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03 Episode 3


  • 8 episodes version
  • Original version
Release: Mar 08, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the 8 episodes version (e.g. on HBO Max or Apple TV) and the 6-part original version (e.g. included on the German DVD from Universal / BBC / Amazon)

- 2x exclusive material in the original version with a duration of 30.5 sec
- 1x exclusive footage in the 8 episoes version with a duration of 5.1 sec

* Running times of the 8-part versions: 43:09 (42:34) min Episode 3 // 40:58 (40:26) min Episode 4

We wrote about the different versions of Park Chan-wook's The Little Drummer Girl in detail in the report on the Director's Cut of Episode 1. Here, we focus only on the minimal differences that can still be found between the original release as a 6-parter and the later division into 8 episodes, each with a shorter duration. As already roughly summarized, only the end/beginning scenes of the episodes are affected in each case. For our main episode breakdown of the reports, we'll take the original 6-part version as a basis.

Episode 3 of the 6-part original version also marks the end of episode 4 of the 8-part version. Once again, one can discover a short additional moment in the differently placed transition between episodes 3 and 4 of the 8-part version. However, there is a more complex difference: The original version, which is more widely distributed, has a "pseudo flashback" with exclusive alternate takes at the beginning. At this point in the middle of the episode in the 8-part version, this would have been nonsensical, of course, so you have to do without it. At the same time with some cuts the sequence of events was revised a bit.

Running times are according to the scheme
8 episodes version / Original version

Ep3 27:27 resp. Ep3 30:46-30:58 / 00:00-00:41 resp. 05:08

The introductory shot of Charlie's car on the road was pushed back a bit in the 8-part version, but is then seen identically. Here, it introduces the next scene of Charlie in the car.

On the other hand the 8 episodes version is missing the shots of Charlie in the car that actually occur at this point (to introduce the episode in the original 6-part version). She lights a cigarette and switches the radio signal. Then the aerial shot of her car is briefly played backwards to introduce a flashback.

After that, the original version repeats a few shots of the dialogue that ended Episode 2 there, and which was also seen in the 8-part version here in the 27th minute. In detail, however, these shots differ a bit: How Charlie arrives with the car is an alternate take. Actually, this was seen from her perspective from the driver's seat. The flashback shows a wide shot here exclusively instead. Also, the flashback then goes right to the moment when Becker says, "I ask you to do this, Charlie. For me." This is also an alternate take in the flashback, which is thus withheld from viewers of the 8-part version. The following close-up of Charlie is from the same take, but begins a bit earlier in the flashback. Becker's further words "For love. For our great revolution" can also be seen from a different perspective.

Flashback (Episode 3) in the original versionOriginal scene (Episode 2) in the original version

Then the versions run in sync again with Charlie's "What happens when I get there?" as mentioned in the previous report.

24 sec exclusive to the original version (excluding recut bits)

Ep3 28:55 / 02:09-02:16

The last shot before the opening credits is much longer in the original 6-part version.

6.5 sec

Immediately after that, as usual, comes the opening credits.

61 sec

Ep3 42:29-42:34 / 16:39

In the 8-part version (before the end credits there), Shimon stays behind a bit longer on the bridge and looks down towards the street.

It is interesting to the see that the background was probably digitally inserted and the scene ends with exactly the same truck passing by below. See the second comparison image, which shows the last frame before the credits (8-part version) and the following scene (original version).

8 episodes version 5.1 sec longer

8 episodes versionOriginal version

Ep4 02:39-03:40 / 19:18

After Charlie has passed the border control, there are the opening credits in the 8-part version.

61.5 sec