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1.01 Offerings of Blood


  • US TV Version
  • Uncensored Version
Release: Mar 17, 2016 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
With the Bible drama Of Kings and Prophets, the US network ABC makes an attempt to profit from the success of Game of Thrones. The ingridients are quite simple: sex and violence. But due to the fact that the pilot episode is a bit too revealing, only a censored version aired on ABC because of the restrictions for networks regarding nudity. As a result, any nudity has either been cut, replaced with alternate footage, zoomed in or darkened. The uncensored version is available online though. The violence however was not an issue. Any bloody scene is still in the TV Version - without any kind of restrictions. Business as usual.

Compared are the US TV Version on ABC and the Uncensored Version.

There are 7 differences:
1 removed scene in the TV Version
2 darkened scenes in the TV Version
3 scenes with alternate/extended footage
1 zoomed scene

The Uncensored Version is 14.47 seconds longer than the TV Version.
5:58 Minutes
When the camera pans to Yoab, a part of the screen is darkened. The reason for that is simple: the barely dressed lady showing up behind the curtain.
no difference

UncensoredTV Version

19:37 Minutes
The beginning of the sex scene between Mattiyahu and Merav is cut because her breasts are visible through the clothes.
9.34 sec

19:52 Minutes / 19:40 Minutes
Alternate footage during the change of position. Also, the uncensored version shows Mattiyahu's butt and Merav's breasts for a few frames.
4.30 sec / 2.38 sec

UncensoredTV Version

20:03 Minutes / 19:49 Minutes
Alternate footage when Mattiyahu stands up to get dressed.
6.13 sec / 4.21 sec

UncensoredTV Version

20:27 Minutes / 20:10 Minutes
Alternate footage when Merav and Mattiyahu are making out and getting back on the bed.
5.17 sec / 3.88 sec

UncensoredTV Version

24:24 Minutes / 24:06 Minutes
Because Merav's breasts are visible, the TV Version zooms in on her a little.
no difference

UncensoredTV Version

24:31 Minutes / 24:14 Minutes
When the clothes are being takes off, the footage in the TV Version is darkened in order to cover up Merav's butt when she is getting in the tub.
no difference

UncensoredTV Version