 24fps]
There is also a 14.8 sec missing section in the extended version
Made in 1981, Green Ice is a highly entertaining heist/adventure thriller and features three experienced leading actors in Ryan O'Neal, Anne Archer and Omar Sharif. Bond fans will enjoy the title sequence by Maurice Binder and the music by Bill Wyman is also fun.
In Australia, Imprint Films released a recommendable Blu-ray with two versions of the film in April 2024. The original version, as otherwise found on DVD in France, the UK and Australia, for example, and which served as the basis for the German version (this one had many further cuts), is available here as an HD master. As a bonus, there is an extended version in SD, which was already available on the American DVD.
With around 7 minutes more, there are some superfluous additional action scenes, which often have a somewhat grimmer atmosphere. That's probably why most of these bits were reduced a little for the wider release. Archer's character, for example, swears to kill Sharif's character if he does anything to her sister. Sidekick Miguel (Domingo Ambriz) has a thief killed in the jungle and hints at a migration story with politically explosive details. Apart from that, there's a bit more room for a little bickering between Archer and Neal's main character. All in all, a nice bonus version, but you can live perfectly fine with the shorter HD cut.
Running times:
  • Original: 109:19 min
  • Extended: 116:30 min
Running times are arranged according to the scheme
Original version on Australian Blu-ray in 24fps / Extended version on Australian Blu-ray in 24fps
First, a few comparison images across the movie. The extended version comes from a separate master (possibly the US DVD) and differs slightly in color. Interestingly, the instances of dirt (third image top left) are largely identical. Also interesting is a shot in the 17th/18th minute (fourth image), in which the HD master was probably not sufficiently cropped on the left.

Theatrical versionExtended Version

03:55 / 03:55-04:07

The lieutenant holds up another photo and says something in Spanish. When there is no response, his expression darkens - and with his order to the others, the theatrical version begins.

11.7 sec

13:02 / 13:14-13:45

After Joe has looked around the lobby, he walks around the pool for a while and then looks around inside. Shocked, he asks the bellboy the price of the apartment. In response (284 dollars), Joe wants to know again whether this really means per day. This is confirmed to him again. Finally, there is an aerial shot of the scene transition.

Joe: “Do you know how much this room costs?”
Page: “$284, senor.”
Joe: “A day?”
Page: “Si, senor.”

30.7 sec

13:48 / 14:31-14:54

Joe closes the door and then checks the authenticity of the banknotes under the light of the lamp. He lies down on the bed and comments: “You suspicious bastard.”
As the phone rings, the theatrical version of the shot begins.

23.2 sec

19:05 / 20:11-20:18

At the start of the scene on the market square, we first see a road for a short time and the car drives up.

7.3 sec

20:21 / 21:34-22:02

Between the shots of the car ride, only the extended version briefly switches back inside for a conversation. Joe apologizes and asks how she knew he was here. Lilian replies with a snippy comment, or basically just a bit of flirting.

Joe: “Hey okay, I'm sorry. How'd you know I'd be out there?"
Lillian: “I accidentally overheard some people taking bets.”
Joe: “What, on whether I could swim to Hawaii?”
Lillian: “On whether you were a crook or just a fool.”
Joe: “And which way did you bet?”
Lillian: “I put a little on both.”

27.7 sec

23:06 / 24:48-25:01

Before Lillian addresses her sister, there is some further dialog and they grin at each other briefly.

Joe: “You know what your trouble is? You talk too much."

13.1 sec

27:50 / 29:44-31:06

After Meno leaves, Joe gets up, loads his gun and wants to do some target practice. Lillian stops him from taking the first shot and fires a few herself. They talk briefly about the relationship with Meno and Lillian states that she deliberately lets him win. But if he has done something to her sister, she will kill him. She then says that they should go to bed and goes up the stairs. Joe pauses for a moment, taken by surprise, and then happily follows. He is obviously a little disappointed in the corridor upstairs that she has quickly disappeared to her room alone and he goes on to his own.

Joe: “Never sneak up on a man with a gun in his hand.”
Lillian: “Meno said to say goodnight.”
Joe: “You, you let him win, why?”
Lillian: “He needs to win and I need to let him.”
Joe: “And what if your sister is dead and he's responsible?”
Lillian: “Then I'll kill him. Let's go to bed, Wiley."

82.4 sec (= 1:22 min)

29:47 / 33:03-33:46

After seeing Joe on the balcony, Lillian also sneaks up the stairs. Joe rummages through the nightstand and drawers upstairs, where he finds pills and guns. He also finds a banknote, which he checks against the light again. He shakes his head and closes the drawer again.

