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original title: Tian shi xing dong


  • HK DVD
  • NL VHS
Release: Jun 20, 2010 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Gladion - external link: IMDB
The cut HK-DVD by Mei Ah has been compared to the uncut NL VHS by Hammerschmitt Movies

- HK-DVD: 91:53 min w/o credits (92:55 min w/ credits) in NTSC
=> equals 88:07 min w/o credits (89:06 min w/ credits) in PAL

- NL VHS: 87:42 min w/o credits (88:44 min w/ credits) in PAL

1 cut at 2.3 sec

The rest of the runtime difference results from alternate logos/credits and several master errors in both versions which are always below 0.5 sec and were not considered in this report for clarity reasons.

Little words here about this movie - a must-have for any fan of well-crafted Hongkong-action.
The easiest available altnerative for any consumer should be the HK-DVD by Mei Ah, if only because there are little other DVD-releases at all.
Unfortunately, this version is not uncensored, though, one little cut was made in the final third of the movie. An exposed breast of the female villain was the thorn in the censors' sides.

If you can live happily with that, you're very well set with the otherwise excellent HK-DVD. With the exception of the HK-laserdisc, the uncensored version was only released on heavily zoomed VHS-tapes such as the Dutch one that was at hand for this report, which surely ruins the fun a little. See the opening-credits image comparison at the beginning of the report.

Runtime designations relate to the cut HK-DVD
Logos / Opening credits

The NL-version features the atlas-logo in the beginning (14 sec).

The HK-DVD first shows a logo of Molesworth Limited (16 sec), then some opening credits on black background (23 sec).

HK-DVD 25.3 sec longer

Opening credits

Alternate credits with same footage.
The screenshots also show very nicely how far the NL-version is zoomed-in and how much of the upper and lower part of the image has been cut away.



Original title vs export-title:



Madame Yeoung is shown about half a second longer, then you see her opening the zipper of her top.
Cut to downwards looking Commander Fong, subsequently Yeoung's exposed breast is shown.

On the other hand the HK-version does contain Fong looking there perplexedly and Yeoung closing the zipper rapidly to attack (without her breast being exposed). Without said scene it surely is hard to tell why Fong had been distracted in the first place.

2.3 sec


The ending credits differ as well because different masters had been used.