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Bloody Friday (Blutiger Freitag) [Blu-Ray Region A/B/C Import - Germany]


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Bloody Friday

original title: Blutiger Freitag


  • Italian Version
  • Theatrical Version
Release: Mar 04, 2020 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia - external link: IMDB
51:47 / 56:19-56:48

An additional discussion of the superiors of the police. Head of operations Mayer-Lippe says that Klett would not shy away from anything and that one would have to proceed accordingly cautiously. The public prosecutor beside him means critically that one would stand thus again ( allusion to the real incident in Munich ) before the situation "firing order or free escort".

Unfortunately not completely cleanly reconstructed: The first 2 frames of the scene can also be seen in the reconstructed Italian version.

29.7 sec

51:47-52:44 / 56:48 or 57:47-58:35 and 58:40-58:49

Before the Italian version then begins in the middle of the conversation between the head of operations and the public prosecutor, a scene is preferred: An injured person is brought out. In the theatrical version this only happens about two minutes later.

Then you can see Christian and Heinz coming back inside. Dagmar and Marie talk to Heinz, Christian is skeptical about his drinking. This scene comes unchanged in the theatrical version already about one minute later (after the conversation between the head of operations and the public prosecutor and immediately before the first person to be carried out in Italy).

53:43 / 58:35-58:40

The postponed scene is a bit longer at the end: Luigi admonishes Christian and Heinz is also sceptical.

4.4 sec

53:43 or 51:56 / 58:49-58:58

Also the first scene of carrying out the injured person is a bit longer at the end (and thus before it continues in the theatrical version again inside with the discussion of Heinz, Luigi and Christian). People keep looking around confused and the commentator has a few worrying words left.

8.6 sec

55:51 / 61:05-61:16

Heinz positions himself longer with his crotch in front of Dagmar's eye level and thinks that it would only be important to have the matter properly under control and to catch the right one.

10.5 sec

62:08 / 67:33-67:43

Walter Lotzmann is longer out of the picture and the public prosecutor still cynically notes that the bank robbers would not be so wrong with their hatred of guys like Lotzmann.

9.9 sec

69:28 / 75:02-75:07

Heinz says another sentence ("Asses can wait until they have hemorrhoids").

4.2 sec

69:39 / 75:18-75:53

The head of operations, Mayer-Lippe, gets another call in the car and finds out that the helicopter spy-on only served as a distraction. He orders civil patrols and precise spy-on.
Then Heidi waits a little earlier at the meeting point.

35.1 sec

78:46-80:01 / 85:00-86:23

After the conversation between Christian and Marie the complete rape scene is designed alternatively.

In the German theatrical version Heinz tears her clothes off in the room and when he gets lost, slaughterhouse shots and their lesbian sex are mounted in between from his perspective. A small residual doubt remains but overall it doesn't look as if Dagmar would "enjoy" the rape.

In the Italian version the scene plays in a darker room and Dagmar fights back much more clearly at the beginning. Heinz tears her top off and gives her a slap in the face. When he gets lost on her, you can see a little bit of pleasure on her face. More precisely, a change in the soundtrack symbolizes this and from this moment on she grabs his hand, returns his kisses and throws herself around his neck.

theatrical version 7.5 sec longer

80:31-81:16 / 86:53-87:35

After Marie has talked to the panic-stricken Heidi because of Luigi's state, the scene comes to a different end.

In the German theatrical version Heinz closes his pants (another close-up of his crotch) and asks if Dagmar would help him now.
She reacts furiously; "Go now! Get out of here, you animal! You disgusting, brutal filthy pig."
Heinz: "Come on you lesbian pig! Who is a stinking animal? You trembled quite a bit when I put it in your. You horny bitch!"
Dagmar: "Stop it, you cattle, I hate you!"
She briefly reaches for the weapon next to her, whereupon Heinz throws himself at her and chokes her. He also punches her.

In the Italian version however, Dagmar has now completely succumbed to Heinz and moans lustfully and looks at him with satisfied eyes.
Heinz suddenly begins to strangle her with the words "You are a dirty whore" and after a short shock-filled look she loses consciousness.

Italian version 2.5 sec longer

Finally, in the usual theatrical version there is a quotation on the right, in the Italian version instead only a final fade-in.

Italian versiontheatrical version