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original title: Pił forte, ragazzi!


  • German Version
  • International Version
Release: Jun 18, 2011 - Author: Glogcke - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
"All the Way Boys" is probably one of the best Spencer / Hill movies ever made. The soundtrack, atmosphere, jokes, and the fact that the movie is not too childish makes it a "must see" for any fan of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill. Unfortunately, there is one problem: all over there world there does not exist an uncut version. You can rather point out 2 different cuts. The German version misses out on several plot poins as well as brawling; additionally it offers alternative footage every now and then.
On the other hand there's the Italian/internatinal version which was also released in the USA and Denmark. If you can, stay away from this version. While the German version already misses out on roughly 7 and half minutes of footage (30 cuts), the Italian/international version includes 105 cuts with an overall runtime of 18 minutes of missing footage!
Even though there does not exist an uncut version this shouldn't keep you from watching it anyways - it's really good. If you're able to speak/understand German - stick to the German cut. Otherwise you can at least use this report to extend your knowledge about the missing footage.

Alternative footage was ignored for the specification of the overall difference in time.

This is a comparison between the German DVD / VHS version and the Italian DVD released by Medusa.
Right at the beginning of the movie (before you see the plane) the German version is missing out on a shot of a tropical area near a river.
7.4 sec.

The scene where Spencer / Hill are shown during the credits (they drive through the city) was shortened for the German version. The Italiagn version you hear the whole title song and their car ride through the town is longer - they even leave the town and drive through the area nearby.
33.56 sec.

Again, the car ride was shortened - the German version misses out on a shot of a roof.
5.88 sec.

The girl that effusively greets Bud is shown earlier in the Italian version - she welds something.
2.04 sec.

The old man makes an elegant shot during the billiard game. When Bud wants to shoot the ball, Hill says something to him which makes Bud drop the billiard cue and leave the table. In return, the Italian version misses out on the rest of the billiard match.
28.4 sec.

Alternative shot when Hill rides with the motor bike after the billiard game. Overall, the Italian version is longer.

Italian Version: 18.6 sec.
German Version: 6.68 sec.
Difference: 11.92 sec.

When Hill asks the 2 men to strike Bud's name off the passenger list, the men do not carry a pen with them. Hill gives them a pen but Bud grabs it and throws it on the floor - he wants to take the flight. Cut to Hill and Spencer inside the plane - the 2 men give them a hand signal to tell them that they can leave.
10.36 sec.

Spencer's / Hill's plane slowly starts to move on the runway.
11.8 sec.

2 men carry a corpse over a narrow bridge.
5.72 sec.

The man (who moments a go nagged) attacks Hill with a knife. The latter is able to dodge the attack and then hits the attacker in the face.
2.76 sec.

After Hill / Spencer escaped to the city, you don't immediately see Hill on the phone. The Italian version at first shows the phone ringing and the waitress answers it. Then she calls the name of the person the caller wants to speak to - Hill gets up and grabs the receiver.
18.28 sec.

An iceman puts the ice into an ice-cream cone. Subsequently he puts some strawberry sauce on it and hands the cone over to Hill who leaves the scene.
13.88 sec.

Hill and Spencer walk along a street with the old man who wants to sell them his plane - they walk towards his cabin.
9.64 sec.

Spencer / Hill follow the (now pilotless) plane a little longer. A boy horse carriage watches this and laughs.
35.32 sec.

The man who watched Spencer / Hill unloading their plane looks through his binoculars again after spotting the numerous men who walk towards the plane. Then he sees Spencer / Hill giving some beer to them - they immediately start drinking it.
9.08 sec.

During nighttime, Bud is sitting at the campfire and uses a machete to sharpen a stick. The German version instead shows a (shorter) shot of the bushes and a longer shot of Bud sitting around.
German Version: 4.64 sec.
Italian Version: 9.88 sec.
Difference: 5.24 sec.

Bud accompanies the old man a little longer after the latter startled him.
4.04 sec.

Bud and the old man are shown in the latter's cabin a little longer. The old man passes Bud and cooks something.
4.16 sec.

The old man hands some food to his dog before giving Bud something to drink.
14.04 sec.

The main villain's (Mr. Ears) footmen beat up a miner to find out why the men do not buy at their shop anymore. In the end, the miner finally starts explaining everything.
Then follows a cut to 2 kids carrying a bucket full of water up some stairs. Then they pour it over Hill who uses this method to shower. Meanwhile he talks to a waitress. Then he takes a towel, thanks the boys and leaves the "shower". He enters a room and immediately comes back out on the other side, completely dressed with a suit. He lustily looks at the waitress who serves a table. Then he suddenly sees Bud who pays his bill - Hill turns around. Then the German version continues.
106.56 sec.

The dancing African-Americans are shown slightly longer. Then follows a cut to a few men driving along a streat at night. They pass a plane (which you can clearly see when their headlights illuminate it). Only the last few scenes (just before the car stops) were included in the German version.
14.52 sec.

Spencer gets up after handing the moneybag over to Hill. He warns him that he should better not lose any money.
1.96 sec.

The plane is covered by a blanket and stands around in the dry desert. The camera pans to the right where we see Hill feeding the old man's dog. Then Hill sits down next to the old man and they have little talk. Hill drinks a beer. Suddenly, he realizes that the bottle is empty, so he gets up to grab a new one.
NOTE: In the German version, Hill also has a little drink with the old man at the bar. However, the German version misses out on Hill drinking his first beer. In return, we in the Italian version do not see him grabbing a second beer (which he then also drinks).
25.92 sec.

A part of the brawl with Mr. Ears' men was cut out. You miss out on a few hits in the face and one of the bad guys is thrown through a closet door.
12.04 sec.

Another part of the brawl was cut out: Bud and the tall guy hit each other several times. Hill is hit by his enemie's side of the hand.
19.6 sec.

The old man is shown a little longer after Spencer / Hill suggested that he should come with them to San Salvador.
1.28 sec.

During the flight, Hill / Spencer discuss a little longer whether or not it was a good idea to take the old guy with them.
8.08 sec.

The titivated man explains how to fulfill the formalities of diamond digging a little further.
12.48 sec.

The corrupt bureaucrat (who didn't want to allow Hill / Spencer to legally go diamond digging) is shown longer when he looks out of the window.
0.76 sec.

A part of the pursuit (the police officers follow Bud) was cut out.
28.48 sec.

Buddy approaches the crashed plane a little longer (Hill is still inside of it). Then there's a cut to Hill with his face on the plane's control panel.
5.52 sec.

Hill and Bud fight a little longer in front of the nice panorama-background.
2 sec.