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Silent Force, The


  • US DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Apr 17, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut US DVD by Ideal Enterprises and the uncut UK DVD by Digital Video Dreams.

"The Silent Force" is a special ops unit in Los Angeles that fights crime quite successfully. Too successfully, actually, because the unit is a thorne in the flesh of gangster boss Hue Gung Pao. Consequently, he sends he group of assassins to take care of them for good. But the plan fails, two members of the unit survive. Since of them is being used as decoy, supercop Frank Stevens is the last man standing and he is so angry that he decides to take care of it by himself - with a little support by foxy Natalie Woo who is also out for revenge because the goon she is currently seeing has killed her husband. Frank kills his way through the goons until Pao has had it. Natalie is being abducted and Frank has to ask himself what is more important to him: Stick to his plan and get revenge or save the girl?

Well, "The Silent Force" sounds better than it actually is. Contentwise, the movie is pretty lame and the fights are anything but top-notch. At least, there are some (silicone) breasts every now and then which keeps the audience from falling asleep. Unless, one is watching the US DVD that is because every single scene that contains nudity has been removed. This goes for the sex scene with Natalie and Jimmy at the beginning of the movie and also for the pool scenes with Hue Gung Pao. In other words, the US DVD is completely useless. The UK DVD on the other hand is uncut.


US DVD: 87:37 min (NTSC)
UK DVD: 85:10 min (PAL)

The US Version lacks the beginning of the sex scene with Natalie and Jimmy.

UK Version: 32 sec


The end of the sex scene, when they both climax, is also missing.

The US Version contains small pieces from earlier in the UK Version. It has been made pretty sure that there are no naked breasts though.

UK Version: 13 sec
US Version: 7 sec


The bad guy is walking by some barely dressed and some completely naked women by the pool and says hi.

UK Version: 33 sec


The bad guy is having some fun with the topless girl before his employee hands him the cell phone.

UK Version: 16 sec