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original title: Siu lam juk kau


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Feb 24, 2010 - Author: LJSilver - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the HK Theatrical Version and the Director's Cut, both taken from the HK DVD by Universe. Unfortunately, the new scenes aren't smoothly integrated in the movie. You always have to push a button and the preceding part is always repeated first. The Director's Cut of this crazy comedy with and by Stephen Chow featuring Vicky Zhao, Cecilia Cheung and Karen Mok could allegedly only be seen on the Hongkong premiere. Later cinema presentations lacked the additional scenes.

The Director's Cut is 566 sec. longer.

16:33 min.

Stephen is throwing the piece of bread back into the basket when Vicky threatens to call the police. He's addressing compliments to her and starts to sing. Vicky is embarrassed and she pours some water on his face. She then tells hi to go up the mountain if he wanted to sing. Another guy who wants to be a composer joins them and says that he finds Stephen's singing creative and enthusiastic. Afterwards he starts singing himself. More pedestrians are being attracted by the singing and everything turns into a music number.

Suddenly Vicky's boss appears and screams - everything turns back to normal.

Duration: DC 160 sec. longer.

67:52 min.

Stephen gives Vicky (who wears a lot of make up) some running shoes. Then he introduces her to his friends who make fun of her looks. At first she laughs, too, but after some time she is offended and Stephen has to comfort her. Then her boss is coming back and carpets her. Stephen and his friends defend her. Vicky eventually stands up against her and there's some fighting. Vicky uses her Tai Chi-skills and and wins. Stephen and his buddies applaud.

Duration: DC 240 sec. longer.


Before the ending credits some outtakes are shown.

Duration: HK 166 sec. longer.