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Giallo a Venezia


  • Italian VHS
  • Uncut
Release: May 22, 2018 - Author: Forrest - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut Italian VHS by Star Video and the uncut German DVD by X-Rated.

For a long time, Giallo a Venezia has been one of the most wanted gialli ever. The most common releases are probably the Italian VHS and the Brazilian VHS. Among collectors, those tapes are highly coveted and the offers are rare. In November 201, the German label X-Rated released the uncut Original Version on Blu-ray and DVD. The Italian VHS on the other hand is based on the cut Italian Theatrical Version. Whether or not the Italian Theatrical Version and the version on the Italian VHS are identically could not be determined. The Brazilian tape is uncut (except for some frame and jump cuts) but the picture is pretty bad in dark scenes. Those look a little better on the Italian VHS. But then again, the movie looks more colorful in general on the Brazlian tape.

- 11 cuts
- Length differences: 4 minutes 6 seconds

- Additional logo on the Italian VHS
- Length difference: 12 seconds

Total length difference: 3 minutes 54 seconds

The remaining length difference results from minor frame cuts that will not be listed in the following comparison.


Additional Stefano Film logo on the Italian VHS.

+12 sec


The Italian VHS ends after the guy asks the cop to come in. They talk a little resp. the old guy swears he had not seen anything. Then inspector de pol on the way to the quaestorship. Subsequently afterwards, he sits at his desk and makes some notes. From this point on, the versions are back in sync.

73 sec


Fabio and Flavia are walking across the alley. They kiss and Flavio pulls up her skirt. Peeping Tom shows up and Fabio and Flavia keep walking. From this point on, the versions are back in sync.

37 sec


Subsequent to a scene change, the Italian VHS lacks the first few seconds Flavia and Fabio at the table. He smiles at her.

7 sec


Flavia masturbates longer, followed by shots of Fabio browsing in some sex picture book. At this point, the versions are back in sync.

19 sec


Flavia's face during the orgasm. The camera zooms out slowly.

23 sec


Some footage got lost due to a scene change.

3 sec


De Pol's conversation with Alberto starts much earlier in the Uncut Version.

44 sec


Before the old guy opens his pants, the Italian VHS abruptely ends. Only the Uncut Version shows the guy masturbating.

22 sec


A few seconds got lost resulting from a scene change. First the guy longer on the bridge, then Marco entering Marzia's apartment. He wants to kiss her but she refuses.

6 sec


While de Pol elaborates on his theory, the Italian VHS lacks the flashback of the orgy.

11 sec


Another missing second due to a scene change.

1 sec