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Faces of Death 2


  • BBFC 18
  • German VHS
Release: Nov 06, 2009 - Author: PaulBearer - Translator: Zuernling - external link: IMDB
The British DVD (BBFC 18) by Screen Entertainment was compared with the German VHS (FSK 18) by Madison Video.

What else is there to write about the "Faces of Death" series that hasn't already been said a thousand times? Even after decades those pseudo documentaries are counted among the most controversial movies of all times. In my eyes (and I'm aware that not everyone can share my opinion), "Faces of Death" gratefully distinguishes itself from the countless copycats through its lovably trashy style - whereas the competition just offers gore paired with disrespectful, "cool" commentaries, "Faces" has more to offer to friends of trash - badly done fakes, embarassing temp actors, terrible music and overly dramatic and preachy commentaries. However, Part 2 is in a way special, because apparently only one scene (the robbery with the taking of the hostages) is staged and altogether the footage is less extreme compared to the other parts.

In Great Britain the movies were released more or less cut by Screen Entertainment., a site that is concerned with censorship in general and the cutting rules of the BBFC in particular, lists 1:54 min. of cut scenes for the version of "Faces of Death 2" released in GB, due to the known problems with "Animal Cruelty". But all in all, the UK version is more than 20 minutes shorter than the German version and the difference would be even bigger if the German version wasn't also cut and wouldn't also run notably faster.

The UK version is probably a US version, with the scenes of animal cruelty cut out, while the European version (which was also released in the Netherlands) got enhanced by some scenes. However, only in the European version are the naked bodies partially blurred, although you'd expect this kind of censorship from an US version. But the European version got again cut in Germany, so both versions aren't complete.

The runtimes refer to the UK DVD. The remaining runtime difference is caused by different running speeds. If not noted otherwise, the listed cuts were made in the UK version.

8 cuts in the UK version = 28 minutes 14 seconds

2 cuts in the German version = 2 minutes 41 seconds
The burn victim's genital area is blurred in the German version, this effect is not used in the UK version.
(censored left, uncensored right)
no difference in time

You see: accidents on German freeways, crashes at the "Indy 500", injured rodeo horsemen.
8 minutes 36 seconds

You see that "Dr. Gröss" (Michael Carr), who is talking about the situation down in El Salvador, is allegedly in the country. Inbetween are short, additional scenes of the civil war.
1 minute 28 seconds

There are additional scenes after the end of the section about El Salvador, too, then various weapon systems of the US Army are presented.
4 minutes 4 seconds

A longer shot of the Vietnamese woman carrying her child along the street.
3 seconds

Cut to: Lebanese children, killed by bombs, are put in caskets and carried down the street. These scenes appear distinctly later in the German version.
no difference in time

Alleged "soldier training" where a rabbit is killed by getting hit against a tree. After that, it gets skinned an beheaded and a man drinks its blood. A chicken's head is bit off.
49 seconds

The following is missing from the section about animal testing: first, a b/w image with monkeys strapped into an apparatus, then how a tube is inserted into a monkey's throat through which a liquid is injected. Then the tube is removed and the animal put back into its cage.
56 seconds

A report about the assassination of former US president Ronald Reagan in 1981.
2 minutes 53 seconds

Again, a whole bunch of scenes is missing in the UK version: A space rocket lifts off. A short view from outer space. Then there is talking about religion to fitting images. Dr. Gröss is in a church. Images from Iran follow: Ayatollah Khomeini's followers and some of his political enemies, who he had killed. A child is being buried. After that, images from Lebanon including those that were shown earlier in the UKL version.
You see Dr. Gröss (carrying a small rabbit in his hand) looking for easter eggs (!) with two little girls, a scene that is used as an introduction for a report about the assembly line killing of rabbits. A similar scene about chickens is shown with shots of people eating fried chicken cut inbetween.
9 minutes 25 seconds

The torso of a dissected body is blurred - quite pointless, since you can clearly see the following removal of the organs in both versions.
(censored left, uncensored right)
no time difference

This is where the UK version is longer - the trial in Liberia is extended.
2 minutes 28 seconds

The convicts' execution is shown longer in the UK version (in slow-motion).
1 minute 13 seconds