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  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Aug 21, 2009 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the theatrical version DVD and the Director's Cut DVD which was released in 2002.

In my opinion, the newly inserted scenes of the Director's Cut are plausible and an enrichment for the movie. Salierli's commencing madness and his fixation to God and faith are much more authentic in the Director's Cut.

Run time of the german DVD (Theatrical Version): 2:33:27 Min. (including credits) [PAL!]
Run time of the german DVD (Director's Cut): 2:52:59 Min. (including credits) [PAL!]

Cut scenes: 13
Alternative scenes: 2
Run time of the cutted scenes: 1130 sec.
00:14 min.
The Theatrical Version begins with the Orion Logo, while the Director's Cut begins with the Warner Bros. Logo.
0 sec.

Antonio Salieri's (F. Murray Abraham) conversation with Father Vogler (Richard Frank) about his first meeting with Mozart is shown longer. Aside from that, a take of Emperor Joseph II (Jeffrey Jones) is missing, who inquires after Mozart.
12 sec.

45:36 min.
Miss Weber (Barbara Bryne), Mozart's landlady and future mother-in-law, still lies on the floor of the stage, unconscious. Constanze's (Elizabeth Berridge) daughter fans some air to the old lady and tells Mozart to get some water. Mozart (Tom Hulce) goes to a mute and grabs a bucket. He comes back to Miss Weber and tips the water out of the bucket into her face. In the next scene, Salieri enters Katerina Cavalieri's (Christine Ebersole) dressing room. She asks him, if he knew about Mozart's and Constanze's wedding plans. Salieri asks her why he should know that. Now she asks if he liked her singing and the music. He affirms it. Without knocking on the door, Mozart gatecrashs the meeting. He realizes, that Katerina is not alone and begs pardon. In a snide tone, Katerina asks if his "landlady" would still lie on the floor. Salieri takes the opportunity to congratulate Mozart on his opera. Mozart joyfully asks, if Salieri really liked it. While Mozart compliments himself, Katerina gets help in putting on a new headdress and suddenly says that Constanze presumably is very good in bed; Mozart and Salieri suddenly both pay attention to her. She then says that Constanze's sexual "skills" are probably the only reason for Mozart to marry her. Now somebody is knocking on the door and Katerina invites the person (Constanze) in. Constanze tells Mozart, that her mother is not feeling well and asks him to be allowed to go home. Katerina protests and in bad faith asks to be introduced. Salieri now finally realizes, that his secret love (Katerina) probably had an affair with Mozart.
122 sec.

47:53 min.
Salieri's conversation with Father Vogler about god's plans is shown longer. Father Vogler has nothing to respond and therefore just listens.
28 sec.

48:36 min.
The scene jumps back to the young Salieri. He prays to god and asks him to send Mozart back to Salzburg.
26 sec.

52:50 min.
After Mozart refuses to present his work and to give lessons to the emperor's niece (Sissi), Constanze feels that her financial future might be threatened. Mozart calms her down.
Salieri gives lessons to a pupil and gets interrupted by a servant. He prematurely finishes the lesson to be able to receive his visit.
80 sec.

01:00:05 min.
Constanze asks Salieri, if he would help them. He responds that he and the emperor will have dinner tomorrow and that he thinks that he only needs one word to get the employment for Mozart.
Constanze thanks him, but he demands a reward - she should visit him again this night. When she asks why, he admits that he will only help them if she has sex with him.
55 sec.

01:01:05 min.
Constanze looks towards the door, obviously shocked. The "old" Salieri talks to the priest about god's disgrace again. Then we see the "young" Salieri again, kneeing in front of his clavichord, praying.
There is a knock on the door that interrupts Salieri's prayer. The servant announces Constanze. Salieri goes in the next room where Constanze is already waiting for him. She tells him that her husband went to a concert which she would dislike. She then asks him, if they would leave or rather stay and whether or not he wants to see Mozart's work again. Salieri is speechless. She simply throws Mozart's papers on the floor. Salieri is totally flummoxed. Constanze begins to undress. Salieri calls for his servant who then enters the room; Constanze looks at Salieri who tells his servant to walk her out. He casts a last disgusted glance at Constanze, who returns the look. She then picks up a candleholder and throws it at the door which Salieri took when he left the room. Mozart returns home. Constanze lies on the bed, crying. When Mozart asks her why, she turns to him, gives him a hug, and says that she loves him.
274 sec.

