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  • US Version (US VHS)
  • Original Version (US BD)
Release: Aug 30, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the US Version (US VHS by Media Home Entertainment) and the Original Version (US Blu-ray by Kino).

Some crazy killer keeps taking out prostitutes with his sniper rifle. He takes pictures only to then send them to the cops in order to taunt them. No matter what, bad-ass cop Boyd wants to catch the killer. He considers pimp Julius Kurtz a suspect and Monica, also a prostitute, appears t be involved somehow because she knows every single murder victim.

At first glance, Stone Cold Dead has everything it takes: Some bad-ass cop who does whatever it takes to take down some nutjob on a killing spree, hookers as targets, drug abuse and sleazy investigations in the world of pimps and hookers. But Richard Crenna is no Charles Bronson and Stone Cold Dead is not The Stone Killer. Occasionally, the movie gets a little boring and the cop's relationship with the hooker seems a little too hypocritical but at least the killer's identity comes as a little surprise.

Apparently, US distributor Dimension Pictures had some issues with the movie as well because there are several releases available in the US. The most striking difference is the undoubtfully the new scene with Linnea Quigley at the beginning of the movie. She plays a prostitute in the shower who is being targeted by the killer. When Teddy and Monica speak about Olivia, the US Version contains alternate footage with their conversation being audible while the Original Version shows Boyd watching them from his car. Other than that, a lot of scenes are shorter and others recut. The US Version is not necessarily the worse choice though because the cuts are actually positive for the pace and then there is Linnea Quigley. Too bad that the Blu-ray does not contain the US Version.
Fun fact: The cover of the US Blu-ray is the motive from the US theatrical release which shows the dead prostitute in the shower. Except that scene is not in the movie!


US Blu-ray: 108:02 min
US VHS: 99:41 min

The very first shot shows the killer opening the door.

The US Version contains an alternate shot of it.

Original Version: 9 sec
US Version: 14 sec


Additional scene in the US Version: A john pays his hooker and leaves. The woman then goes to the bathroom to take a shower. The camera zooms in on the bathroom window through which shots are being fired all of a sudden. The woman is already in the shower, gets hit and goes down.

US Version: 1:36 min


The strip startes earlier in the Original Version and there is an additional shot of some guest as well.

Original Version: 25 sec


A girl is having a drink, then the dancer earlier again.

Original Version: 10 sec


The cop longer in the Original Version. He then shows the picture of the murder victim.

In the US Version, he shows a different picture: The one of the murder victim from the additional scene.

Original Version: 3 sec
US Version: 3 sec


The scene at the boxing club starts earlier: Two guys are in the ring. One of them gets a call. The subject of their conversation is a boxing match and the man says the other guy did not stand a chance.

Original Version: 41 sec


The boxer is on the phone. He asks if he wanted to get to know him in the ring or in person. He adds he did not want to buy a watch and hangs up.

Original Version: 10 sec


The cop earlier before he walks up to the door.

Original Version: 3 sec


Jimmy sooner.

Original Version: 2 sec


Tony goes to Webb to complain about Boyd. Apparently, Boyd's behavior is unpredictable and every single case is like some kind of personal crusade. Webb promises to look into it and he tells Tony to take care of the kids.

Original Version: 50 sec


Monica sits in her bed and listens to a report about the killings on the radio. The versions are back in sync when Monica opens the letter.

Original Version: 12 sec


Boyden is on his to campus. One gets to hear him inform the others via radio that he is about to talk to some witness. Teddy is in the hallway, being on the way to Monica. Boyd watches them talk. Teddy keeps walking.

The US Version contains alternate scenes. Teddy is in the hallway, sneaking up on Monica and gets slapped for it. Teddy explains he was a friend f Olivia's and she did not want to see her anymore. Then he walks away.

Original Version: 22 sec
US Version: 48 sec


Bernice longer with Kurtz.

Original Version: 5 sec


Bernice and Kurtz much longer in the car. Oral sex is being implied and there is also a shot of the driver. He looks behind him and smiles.

Original Version: 44 sec


Boyd meets with Monica at some night club. He wants information but she says she had told him everything she knew already which he refuses to believe. Their relationship status is something they talk about as well: Monica is single, Boyd divorced. The latter opens her locket and Monica says it was a picture of her daughter. Monica then wants to know the real reason for them to meet. Boyd explains he was looking for a hitman. Monica says she had to go and leaves the club with some guy.

Boyd calls his house. Due to a certain device, the fish in his aquarium are being fed.

Original Version: 2:47 min


Boyd longer in the Original Version.

The US Version here contains the footage from th previous cut - the beginning with the pianist is shorter though.

