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Order: 1886, The


Japanese Version
Rating: CERO: Z
Region: Japan

Uncensored Version
Rating: USK Keine Jugendfreigabe
Region: Germany

Release: Feb 20, 2016 - Author: Once - Translator: Tony Montana




Please note: This comparison contains spoiler and reveals important details regarding the plot!



The steampunk action title "The Order: 1886", exclusively available for PlayStation4, is one of the next-gen titles with the most amazing graphics. Unfortunately, Japanese do not get to enjoy the uncensored version.



The Japanese Version

The Japanese Version was rated CERO: Z, the highest Japanese rating. And yet, it is not uncensored.

Male privates have been removed from two scenes. On top of that, a cutscene is different plus bare breasts are lacking the nipples.

Regarding the violence in this game, the Japanese Version is rather generous even though a few alterations have been made here as well. A few decoration bodies are less graphic, there are no detailled damage textures anymore. The violence regarding any kind of weapon (e.g. shooting off the head, the legs or arms incl. illustrating the wounds) remains unchanged in th Japanese Version.






Compared are the Censored Japanese Version (CERO: Z) and the Uncensored Version (USK Keine Jugendfreigabe).



Source of the original graphic: SCEE, official site for The Order 1886


Chapter 3

The third chapter leads Gahlahad and Lafayette into a cathouse. For the Japanese Version, alterations were made.

In the bar area, two topless ladies are bewitching a guy. They are topless in the Japanese Version as well but there is no anatomical detail. Contrary to the Uncensored Version, there are no nipples in the Japanese Version.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version

The rebels enter the brothel and in order to get away, Gahlahad and Lafayette go upstairs with two of the hookers. On their way, the pass a room with its door open. Inside are two women and a guy. In the Japanese Version, the nipples are missing.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version

Instead of going to the room with the two hookers, Gahlahad and Lafayette use another door to get out. A john is having sex with one of the hookers in that room. Althugh one does not get to see the actual act, it has been replacd by another scene in the Japanese Version. After Lafayette mentions the couple, the camera zooms in on a weapon on the table in the Japanese Version.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version

Of course, the john does not want company. He jumps up and tries to get to his weapon. While the Uncensored Version shows every single detail of him pushing the hooker away, the Japanese Version shows Gahlahad and Lafayette. Gahlahad grabs the john, they start to fight. While the john is still naked in the Uncensored Version - one gets to see his penis as well - he is wearing long johns (no pun intended) in the Japanese Version.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version

Chapter 4

Even though the gun violence is uncensored, as already mentioned, there are differences regarding the decoration bodies. In Chapter 4, one reaches a mental institution after crossing an underground station. In the former and the letter, dead bodies of civilians are lying around. In the Japanese Version, the wound textures are less explicit.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version

Chapter 11

When Gahlahad, Alastair and Lakshmi enter the room, Lucan gets killed by a halfbreed. When he shapeshifts back to Lord Hastings, the Uncensored Version shows his penis. In the Japanese Version, the penis is cut (no pun intended).
Japanischese VersionUncensored Version

Chapter 16

After the final fight versus halfbreed Alastair, the latter shapeshifts to a human being. And again, the privates are unnrecognizable in the Japanese Version. But then again, the Uncensored Version is not that graphic either.

Japanese VersionUncensored Version