01:06:17 min.
Salieri and the emperor have dinner. He wants to defile Mozart's reputation and claims that Mozart molests young girls during music lessons. Salieri returns home and his Servant tells him that Mozart is around and waits for him. Mozart is unaware of the fact that Salieri schemes an intrigue against him. They talk about who will be the future music teacher of the emperor's niece. Salieri even jokes about the topic to which Mozart responds with his strange laugh. Mozart then asks Salieri to find some pupils for him, because he otherwise won't earn any money.
He says that his concerts are always very successful, but nobody is willing to pay him for giving music lessons. He also asks Salieri for a loan of money. But Salieri hedges the request and just asks for some information about Mozart's newest project; but Mozart keeps his secret. Salieri recommends a man, whose daughter could take some music lessons. Mozart is received by Michael Schlumberg (Kenneth McMillan) and his dogs. The parents, Miss Schlumberg (Rita Zohar) and Mr. Schlumberg, the dogs, Mozart and the daughter, Gertrude Schlumberg (Cassie Stuart) go into the music room. The parents want to listen to their daughter's first lesson, since it is the first music lesson she ever had. Unfortunately, she is very shy and does not play, even though the parents pressure her to do so. Mozart suggests that the parents should leave the room. When they refuse to do so, he suggests to play so that the daughter might lose her shyness. When Mozart begins to play, one of the dogs immediately starts to bark. The father appologizes. Mozart goes on but the father is rather concerned with the dogs. Mozart is upset, stops playing, and leaves the house with an impudent remark. He also takes the bottle of wine from the servant's tablet with him.
342 sec.

01:13:59 min.
Mozart welcomes his father Leopold (Roy Dotrice), seen in a close up shot.
11 sec.

01:22:08 min.
The audience's amusement about Mozarts parody of Salieri is shown longer.
3 sec.

Alternative scene 01:08:33 min.
On the Theatrical Version's DVD we see Mozart's father following his daughter-in-law. He's coverd by a column in the room and the camera pans to the right to get him back in the shot. There, the argument between father and "daugther" continues. Depressed, Mozart goes into the billards room to continue his composition.
13 sec.

01:25:35 min.
In the Director's Cut, Mozart's father leaves the frame on the left side. The camera keeps showing the door through which Mozart now enters the room to continue listening to the argument which can only be heard from off-stage. The scene is followed by a cut to the maid who is waiting in front of the door. She listens to the argument from the outside. When Constanze all of a sudden opens the door, the maid almost falls into the apartment. She's asked when she could start working and she responds that she could start right now, obviously flummoxed.
16 sec.

Alternative scene 01:08:51 min.
On the Theatrical Version's DVD, Mozart closes the door of his billards room. Then he walks toward the table, puts his handkerchief to the side, and starts to write. While writing, he again and again lets one of the billard balls roll over the table.
16 sec.

01:25:54 min.
In the Director's Cut he only closes the door; then follows a cut to the image of billard balls and some sheets of music. The scene here can be seen from a different angle. The camera zooms back in a different turn.
23 sec.

02:07:36 min.
Salieri talks to Baron Van Swieten (Jonathan Moore) about Mozart's financial circumstances. Mozart visits Mr. Schlumberg once more, obviously drunk. He asks Mr. Schlumberg if he could hold music lessons to his daughter or his wife. Mr. Schlumberg refuses that. Mozart then asks for a loan of money which again is refused by Mr. Schlumberg. Without saying anything else, Schlumberg turns away and waves his hand to tell his maid, that she should show Mozart the door. He shouts "Please!" and then leaves the apartment, tottering. While leaving, he stumbles against the doorframe.
138 sec.