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Blue Balloon, The


  • US DVD
  • US Blu-ray (The Sinful Dwarf Bonus)
Release: Oct 09, 2016 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US DVD by After Hours Cinema and the US Blu-ray by Severin Films ("The Sinful Dwarf" bonus feature)

- 18 differences
- Length difference: 1108.3 sec (= 18:28 min)

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 1 sec. In order to keep it simple, those will not be mentioned in the following comparison.

In the earl 70s, The Blue Balloon was shot in Denmark. Nowadays, it is probably of interest because the producers of the mean exploitation classic The Sinful Dwarf were allegedly involved in The Blue Balloon and one of the actors is also in both movies. Either way, The Blue Balloon is about a girl in love who gets drugged by an elderly woman and gang-raped. It is similar to the Swedish flick Thriller but without the revenge part and with more hardcore footage.

Years ago, the film was released on DVD in the US - as part of a "Grindhouse Hostage" collection. Now, it is also available as bonus feature of the very recommendable Blu-ray premier of The Sinful Dwarf. For that release, a new 16mm print was found, scanned and added as bonus feature on the Blu-ray of The Sinful Dwarf. Interestingly enough, the version on said Blu-ray is 18.5 minutes longer than the old US DVD. Reasons enough to take a closer look. But let me just say: The version on the Blu-ray is not 100& uncut either. On the contrary, there are a few scenes that contain additional shots on DVD.

Especially the beginning was really bad on DVD resp. not available at all: The entire first 15 minutes are completely missing and shortly afterwards, there are 4 more missing minutes which also explains most of the length difference. Basically, the footage is not worth mentioning but it is quite astonishing: While the US DVD contains all the footage containing sex/rape, the introduction of Cindy and her lover Kevin is missing. There are a few hardcore scenes in the intro but basically, the footage is rather harmless. Thanks to the intro, the dramaturgy of the Blu-ray is better. During the ongoing film, there are minor cuts in both versions.

Time index refers to
US DVD / US Blu-ray
00:00-00:07 / 00:00-15:30

The Blu-ray contains an introductory text box with summarized background information.

Then a longer opening and the party gets started. Several girls are whispering about some guy nearby being interesting. Subsequently, one of the girls (Cindy) and the guy (who is going to introduce himself as Kevin later on) get closer. He explains he needed to go back to the army soon and he intended to make the best of the remaining time for that reason.
Apparently, they have good chemistry: Being outside, they go for a little stroll, drive around with a paddleboat and the eponymous blue balloon (of which the DVD version lacks any kind of connection) goes up in the air. Kevin asks what she had wished for when the balloon went up in the air. She ums and errs a little, then they kiss again. Also, there are intercuts that shows Pauline watching them with binoculars. During those intercuts, the music changes from harmonic to suspenseful.

Now Kevin and Cindy earlier in the meadow: He tries to get close to her but Cindy fights him off a little. But when he gets out a marriage proposal written on a note, she can't resist anymore and they continue kissing. Cindy now lets him play with her breasts some more. In between, Pauline again. She is playing with herself plus there are several close-ups of Cindys face. Finally, Kevin gets to pull down her panties and after some groping in the genital area, they are having sex.

The old US DVD stars with a title card with the blue balloon going up in the air in the background. There is a reference regarding the restauration as well. Then Kevin and Cindy kissing in the meadow.

Blu-ray 922.5 sec (= 15:23 min) longer

01:06-01:07 / 16:29-20:21

The close-up is much longer on Blu-ray. Cindy moans and licks Kevin's ears. At some point, she climaxes. This scene contains some HC close-up and one can see Kevin ejaculate on her belly as well. Then they kiss again.

Subsequently, there is another scene with them in public. They bill and coo and a picture of them in front of a cardboard standup is being taken - before they then get actually married. Pauline is watching them again.

The old US DVD contains a litte nature shot instead and with the sideway shot of the car, the versions are back in sync.

Blu-ray 230.9 sec (= 3:51 min) longer

01:52 / 21:06-21:09

Kevin and Cindy at the mall a bit earlier.

3 sec

03:59 / 23:16-23:18

A frontal shot of the car starts a little earlier.

2.5 sec

08:31-08:36 / 27:50-27:51

After Pauline picks up the phone handset, the US DVD contains an additional shot. On Blu-ray, the subsequent shot starts a few frames earlier (no screenshots).

US DVD 4.5 sec longer

12:53 / 32:07-32:15

The guy longer, then Cindy screaming out. The guy encourages her to zip it and puts his hand on her mouth.

7.1 sec

14:38 / 34:00-34:02

Jump-cut during a medium long shot.

1.8 sec

Several minor jump-cuts during the 19th minute. All in all, those jump-cuts are the reason for a length difference of a few seconds.

24:41 / 44:08-44:11

More penetration via close-up. Not really an issue though due to the 70s beaver style.

2.9 sec

28:07-28:27 / 47:35

Beforehand, there were minor cuts due to a bad Blu-ray master. Here however, a longer scene is missing: There is more oral sex with an intercut to Pauline getting a camera.

US DVD 19.7 sec longer

28:31-28:35 / 47:39-47:40

Pauline a little longer. During the subsequent shot of Cindy with a spliff, the Blu-ray is also shorter.

US DVD 3.3 sec longer

28:41-28:47 / 47:46-47:48

Same goes for the end of the shot and also for the transition to the following shot of Pauline.

US DVD 3.4 sec longer

29:10-29:21 / 48:10-48:14

Here are several jump-cuts on Blu-ray.

US DVD 8.8 sec longer

Shortly afterwards, there are more jump-cuts. Only this time, there are jump-cuts in both versions at a different time. All in all, there is almost no length difference.

30:09-30:16 / 49:01

After fading to black, the screen stays black on the US DVD and as before, there is an additional insert as well.

US DVD 6.8 sec longer

38:42-38:49 / 57:27-57:28

While the shot of Cindy on the bed is a few insignificant frames longer on Blu-ray (no screenshots), the US DVD contains an additional night shot. Also, there are smooth transitions on the US DVD.

US DVD 6.6 sec longer

43:45-43:48 / 62:23

A few minor jump-cuts at the beginning of the sex scene. But here, the Blu-ray contains a longer one in the middle of the cowgirl position.

US DVD 2.6 sec longer

44:53-45:01 / 63:28

On the US DVD, the pan shot to the right is longer.

US DVD 7.9 sec longer

48:34 / 67:02-67:11

Jump-cut: The shot of drunken Kevin weaving in Cindy's direction is longer.

9.3 sec

At the very end, only the US DVD contains a tracking shot of the city. The End.

+ 7.9 sec

Last but not least, a little screenshot comparison. Probably the master of the old US DVD contains hardcoded subtitles, it is extremly zoomed in despite the same aspect ratio. Another explanation would be that it has been altered to present the movie in widescreen. Eithe way, it is pretty suspicious that the most is missing at the bottom.

US DVDUS Blu-ray