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2.03 Beauty Hath Strange Power


  • Recut
  • Uncut
Release: Sep 27, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Recut (German Free TV) and the Uncut Version (German DVDs by Studio Hamburg).

23 differences, consisting of
- 13 removed scenes (incl. 2 recuts)
- 6 extended scenes
- 2 scenes with alternate footage
- 1 scene with alternate audio track
- different recap & missing credits (as a result of the recut)
- Total difference: 615.96 sec resp. 10 min and 15.96 sec

The Fall is a British TV show shot for BBC Two. Its first episode aired on 05/13/2013. The second season started to air on 11/09/2014, a third season has already been announced.

In Germany, the first two seasons also aired but the German network ZDF did not broadcast the original BBC Versions. Instead, they decided to recut the two seasons to longer episodes with an approximate length of 90 minutes each. In order to do so, cuts/alterations were made. Episode 1 (ZDF) consists of episode 1&2 (BBC), episode 2 (ZDF) consists of episode 2-4 (BBC) and episode 3 (ZDF) consists of episode 4-5 (BBC). The chronology of events remains the same (except for a few recuts but I will go into that in the actual comparison) but the Recuts always end during the actual episode (BBC Version) - except for the final episode 5, of course.

The second season does not consist of 5 but of 6 episodes. This made it a little earlier to recut. Now, there always 2 episodes used for 1 recut episode. In other words, episode 1 (ZDF) consists of episode 1&2 (BBC), episode 2 (ZDF) consists of episode 3&4 (BBC) and episode 3 (ZDF) consists of the two final episodes 5&6 (BBC).

Every single episode - whether Recut or BBC/Uncut Version - contains the same opening credits. The title is the same as well. Due to the process of recutting the episodes, the credits are placed differently in the Recut Version. The actual footage however remains unchanged. For that reason, the credits will be mentioned in the comparisons but I will not go into detail and will not be any screenshots for that either. Same goes for the end credits: They will be mentioned but that is it. I would also like to point out that only the Uncut Version contains the end credits. In the Recut Version, they have been cut.

Last but not least, a few words regards the differences of these two versions. The shorter Recut Versions are just fine, no elementary scenes are missing. However, one should rather watch the Uncut Versions. Admittedly, whether or not the shot of a character is half a minute longer is completely irrelevant. But then again, some quite interesting scenes that are worth being watched have been removed as well.
Both the US and UK Blu-ray/DVD release contain the Uncut Version.

Time indes refers to
Recut Uncut Version.
00:00 / 00:00

Both versions contain a recap but the used footage in those recaps slightly differs plus the Uncut Version is insignificantly longer.

1.36 sec

Removed Scene / Partially Recut
02:39 / 02:40

Jim enters Stella's office and informs her that Eastwood is the new lead investigator on the case now. Stella does not like it but she plays ball. She then goes to Eastwood and tells him she is lucky he was on board.

Now Paul in his car. Also in the Recut but later.

Conference at the police station. Stella brings the others up to speed.

In the Recut, Stella starts talking via voice-over. In the Uncut Version, Stella starts speaking on-screen.

Screenshot to illustrate the scene

113.28 sec resp. 1 min 53.28 sec

Alternate Footage / Recut
02:57 / 04:52

Alternate footage when Stella brings the others up to speed via voice-over.
The Recut contains the footage of Paul in the vehicle instead (see previous alteration / no screenshots).
The Uncut Version however contains new footage.
Stella's comment is identical but the shot of her (from which point on the versions are back in sync) starts a ittle later in the Recut.

no difference

Alternate Footage / Recut
03:27 / 05:22

Same here: The Recut contains the footage previously shows in the Uncut Version (no screenshots) while the Uncut Version contains some unseen footage.

no difference

Removed Scene
04:27 / 06:22

The briefing regarding Paul is longer in the Uncut Version. Jim asks whether Paul has a car, a cop brings him and the others up to speed, Stella gives the order to find the car.

17.4 sec

Removed Scene
05:02 / 07:15

Again, the briefing is shorter in the Recut.

71.48 sec resp. 1 min 11.48 sec

Removed Scene
07:04 / 10:27

Stella tells Glen to talk to Sally Ann one more time. She also tells him to bring McNally. Talking to McNally, Glen makes a joke. Then they leave.

Stella also talks to Jim.

48.56 sec

Removed Scene
10:34 / 14:46

Glen enters Stella's office. She is sitting in front of her computer. They talk about Katie and her relationship to Paul and also about Paul's background.

51.56 sec

Removed Scene
11:48 / 16:51
A part of the conversation with Katie is missing in the Recut. McNally is questioning Katie about the night she was supposed to babysit the kids when Paul got home.

29.36 sec

Extended Scene
11:48 / 17:21

Glen insignificantly longer.

0.16 sec

Removed Scene
12:09 / 17:43

A further part of the conversation with Katie is missing. She gives Paul an alibi and explains she walked home alone that because it was not far.

Eastwood tells Stella about Reed paying Tom Staggs a rather suspicious visit.

46.76 sec

Extended Scene
17:13 / 23:34

The Recut only contains the first of two shots. The small dialog with Stella asking for the cell phone is audible during that first shot.

In der Uncut Version hingegen bekommt man diesen kurzen Dialog in der zweiten Einstellung (on-screen) zu sehen. Der Dialog selbst ist identisch.

4 sec

Removed Scene
17:29 / 23:53

3 missing shots in the Recut.

11.76 sec

Removed Scene
19:55 / 26:31

In the Uncut Version, Stella has mre questions regarding the stolen car. The cop shows Stella the exact spot the car was stolen on a map. Stella takes a closer look at the area.
With the following shot, the versions are back in sync but the cop's comment is audible from the off because that shot is missing in the Recut. In the Uncut Version, he starts speaking on-screen.

17.32 sec

20:41 / 27:34

Missing black screen in the Recut.

1.08 sec

Extended Scene
20:41 / 27:35

After the black screen, the Uncut Version fades in: Stella enters her hotel room and puts her stuff on the chair. The Recut lacks the black screen, does not fade in and the beginning of the subsequent shot of Stella is also missing. to be more specific, Stella immediately puts her stuff on the chair here.

11.28 sec

Removed Scene
22:24 / 29:30

Paul's conversation with Katie at the restaurant is longer in the Uncut Version. He is trying to push her a little.

19.48 sec

Removed Scene
25:35 / 33:00

Another missing part of the conversation when Paul talks about Stella. He bends the truth and explains to Katie that he did what he did to screw with Stella because he did not like her at all.

39.8 sec

Extended Scene
25:36 / 33:40

The end of the shot of Stella is missing in the Recut.

7 sec

Alternate Audio Track
25:45 / 33:57

The footage is the same but Katie's comment slightly differs.

Screenshot to illustrate the scene

no difference

Removed Scene
26:43 / 34:55

The shot of Stella at the hotel bar is completely missing.

34.44 sec

Removed Scene
33:11 / 41:58

The Uncut Version contains further footage of the surveillance.

Then some interior footage.

28.36 sec

Extended Scene
36:54 / 46:09

Stella and Reed longer.

14.76 sec

Extended Scene
48:18 / 57:48

Stella longer.

13.64 sec

End Credits
48:18 / 58:16

End Credits + black screen in the Uncut Version.

33.12 sec