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  • US Cable TV/R-Rated DVD
  • R-Rated VHS
Release: Jun 08, 2016 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB

Sleaze me, Baby!

First of all I will spare the description of contents, ok? Because no one will seriously expect that in a W.I.P. stunner something really new like a moving story of an innocent female prisoner including insights on her inner state is to discover. Hold on…do I see frustrated looking eyes or a questioning look? You, yeah you with the surprised looking face, did you really expect an ambitious story in a stylish production, did you? Listen carefully my friend you’re in the wrong movie!

Here in Sunnyville Correctional Center for Women, California, USA, everything take its usual course. The prison director always cherry-picks asses in his office furnished with a whirlpool, where he shoots private porn films with his camera. Finally yet a fix though’: "Why don’t you sniff like any other do?” The constantly horny guard Stone always makes it with good looking female prisoners but rather with violence and at all times for hard currency. And Boots, the masculine female sadist in league is allowed to watch if she’s not just steeping her riot stick into rebellious inmates. Chief warder Taylor with her lover Lester even work 2 gigs: On the one hand she rents out prisoners to solvent customers for sexual fantasies (the women get smuggled out and in through the sewer tunnels) and with Ericka‘s help she sustains the prison with any kind of drugs. Pooh, there’s a lot going on…but what for heaven’s sake are the prisoners actually doing? Yea, the usual: Naughty games in the shower, backcomb hair, bashing each other’s head in the dormitory or fondling boobies – subject to whim. And if a guard should carelessly show up inside the section he can be lucky getting out intact. That’s lifelike!

Well, you can see it gets never boring there. The audience too is delighted in numerous visual appeals of all shades and time flies. Director Lutz Schaarwaechter (assuming the pseudonym Paul Nicholas) and producer Ernst von Theumer delivered an entertaining flick considered as the best genre movie in fan quarters. Responsible for this top position is besides the action-packed realization the distinguished number of famous actors who do the honors here. On the prisoners side we see Linda Blair, Sybil Danning, Sharon Hughes and Tamara Dobson. The counterparts are John Vernon, Stella Stevens, Henry Silva und Robert Miano. This tasty stuff is topped off with the Playboy-Bunnies Monique Gabrielle and Marcia Karr. Very interesting! The export DVD Release (Mediawith Classics) is absolutely identical to the American R-Rated DVD (Third-Strike-Edition). There, CHAINED HEAT has been released together with JUNGLE WARRIORS and RED HEAT in a Triple-Pack. And also the image detail is reminiscent of typical US censorship:

Now it’s so that the old US VHS Tape indeed had the R-Rating. But the Americans used a strong censored Cable-TV Version for the DVD release what results in heavy head-shaking of the fan. This means that almost the complete obnoxious scenes have been removed. Compared has been the DVD from Mediawith Classics (Export Version) (identical to the US DVD from the Third-Strike-Edition, Cable-TV, labeled: R-Rated) with the US-Tape (Vestron, R-Rated), featuring the following differences. The images have been partly edited especially the images on DVD have been clinched for the same size for the comparison.

Finally some very interesting News for you: Apparently is the recently in the USA released DVD Box from Panic House NOT a Repack of the Third-Strike-Edition but they released a nearly Uncut Version. According to the previous named scene at the start where Susi gets hit in her back is also missing here.
0:00 Min.
The label of the production company is only shown on the US VHS tape.
( 22 sec. )

1:54 Min.
In the Pre-Title-Sequence where Susi gets shot the scene of the hit in her back is missing.
( 2 sec. )

12:13 Min.
Alternative material: When Debbie prepares the syringe to shoot up alternative frame material has been used in the R-Rated version. The syringe itself and the injection is not shown, but there is no running time difference.
Unrated Version:DVD:

13:56 Min.
Debbie runs into the taut cables in the corridor. The front view of her slashed throat as well as the ironic comments of two inmates is missing.
( 10.5 sec. )

15:55 Min.
A female prisoner is maltreated in a room while the waiting fellow inmates observing through the window from the adjoining room. The end of this scene where the female prisoner crashes her head into the pane and blood gushing from her mouth is missing.
( 3 sec. )

20:23 Min.
The black female prisoner is still getting slashed in an additional shot until she slumps bleeding tot he ground.
( 5.5 sec. )

28:41 Min.
Some impressions what happens in the shower are missing.
( 17.5 sec. )

28:51 Min.
Subsequently we’ve got again alternative frame material. The VHS tape shows a cuddly play of two women in the shower (about 3 seconds) while the DVD on the contrary shows a previously removed scene of innocent joking and again the shot of Carol (about 7 seconds). So the DVD runs a little longer at this point.
DVD +( 4 sec. )
Unrated Version:DVD:

34:13 Min.
After Carols visit at warden Bacman the beginning of a tracking shot through the dormitory is missing. The reason may be the female prisoner who hops into bed of an already naked fellow inmate. The DVD restarts at the point where the couple has disappeared in the left corner.
( 36 sec. )

34:34 Min.
When the tracking shot comes to its end at Carol the VHS shows again a shot of the couple. The DVD instead just shows the beginning of the previously removed tracking shot in the dormitory on Ericka. The running time difference is irrelevant.
Unrated Version:DVD:

37:38 Min.
The rape of the female prisoner by jail guard Stone has been completely removed. There is only a fractional amount of single frames as well as one counter cut on to Boots available on the DVD.
( 35 sec. )

45:45 Min.
Spider is put to death. The scene where the hook gets rammed through her throat as well as the counter cut is missing.
( 4 sec. )

50:32 Min.
Carol discovers Spider’s dead body. The DVD indeed fades down before the door gets open completely and the dead body can be seen in total.
( 6 sec. )

52:24 Min.
The maltreatment of Carol is completely missing. The DVD ends when he heads her off at the door, grabbing her hairs and turns her towards the room.
( 45.5 sec. )

59:24 Min.
There is more alternative frame material of Val’s and Bacman’s play in the whirlpool. The running time difference is irrelevant.
Unrated Version:DVD:

60:45 Min.
The murder of Bacman has been completely removed. The DVD restarts at that point where Bacman drifts dead in the tub. In addition there has been also inserted an alternative part-view of Carol on DVD (about 6.5 seconds) which can be seen in both versions shortly after - that means twice on DVD.
Total difference = ( 26.5 sec. )
Unrated Version:DVD:

62:33 Min.
Now we have pure censoring of violence. Boots knocks down Val with her bludgeon but there’s hardly something left on DVD.
( 9 sec. )

77:18 Min.
Duchess drowns Boots in the aquarium – but unfortunately only in the US VHS tape in every detail. On DVD, due to connection reasons the last scene of the dead body in the aquarium has been inserted after the phone call with the directress.
Total difference = ( 22 sec. )

81:17 Min.
Ericka kills Stone by a stab in his throat – this is naturally missing on DVD.
( 16 SF )

81:18 Min.
There’s a counter cut on to the appalled Twinks but then the scene where both laughing and the knife is pulled out the throat is missing.
( 3.5 sec. )

81:19 Min.
After the close-up view on Ericka with the bloody knife we miss a side close-up of the scenery where Stone convulsive breathing his last.
( 8 sec. )