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original title: Mangiati vivi!


  • BBFC 18
  • Austria DVD
Release: Mar 14, 2011 - Author: magiccop - Translator: klepp - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the British VHS released by VIPCO (BBFC 18) and the Austrian DVD released by XT Video

With "Eaten Alive!" Umberto Lenzi created one of the less enjoyable entries in the short-dated genre of cannibal films. This is not only due to the absurd story about a sect in the jungle, but especially to the fact that Lenzi "borrowed" many scenes and some music from other cannibal films. We have the disgusting animal-killings from La montagna del dio cannibale and Lenzi's own Mondo Cannibale, such as the scene of Me Me Lai being cut open and gutted from Mondo Cannibale 2.
Additionally, the film does not create any suspense. And let's not even talk about the actors. Only Ivan Rassimov does a rather good job.

Scenes of animals being killed in front of a camera aren't exactly popular in Britain, so there hasn't been an uncut release to this very day. And at least the VIPCO VHS version (another British version has not been found for comparison) contains different takes in some scenes.

The starting times refer to the VIPCO version

VIPCO version = 81:40 min.
XT version = 88:42 min.

Additional to the listed scenes, both versions lack some smaller scenes, which can be traced back to master errors and footage tears, so these changes have not been mentioned in the report
21:33 Cut, a native cutting a crocodile's (or an alligator's?) neck with a knife and then slitting its stomach. The poor animal squirms and old man Willis is watching.
23 sec.

23:50 When Mark and Sheila travel down the river with the canoe the VIPCO version lacks the scenes of a monkey being killed by a constrictor snake. Mark and Sheila watch it.
46 sec.

29:22 We see a cannibal chewing on a separated arm. The camera travels back and we see the woman the arm used to belong to lying on the ground such as further cannibals eating.
8 sec.

29:25 Eating cannibal + corpse.
2 sec.

29:27 A piece of breast is being taken off the dead woman and eaten.
3 sec.

38:52 Here, the two versions use different takes. In the VIPCO version the camera moves away from Jonas and we see Mowara (Me Me Lai) being stripped a little.
8 sec.

VIPCO version

In the XT version we see Jonas, as well. But there is a cut to another shot showing Mowara, now completely naked, getting on the altar and lying down.
21.5 sec.

XT version

39:00 Alternative shot. No time difference.

VIPCO version

XT version

39:14 When Mowara is being copulated by the three men the VIPCO version chooses to show this a little less explicit.
VIPCO = 35.5 sec.
XT = 56 sec.

VIPCO version

XT version

42:23 The entire scene of a mongoose fighting a snake is missing. We also see Sheila, Mark and Diana quietly talking about vanishing as fast as possible.
53 sec.

48:18 In the VIPCO version Sheila is put on the bed fully dressed.
8 sec.

VIPCO version

In the XT version she gets stripped first.
18 sec.

XT version

48:39 Again, alternative shots have been used. In the VIPCO version Jonas goes to Sheila (she is dressed), sits down next to her, caresses her face but does not hurt her.
38 sec.

VIPCO version

In the XT version Jonas grabs a wooden dildo and dips it into the snake blood. Then he goes to Sheila (here, she is naked) and inserts it forcefully.
36 sec.

XT version

52:27 A cannibal gets emasculated and a stick is drilled into his stomach.
9.5 sec.

60:02 Cut, an iguana getting its stomach slit and cut to Mowara.
18.5 sec.

60:09 The animal gets its stomach torn open and it gets skinned.
5.5 sec.

60:10 Mowara loads stuff in the canoe. Then scenes of the natives eating the iguana's inwards.
11 sec.

65:36 Scenes of a snake attacking a raptor are missing.
15.5 sec.

69:13 More of Mark running through the jungle shouting for Sheila. We see her, as well.
19.5 sec.

69:37 Karim tears Diana's clothes off her body.
3.5 sec.

69:39 He undresses Diana completely and smacks her. Then he starts removing his belt. Diana begs for mercy.
8 sec.

69:42 Karim goes behind Diana and starts raping her. Cuts to Mowara and other natives.
18 sec.

69:50 The camera pans to Karim and Diana.
2.5 sec.

69:53 Shot of the two.
1.5 sec.

69:55 The camera pans from Karim's face to Diana's.
2.5 sec.

71:19 A native gets his ear cut off and eaten.
11 sec.

71:26 Diana gets a breast cut off and joyfully eaten. Mowara gets a piece of meat cut out of her neck. Then a shot of the mutilated bodies of the two women. The cannibals keep eating. Eventually, it ends with Diana being killed with a spear. In between we keep seeing inserts of Mark and Sheila running through the jungle.
87 sec.

71:41 The cannibals pierce Mowara with their spears. Her separated head is thrown in the fire and her stomach is cut open long ways. Her inwards are being pulled out and her chest is pushed open with bamboo poles.
36.5 sec.