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Cursed Films

Split Second

Girl Blood Sport

Day, The


  • R-Rated
  • German DVD
Release: Nov 07, 2013 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the R-Rated DVD by Anchor Bay and the uncut German DVD by Splendid Film.

There are 25 differences with a total length of 5 minutes and 52.5 seconds:

22 cuts = 5 minutes and 25.5 seconds.
3 alternate scenes = + 27 seconds in the Uncut Version.

Pretty exhausted and almost out of ammo, five survivors move around a destroyed dead zone. The gloomy looking world around them is dying. Searching for useful leftovers of the extinct civilization, an incident forces them to seek sanctuary in an abandoned house on a farm. When they find a stash of supplies, they aren't happy about it for long. A bloodthirsty group of bandits from the neighboring woods is already on the way over. And all they have in mind is stilling their hunger, too. Except they are not after the supplies. A relentless fight to the death begins.

The US R-Rated Version contains some cuts and alternate footage during the first 30 minutes. Basically, the missing footage isn't important and it doesn't have any influence on the following order of events either.
0 Min
Different logos.
R-Rated: 36 sec
Uncut: 14 sec

0 Min
Shot of the complex. After a while, a car approaches from the distance.
16.5 sec

0 Min
Adam's daughter Ava is drawing in the car. Next to her the head of a doll. Then a shot of the car's taillights.
4 sec

0 Min
Adam enters the abandoned house and looks around. The scene is interrupted by short flashbacks of Adam talking to his family. Then he gets out of the car while they stay in the car and wait for him. While Adam keeps searching the house, someone approaches his car, drags his wife Nikki out of the car and attacks her on the ground. She tries to fight him off. Adam notices her screams and rushes out. When he's arrived at his partly destroyed car, his entire family has vanished into thin air. He looks around for them but he can't spot them.
48 sec

1 Min
Additional shot of the group walking down the street.
15 sec

2 Min
Extended shot of the group on the tracks. Furthermore, the following tracking shot is longer.
19 sec

2 Min
Extended shot of the sidewalk. The camera zooms in on the group and with that, the R-Rated Version is back in the game.
1.5 sec

2 Min
Adam asks Mary how shw was doing. She says she was alright and wants to know from David how he was doing. He responds he was fine, too.
9 sec

3 Min
Adam follows the group plus a smooth transition to the following scene.
3 sec

4 Min
The group on the way to the house. Rick approaches the front door and stops in front of it with his weapon drawn while Mary is standing next to him. She's armed as well. Rick reaches for the door handle.
27 sec

7 Min
They are exploring the house and the property it's surrounded by with caution.
25 sec

8 Min
After Adam opened the door to the basement, he tells Mary they better gamble for who goes first. David taps in his first a few times. Then Mary tells him to give her his flashlight. She also says that in the R-Rated Version but from a different angle.
R-Rated: 7 sec
Uncut: 9.5 sec

9 Min
Tracking shot of Edward from bottom to top while he's looking out of the window.
8 sec

10 Min
Henson makes a little joke. He asks when Rick had become gay.
3 sec

11 Min
After Rick said they needed to find some food under any circumstances, Shannon adds it was necessary because they just could eat Henson which would be a real feast. She bows down and says she was going to grill his chubby cheeks first. Henson starts coughing, then cut to Mary. She's cleaning her shotgun. Shannon also wants to know from Henson what he thought about that.
8 sec

11 Min
Longer shot of Mary, the cut to Henson and Shannon. Henson calls her stupid cow because of her previous comments abuot him. Shannon explains she was just kidding. Then a shot of the window, the camera zooms in on it. The shot of the window is shorter in the R-Rated Version.
10.5 sec

12 Min
Shannon approaches a bunch of dolls and takes a closer look. In the mouth of one of the dolls, she finds a tooth wrapped in cloth. First, she holds it in her hand in order to look at it. After a little while, she gets rid of it. Then she covers one of the dolls with a blanket.
36.5 sec

15 Min
Extended shot of Rick and Shannon. They are sitting under the leaking roof without wearing any clothes at all; physical contact included.
19 sec

15 Min
Some more missing shots of them under the leaking roof.
16 sec

16 Min
Several flashbacks of Adam's family being attacked in the car by strangers while he's looking around inside the house. Different footage in either of the versions plus the R-Rated Version is much longer here.
R-Rated: 57 sec
Uncut: 5 sec



16 Min
Shot of Adam mumbles to himself at the table, Mary is watching him from the door. Then she enters the kitchen and searches the fridge. Adam says she wouldn't find aynthing in there but she finds a cup and rushes out. Adam is watching her leave. Outside, Mary pours something in the cup and drinks it. Then she looks at the landscape and takes out a match.
The R-Rated Version contains alternate footage again. Adam is mumbling to himself here, too. But the shot is much shorter than the one in the Uncut Version. Except for that, the shots are the same. Well, almost. She doesn't watch him mumble in the R-Rated.
R-Rated: 11.5 sec
Uncut: 86 sec

18 Min
Extended shot of Adam and Mary in front of the front door. He passes her the spliff and says it was about time they moved. He gets up and goes back inside. Mary stubs out the spliff and follows.
11 sec

20 Min
Adam looks at Henson lying coughing on the couch. Rick turns away from her, goes to the window and watches Mary and Shannon walking across the property.
15 sec

22 Min
After Rick called out for Henson in the basement because he wants him to get down there to take a look at something, the tracking shot of Henson lying on the couch plus his response that Rick had recently told him to stay on the couch to get some rest is missing. But Rick yells that Henson should get his ass down there asap.
9.5 sec

23 Min
Mary running in the woods.
16 sec

24 Min
Extended shot of Mary washing her piece of clothing in the creek.
5 sec