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Release: Nov 22, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the shortened british cut on VHS by Fox Video (PG Rated) and the uncut DVD version by 20th Century Fox (also PG rated).

After the success of the first movie the Turtles boom really began. Only one year later the second part was shown in cinemas without being able to live up to it's predecessor's quality. The movie is a lot more funny and silly but lacks the special gloomy atmosphere of the forerunner. Additionally, the fight scenes aren't as frequent as in the first part.

About the censorship: In contrast to the first part, which was released quite shortened in many countries, The Secret of the Ooze appeared only lightly censored in the UK. This happened because it was at that time forbidden to show combat weapons in movies. And so, despite the fact that Mike uses his nunchakus rarely (compared to the Original), two scenes were cut. Especially the first cut is absurd, though, because Mike is using two sausages as weapons. Meanwhile the movie has been released uncut in Great Britain.

The VHS version has some other minor mastering mistakes that sum up to 2-3 seconds and have been left out.

Cut version = 84:27 Min.
Uncut version = 84:57
00:00 The fox logos are slightly different.
VHS = 11 Sek.
DVD = 14 Sek.

00:15 The DVD also shows the New Line Cinema logo. The VHS cut is showing the black screen longer.
VHS = 1 Sek.
DVD = 9 Sek.

06:03 Some scenes in which Michelangelo is playing around with sausages in front of masked gangsters are missing.
11 Sek.

27:58 After Keno has put the pizza box on the dresser he finds Mike's nunchakus. He asks April where she got those (in the background one can see a turtle hand searching for the weapons on the dresser). April claims that those are hers. She takes the weapons and waves them around amateurishly. Michelangelo, who is hiding behind the couch, is making a helpless gesture.
21,5 Sek.

84:02 In the VHS version a copyright information follows the end credits. The DVD features a longer black screen and the New Line Cinema logo instead.

VHS = 25 Sek.
DVD = 10 Sek.