US Version: 2:32 min
Original Version: 1 sec


Bernice shoots up, she appears really out of it.

Original Version: 9 sec


Monica keeps walking. She says men could not be trusted. The inmate says cops were an exception because they were usually good pimps with good dope. She asks if Monica was a prostitute as well. Monica explains she was on her own, without a pimp. The inmate says the pimp occasionally came after his girls. The murder is being mentioned then. Monica says one should either do it right or not do it at all.

Original Version: 1:14 min


Undercover agent Sandy is being chatted up by some guy who makes it pretty clear what he wants. They leave, then a picture being developed in some dark room.

Original Version: 49 sec


Monica gets home and finds flowers from Bernice who hopes she got home well.

Original Version: 24 sec


More stripping, then the killer's letter of confession in the dark room. Webb shows the letter to Boyd who wants to catch the killer.

Original Version: 1:10 min


The US Version contains an alternate scene of the letter of confession, followed the scene at the police station with Boyd saying he was going to catch the killer.

US Version: 42 sec


The show starts earlier.

Original Version: 5 sec


Further extended shot of the show prior to the shot of the guitar player.

Original Version: 10 sec


And again, the show is longer. Starting with the drummer, followed by the singer and finally the black woman earlier.

Original Version: 17 sec


Pan shot of some of the pictures in thee killer's dark room.

Original Version: 12 sec


Subsequent to Boyd handing the money to Monica, she looks to the ground.

Original Version: 4 sec


Alternate scene in the Original Version.

Boyd pays Monica a visit. He wants to use her phone to feed his fish. Monica is curious and he tells her about the mechanism. Monica gives the money back and says she could use company. Boyd wants to know what she had in mind. They decide to go ice skating. Monica asks about Boyd's divorce and she also wants to know if he had kids. Monica then talks about her daughter Olivia, they do not get to see each other often anymore. Boyd asks if she wanted to change her life but Monica explains her current life was just fine. She puts her fingers right under Boyd's noise and speculates whether or not a mustache would look good on him. Boyd tries to make it clear that changing her life was not his intention if she stayed out of the way his face looked. They then go back on the ice.

Sandy opens the trunk of Kurtz's car to hide a microphone.

Boyd takes Monica home, refuses to come in though. He says he was going to call her.

In the US Version, Olivia listens to some music instead. Teddy sneaks up on her and Olivia gets annoyed. Teddy is upset because he believes was avoiding him. He then shows her a reindeer made out of glass and apologizes. He says he loved her and he was afraid of losing her to some other guy. Olivia explains there was not anybody other than him but then Olivia leaves and Teddy remains behind all by himself.

Original Version: 4:33 min
US Version: 2:31 min


In the Original Version, Boyd goes to some strip club. He sits down next to Teddy and shows him his badge.

In the US Version, the messages on the radio make Teddy look like a suspect while Boyd reads the documents. One gets to see Teddy's picture one more time.

Then the scene with Sandy putting the microphone in place.

Then Boyd's meeting with Monica (earlier in the Original Version).

Original Version: 1:07 min
US Version: 4:13 min


The Original Version here contains the scene with Teddy and Olivia.

Then Boyd who witnessed the lights being turned off inside the house.

The US Version here contains the scene with Boyd taking Monica home instead.

Original Version: 2:48 min
US Version: 19 sec


Boyd asks Olivia if she had access to Teddy's camera equipment and if she could check whether or not the lens cap was missing.

Original Version: 12 sec


The killer takes a look at a further picture.

Original Version: 5 sec


In the US Version, Boyd is in the dark room.

US Version: 5 sec


Boyd('s shadow) a little earlier.

Original Version: 1 sec


Monica gets in the car, then Teddy. The subsequent shot starts a little earlier as well.

Original Version: 8 sec


Teddy keeps driving.

Original Version: 3 sec


Before the killer gets ready, there is footage of some woman who wants on the cemetery but a cop does not let her through.

Original Version: 7 sec


The cop rushes across the cemetary.

Original Version: 4 sec


The pan shot of the killer is longer and it turns out that the killer is no less than Olivia.

Original Version: 6 sec


Olivia a bit ealier when she is running away.

Original Version: 1 sec


Two cops are firing at Olivia. ne of them runs away, the other one is supposed to make sure Teddy does not get away. Boyd asks Monica since when she knew and she expains she always had. Boyd then runs away. Olivia runs at some cop who has been warned via radio but Olivia is faster and shoots him.

Original Version: 33 sec


Boyd a little longer.

Original Version: 1 sec


At this point, Olivia takes her own life in the Original Version.

Original Version: 2 sec


Now Olivia shoots herself in the US Version as well.

US Version: 2 sec