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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jan 20, 2010 - Author: Playzocker - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Comparison between Theatrical Cut and Director's Cut.
Difference running time 481.68 Sec (approx. 8 min), 9 scenes have been removed.
Running time Director's Cut incl. credits: 2:04.55 min.
Running time Theatrical Cut incl. credits: 1:55.50 min.
The chronometry of the Theatrical Cut begins when Emmerich's name pops up on the screen, the chronometry of the Director's Cut includes each logo at the beginning.

The remaining time difference is ineffable. There's a slightly difference when both version run simultaneously, presumably the Theatrical Cuts runs a wee-bit faster.
2.20 / 2.58
Right after the credits the first scene is completely different in both versions.
The Theatrical Cut begins with the digging in Gizeh, the Director's Cut shows the arrival of a Goa'Uld spaceship in the desert, dated 8000 BC. A member of a tribe watches the arrival, he's surrounded by a bright light. Then we see an old car driving, with the long shot to the Gizeh pyramids we see the scene the Theatrical Cut starts with.
76.24 sec

4.16 / 6.09
After having found the stargate, the Theatrical Cut switches to the present. The Director's Cut shows a further dialog scene. A guy tells the others to have a look at something, a second guy notes that there's something underneath it. The archeologist orders the little girl to stay there and adds that the other guys should be careful. The workers dig something out, the archeologist says that it's amazing and that it looked like some fossil.
38.04 sec

24.33 / 27.03
Jack greats a guard, signs the logbook and walks through the corridor. Someone opens a door for him. He keeps on walking and notices the fossil which was discovered in the last cut scene. Another man arrives. Jack asks him if he knew that, thanks to the fossil, everything would be more complicated. He replies that that's the reason why Jack's needed, that the gate to another world's opened and that they didn't know anything about it.
57.72 sec

44.24 / 48.09
Floretti talks to the base camp via transmitter, most of the conversation is out of all reason. We only hear some (more or less) unimportant stuff.
25.92 sec

47.43 / 51.54
After the camp's closed, a long sequence is missing. Jack says that they'd return at once. Jack and his team are fighting a huge amount of Abydoniens. Arrived at the gate, Jack takes the guards as hostages and shoots in the crowd. Kasuf arrives and tries to calm him down. Jack tells Daniel to come over. Kasuf disappears and Skaara tries to get his diplomatic status. He wants Jack to come with him, Jack follows. So does Daniel but Jack orders him to stay. Arrived at the swing bridge, Skaara shows Jack a sandstorm coming closer. A soldier wants to know what's up, Jack tells him about the sandstorm. The soldier sets the hostage free, somebody mumbles that that'd be a perfect reason to kill all the hostages. Jack orders to rest till the storm's over. Daniel speaks to Kasuf in his native language, the soldier excuses for what he did.
100.96 sec

53.57 / 59.49
The soldier explains that he was based in the Middle East but nevertheless he'd never seen such a storm in his entire life. The other man agrees. Another soldier seems to be confused. He aks why they didn't activate the gate on their own. The man adds that it couldn't be that tough. The soldier replies that the order might be wrong and due to that, the space's vaccum could be materialized. He asks if they knew how many combinations exist. The man wants to know but the soldier tells him to shut up.
28.16 sec

1:18.41 / 1:25.02
Daniel follows the boy and pets his cat. Then the queen gets dressed. Daniel keeps on going and can see the queen getting dressed.
48.76 sec

1:23.42 / 1:31.31
Theatrical Cut: Ra stands up, then an earlier scene is repeated (long shot to the battle, 2 weaponries hit the ground). -> 5 sec
Director's Cut: SG-1 tries to escape with one of the camel-lookalike animals, somebody tries to shoot the guys. Skaara shoots up but that doesn't stop Jaffa. Dissolve. It's night und some guys of SG-1 are still in the desert. They walk just behind the animal to protect themselves. Daniel slumps, Jack helps him. Abydonier arrive, attracted by a screaming animal, and support Jack and Daniel. -> 93.4 sec
88.4 sec

1:26.32 / 1:35.49
The animals get fed.
12.48 sec