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UK BD box set with the extended UK Versions of the entire 4 seasons


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  • International Version
  • UK Version
Release: Jan 22, 2018 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the International Version (German Blu-ray by Polyband / FSK 16) and the UK Version (UK Blu-ray by 2entertain / BBFC 15).

16 differences, consisting of
- 12 additional scenes
- 3 extended scenes
- additional end credits
- Length difference: 415.8 sec resp. 6 min 55.8 sec

The Show

Luther is a British crime drama from 2010. So far, there are 4 seasons consisting of 16 episodes in total: Season 1 consists of 6 episodes, the seasons 2 & 3 of 4 episodes each and season 4 consists of 2 episodes only. In June 2017, a fifth season was announced for 2018. Without any spoiler alerts, it is safe to say that fans of British shows will enjoy Luther if one does not have an aversion of crime dramas in general.

The Versions

Like other shows before (e.g. Life on Mars & Ashes to Ashes), Luther is yet another example for shorter, international versions (in comparison to the original UK Version that is). In order to do so, all the episodes are two-part episodes now and numerous alterations have been made. Often, the missing footage focuses on a or several particular characters but there are a few alterations that have censorship all over it. Certainly, the International Versions are still watchable, no argument there. But the better version is the uncensored UK Version, no doubt.

Time index refers to
International Version (German Blu-ray) – UK Version (UK Blu-ray)
Extended Scene
07:19 / 07:19

The shot of Burgess is longer. In the UK Version, he takes off his glasses.

3.3 sec

Additional Scene
07:24 / 07:27

Burgess then sits down and enjoys Kirsten's screaming and pounding.

16 sec

Additional Scene
15:02 / 15:21

Only the UK Version actually shows Kirsten scream.

4.3 sec

Additional Scene
15:03 / 15:27

Additional conversation between Ripley and Reed. The latter is incredibly nosy.
Reed: "Who's that in there?"
Ripley: "Oh, that's eh… Richard Henley."
Reed: "Ex-cooper Richard Henley?"
Ripley: "Yeah. Well, Officer Lieutenant."
Reed: "Who's in there with the duchess?"
Ripley: "Ehm… Oh, that's Mark North."
Reed: "Right."
Ripley: "Mmm."
Reed: "Busy night, eh?"
Ripley: "I'll say."
Ripley then walks away.

24 sec

Additional Scene
16:36 / 17:23

Burgess drinks Kirsten's blood.

11.3 sec

Additional Scene
17:32 / 18:31

Again, only the UK Version actually shows Kirsten scream.

3.8 sec

Additional Scene
20:03 / 21:05

Luther walks up to Zoe's house in order to confront Mark. Zoe opens the door.
Zoe: "John. You come here today? Seriously?"
Luther just barges in.
Luther: "Mark? Mark."
Then he sees Mark's face.
Luther: "Oh, dear. Mark, I had nothing to do with this."
Mark: What you did, John, I understand it, alright? It so, in a brutal way, just kind of sums you up I suppose. But look at my face. Look."
Luther: "Alright. If you do this, alright, there's an innocent woman out there is gonna get hurt. It's got nothing to do with this, you, me or the rest of it."
Mark: "John, you cannot keep saying to Zoe that you love her and then putting her through this. You have to stop. Stop for her, stop for you, stop."
Luther approaches Mark.
Luther: "Listen to me, Mark. I'm asking you as nicely as I can. Don't do this to me."
Now, Mark stands up as well.
Mark: "And what exactly are you saying? If you're gonna threaten me, why don't you make a proper job of it? Say it out loud so we all know where we stand."
Luther paces a little, then he takes a seat.
Luther: "Zoe. There were lots of things I wish I had told you, things that I did I was ashamed of, afraid of. I didn't talk to you but at least I didn't lie. OK? Like I'm not lying now. Mark, I didn't do this to you. I really need you to trust me on this."
Luther gets up and leaves. Zoe does not know what to believe anymore. Mark on the other hand shakes his head. He does not believe a single word Luther is saying.

128.5 sec resp. 2 min 8.5 sec

Additional Scene
31:11 / 34:23

Ripley's phone rings, he answers. Schenk is standing right next to him.
Ripley: "Ripley. Ehm… Will do. OK. Yeah. Right away. to Schenk Ehm… DCI Luther's waiting for me outside."
Schenk: "I'm very much obliged to you, Detective Sergeant Ripley."
Ripley: "No problem, sir."
Schenk leaves.

24 sec

Additional Scene
36:54 / 40:29

Once again, the UK Version contains an additional scene with Mark and Zoe. The latter is in the kitchen while the former is on the phone.
Mark: "No, no, no. No broken bones. Yeah, we think it was the husband."
That comment has caught Zoe's attention.
Mark goes on: "He's got some issues he needs to work through."
Zoe has heard enough. Filled with rage, she grabs her coat.
Mark is irritated by Zoe's behavior: "I'll call you back."
He hangs up the phone.
Mark (to Zoe): "You off?"
Zoe: "Just for a bit. I've got to go."
Mark: "Well, is it mee? Did I do something?"
Zoe: "No. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, it's just… It's John. He makes me so angry, I don't know what to do. I've got to get out. Just walk it off or something."
Zoe leaves, Mark remains behind contemplatively.

38.9 sec

Additional Scene
40:06 / 44:20

When they get back, Luther and Reed and run right into Schenk who has already been waiting for Luther.
Schenk: "Ah. Detective Chief Inspector Luther. You pass, like night, from land to land."
Luther: "I do. I really do."
Reed leaves silently.
Schenk: "There's a coffee shop not far away. Shall we?"
Luther: "Yeah. Let's."

33.1 sec

Additional Scene
44:32 / 49:20

Luther's conversation with Schenk is longer.
Schenk: "(Witness memory. Funny little thing.) He's withdrawn the alligation."
Luther: "So, eh… Well, what now?"
Schenk: "You'll return to your case. Without prejudice. I didn't want to come for you, John. But they sent me to do a job. And if they send for me again, I will come again. And I will take you down even if it means that I won't be able to look myself in the eye afterwards."
Luther: "Well, I know that feeling."

33.7 sec

Additional Scene
44:54 / 50:15

Additional shots of Burgess looking for the blood evidence Luther planted inside the house.

7.1 sec

Additional Scene
49:11 / 54:40

Luther's conversation with Alice is longer.
(Luther: "This thing, this weird thing between us, it has to end."
Alice: "Why?")
Luther: "It's not right, Alice. It started off because I was scared of you and I thought if I could be your friend, I could control you. And I can't control you. I'm still scared of you."
Alice: "Well, I'm scared of you, too. You wanna send me to prison."
Luther takes a deep breath.
(Luther: "What you did to Mark nearly cost me.")

28 sec

Extended Scene
49:52 / 55:48

Luther slightly longer…

1 sec

Extended Scene
49:57 / 55:55

…and also earlier.

1.5 sec

51:41 / 57:14

Only the UK Version contains end credits & a preview of the next episode.

54 sec