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Cruis'n USA

original title: Cruisn USA


Nintendo 64
Region: USA/Europe

Arcade Version
Region: USA/Europe

Release: Nov 26, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123

During the boom of the 90's homeconsole era, Nintendo had already announced their followup to the Super Nintendo for a while. At about the same time, Midway released the Arcade game "Cruis'n USA", using the newly developed "Ultra-64"-Nintendo chip. The Arcade was typically styled like a car seat. Thanks to the good graphicy and the fast implementation of objects coming your way, the fans were stoked and could not wait for Nintendo's new home console. However, the final release of the Nintendo64 was not as great a success as expected. The reasons for this are not to be discussed here, however, one of the first games for the console was the already known CRUISN USA. However, not only are the graphics obviously worse, but there are other noticeable alterations throughout the game itself.
The "pit babe" holding the trophy at the end of every race (if you finish it first that is) wears more clothes, there are no more animals, and the visist of the White House no longer includes the jacuzzi car.
The first difference one will immediately notice is that the woman holding the trophy wears more clothes. In the original she just wears a pink bikini and thus shows more skin than in the Nintendo64 Version where she wears a grey shirt with the Cruis'n USA logo on it. In order to be able to fully enjoy this difference, we included it as an animated gif. Also, the gearshift was renamed. In the Arcade Version it is called "XL Powershaft" which might hafe sounded a little too raunchy for home consoles. Thus they dropped the "shaft".
N64 VersionArcade Version

During the first race you can see a large billboard at the side of the road that advertises breakfast cereals. The boards include a double-barred slogan "Gotta have my Pops!" which was taken out of the N64-Version. At first, one might think that this was done in order not to strain the graphics processor any further and instead focus on the "necessary effort" of the game's graphics. However, other billboards that can be found on the side of the road (such as ads for Nintendo) clearly show that this is not just a coincidence.
N64 VersionArcade Version

During later races such as IOWA and others there are some animals that serve as obsitcles when they walk over the street. Sometimes there is some deer, sometimes cows. Whenever you hit them with your car, they explode into bloody pieses and immensly slow your car down. These animals were entirely taken out of the N64 Version so that you can no longer hit them.
Tiere auf der Fahrbahn sind nur in der Arcade Version

During the final race through Washington you drive through a tunnel. In the Original Version you can a face on the bills on the wall (might be Hillary Clinton) that smokes a cigar. This seemed to be too much for the home porting, thus the faces were switched for a more inconspicuous face without a cigar.
N64 VersionArcade Version

After the entire race through the states you end up in Washington DC. On the roof of the White House you have your victory celebration. In the Arcade Version you can see Bill Clinton in a whirlpool with half-naked women, waiting for the player to join in. The N64 Version instead shows your car on a pedestal. Also, the pointer to politcal satire that was shown beforehand was taken out.
N64 VersionArcade Version