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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Extended Cut
Release: Jul 14, 2008 - Author: Herr Koemmlich - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the PG-13-DVD and the Unrated Extended Cut.

From the prudish USA come 7 additional minutes of "never-before-seen scenes regarding adult context". However, this is the official product description of the US-DVD - or how to turn a PG-13-Rated movie into an R-Rated-movie.
Runtime Unrated Special Edition 1:47:24 Min. with end credits
Cut scenes: 18
Alternative scenes: 3
Runtime of cut scenes: 394 Sek.
23:22 Min.
Bridget Moynahan (as Rachel) and Izabella Miko (as Cammie)briefly dance briefly a little bit longer together. The view of their bottoms is missing. Rachel and Cammie again dance closely together. Rachel slaps Cammie´s butt.

4 Sec

Theatrical Version
The shot which shows Rachel and Cammie parting in their dance, filmed from beneath, is missing completely in the Unrated Cut.
0 Sec

23:32 Min.
Cammie is shown briefly longer dancing. We see a close-up of Rachel´s belly and the Coyote-belt buckle.
2 Sec

23:39 Min.
Now we see Cammie swinging her hips.
1 Sec

23:50 Min.
Cammie is dancing with her arms stretched upwards.
1 Sec

24:10 Min.
Rachel is swinging from a grid above the bar onto the burning counter.
1 Sec

Theatrical Version
Alternative shot 23:14 Min.
The theatrical version gives the impression that Cammie looks in the direction of Maria Bello (as Lil) and Piper Perabo (as Violet).
0 Sec

Alternative shot 24:16 Min.
In the unrated version she is just dancing.
0 Sec

24:37 Min.
Again, Cammie is swinging her bottom.
1 Sec

25:17 Min.
Cammie is approaching Tyra Banks (as Zoe) and Rachel, holding a bottle of beer in her hand. Continuity mistake No.1:In the long shot she receives the beer bottle only now from Zoe.
4 Sec

Theatrical Version
Alternative shot 24:24 Min.
Lili instructs Violet. Zoe is standing with her back to the customers and lets herself fall backwards to them. Continuity mistake No.2 Violet now stands alone at the tap and Lili is nowhere to be seen.
0 Sec

Alternative shot 25:39 Min.
In the Unrated Special Edition Cammie and Zoe continue to cheer on the customers.
0 Sec

Theatrical Version 24:29 Min.
Alternative shot
Zoe is being carried through the bar by the customers.
0 Sec

Alternative shot 24:40 Min.
Cammie goes on cheering.
0 Sec

27:20 Min.
Now it´s Zoe´s turn: she climbs on top of the counter and dances to the music. Cammie can be seen, too, but the attention is mainly on Zoe. Violet looks intimitaded in Zoe´s direction. At the end of her show Zoe lets herself fall down, being catched and carried through the bar by the customers.48 Sec

Theatrical Version
Alternative shot 29:10 Min.
John Goodman (as s Bill Sanford) has a telephone conversation with his daughter Violet. She just gets dressed. In the theatrical version he first asks her about the bar where she works. She answers he shouldn´t worry and wants to know what he is eating. He admits ironically that he is eating fast food.
Then he asks her how she gets ahead with her songwriting. Thats when she remembers that Adam Garcia (as Kevin O´Donnell) still has her demo tape.
19 Sec

Alternative shot 31:21 Min.
In the Unrated Special Edition Bill first talks about missing Violet and afterwards they talk about dinner and songwriting. Therefor different shot are shown. As Violet changes her clothes during the telephone conversation, she first takes off her shoes and then her jeans skirt. She briefly interrupts the conversation to get into her jeans which is somewhat difficult because they are very tight.
47 Sec

33:45 Min.
Cammie consults Violet on their shopping spree! Cammie holds a dress in front of her, looking into a mirror. Violet put on a tight leather dress. They both are standing in front of a mirror and confer.
14 Sec

34:07 Min.
A montage follows, showing Cammie and Violet trying different clothes.
12 Sec

34:22 Min.
Still we see the montage in the clothes shop.
12 Sec

34:38 Min.
Cammie und Violet are still shopping!
12 Sec

Theatrical Version
Alternative shot 54:33 Min.
Violet helps Kevin to take off his T-Shirt. They kiss and stumble over the cardboard figures.
6 Sec

Alternative shot 58:51 Min.
Violet seduces Kevin. She takes off his T-Shirt and he removes her shirt. They kiss. Then he wants to lift her. In doing so they both stagger and stumble over the cardboard figures of celebrities.
New scene. They both fall onto the bed. The continue to kiss and roll in bed; the game begins.
106 Sec

Theatrical Version
Alternative shot 57:27 Min.
This time a shorter montage. Violet sings her song.
12 Sec

01:03:28 Min.
In the Unrated Special Edition another montage follows. In the background we hear Violet singing.
12 Sec

01:03:55 Min.
The song in the montage ends and we find ourselves on a baseball field! From some of the following scenes the montage for the theatrical version was assembled.
Violet and Cammie sit on the bench and watch. It´s Rachel´s turn to be go to the home plate. Lili gives her instructions by show of hands how to strike. Jack McGee (as Earl) throws the ball, Rachel hits it and starts to run but doesn´t get far because the balls gets caught. Now it´s Cammie´s turn and she gets ready.
Earl suggests something which Lili refuses. Now Cammie distracts Earl by making him nervous. Cut, and Lili has won.
133 Sec

01:09:00 Min.
An additional shot gives Rachel more time to get her T-shirt wet.
1 Sec

01:09:04 Min.
Zoe also gets more time to get her shirt wet. They are all at it. Zoe pours a pitcher of water over Rachel´s blouse.
5 Sec

01:12:09 Min.
Some female customers are dancing on top of the counter.
15 Sec