42.7 sec

36:50 / 40:49-41:02

The ride through the bumpy road is longer and Joe comments that it's worse than 3rd Avenue.

13 sec

Missing part in the extended version
39:03-39:18 / 43:15

Interestingly, a small piece is missing here in the extended version and since the scene ends a bit choppy, this is probably only unintentional. Lillian walks out of the frame, whereupon Miguel speaks to Joe, who is left somewhat perplexed, and the two of them briefly exchange stupid comments. Joe stays behind for a moment.

Miguel: “Hey, friend, where you from?”
Joe: “New York.”
Miguel: “Yeah, I used to live there myself.”
Joe: “Well, you never know when you're gonna run into somebody from the old neighborhood.”
Miguel: “They didn't have no blinds in my neighborhood.”

+ 14.8 sec

39:28 / 43:25-44:18

After the identical landscape shot, the extended version has more dialog between Joe and Miguel as they stop at a fire pit in the forest. He talks about his father's history of migration and how he learned to hide from an early age as a result. However, when he was 17, he carried out a small act of sabotage against the Vietnamese soldiers and only managed to return to his own country thanks to Lillian's sister. There he saw the adverse conditions and child labor for the profit of a few rich people. Now he and his people would rebel against this.

"My father was loco. He was born here like me. So he sees this Coca Cola billboard, the good life and he goes to New York as an illegal and spends his whole life hiding. I learned to hide before I learned to walk. But sooner or later you get fed up with hiding. The day I was 17, I walked into the draft board, put a bomb in a fire room and boom, 5,000 kids don't go to Vietnam because of me. That was the day I started to run. And her little sister helped me come home. I get back, I find the land is rotting, it's belly fat while the people starve. 12 year old kids crawling in the mines for a lousy seven pesos a day. But now, we fight."
Joe: “How do you plan to finance this operation?”
Miguel: “Come on, I'll show you.”

53.3 sec

41:26 / 46:16-47:07

Miguel approaches Phillipe and takes something from him that he has obviously stolen. Two men grab him and Miguel explains that some must be suffering from the “disease of fat bellies”. Joe and Lillian look a little shocked and off-screen we hear Phillipe being shot.

Miguel: “Philippe! You're my brother, right?
Philippe: “Yeah.”
Miguel: “You look sick. You're not well. You see, he got the disease of the fat bellies! Stealing from his brothers. We must stop the sickness now before it spreads and kills all of us."

50.8 sec

53:30-53:32 / 59:11-60:15

After Joe says “We could if we're a pair of lunatics”, the theatrical version briefly switches to the other perspective. Apparently, this was simply recycled from a shot a few seconds earlier for a less abrupt ending to the scene. Funnily enough, on the German DVD Joe says (translation) “Crazy and tired of life” during this shot, while the English soundtrack of the original version on the Australian Blu-ray remains silent. The German DVD only contains a German dub track, so we can't confirm whether further original English audio was heard here on other releases with English audio containing this moment.

In the Extended Version, Joe continues speaking and walks away. Lillian teases him that he probably doesn't finish many things in life. They argue some more about money and suddenly Lillian blurts out that maybe she just did it out of love for Joe. Joe strokes her hair and concludes by saying that she would probably love him even more if he helped her with the planned burglary.

Joe: “(...pair of lunatics) but there's only one crazy person here, it's not me. I quit. You're so wound up you're about to pop."
Lillian: “You've quit a lot of things in your life, haven't you, Wiley?”
Joe: “Yeah and I started a lot of 'em too. You took my money, didn't you?"
Lillian: “I thought you'd stay longer.”
Joe: “I was here, I would have stayed. I don't do everything for money, you know."
Lillian: “Alright I was wrong, I had no right to take your money. I just wanted you here."
Joe: “Why? Because you think I'll do anything you want?"
Lillian: “No! Because I think I love you.”
Joe: “But you'd love me a lot more if I could figure out a way to break into that concession.”
Lillian: “No, but I'd be forever grateful.”

Extended 61.6 sec (= 1:02 min) longer

66:20 / 73:03-73:10

Before Lillian walks away, Meno tries again: “Don't you see, Liliana? You can not allow her irresponsible actions to destroy the life that we could have together."

6.6 sec

74:02 / 80:52-81:01

Miguel taps the wall for a while and Joe continues to work on the suitcase.

8.4 sec

75:01 / 82:00-82:10

Joe bends down again and continues turning knobs. Behind Miguel, the clip of Meno is played again.

10.4 sec

103:37 / 110:46-110:47

Probably just a master error: Lillian stirs for a moment longer.

0.8 sec

The silhouette formation at the beginning of the credits starts insignificantly earlier in the extended version and at the end another company reference is missing.

Theatrical versionExtended version