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Angel Enforcers

original title: Wong Ga Fei Fung


  • BBFC 18
  • German Blu-ray
Release: Jul 28, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the censored UK Laserdisc of MIA and the uncut German Blu-ray of Shamrock Media

  • One significant cut
  • Duration: 2.1 seconds [in PAL, without logos]

Additionally, 6 more documented missing scenes with a total duration of 11.4 seconds.

A few additional master errors with a duration of less than 0.5 seconds were not listed in the edit report.

Angel Enforcers was directed by the notorious Godfrey Ho in 1989. One shouldn't expect a masterpiece, but don't worry, it's not a Ninja Cut'n'Paste title either. Instead, it's a quite entertaining contribution to the Girls-with-Guns subgenre. The film features actors like Philip Ko and Dick Wei, known for their roles in more violent films. The movie is essentially a series of brutal action scenes, often interrupted by silly Hong Kong humor - and curiously often accompanied by the Halloween theme song. For Hongkong action fans, it's quite a recommendable experience.

Since July 28, 2023, the apparently worldwide Blu-ray premiere is available by Shamrock Media in Germany. They have created (more or less) an extended version. Curiously, in the end credits, there was a more violent take, which has now been incorporated into the film itself. In the end credits, the less violent version appears. Compared to the earlier uncut DVD in Germany, there is practically only this difference (and various master errors), but it was different in the UK. The BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) was bothered even by the milder take, so this scene involving a woman being kicked in the back was completely cut here.

Runtime information follows the following format:
British Laserdisc in 25fps / German Blu-ray in 24fps.

The UK Laserdisc displays the title on a white background at the beginning and is 4.5 seconds longer.

The opening credits sequence that follows is present in both versions with original Chinese credits, but they are in different colors.

British Laserdisc (M.I.A.)German Blu-ray (Shamrock Media)

19:32 / 20:17-20:19

The first reel change loses a bit. In the German DVD from Best Entertainment, it was only 0.6 seconds, but here, more of the following shot is missing as well.

2.6 seconds

38:42 / 40:22-40:23

Another reel change moment, and again, a bit more is lost compared to the German DVD.

1.4 seconds

56:14 / 58:39-58:40

The same pattern here, and this is an interesting one: In the German version, a few frames were missing directly after a kick to the back, transitioning to a close-up shot of the suffering henchman. In the UK version, a bit more is missing before and after, including the actual kick.

1.4 seconds

65:55 / 68:44-68:45

Just a few inconsequential frames.

0.7 seconds

70:03 / 73:01-73:03

The shot with the kick to the stomach is completely missing in the UK version. So, neither the regular shot present here nor the alternate end credits take with significant blood spatter (used by Shamrock within the main feature) is visible. Also, the first frames of the following shot are missing.

2.1 seconds

Original version (German Best Entertainment DVD)German Blu-ray by Shamrock Media

76:09 / 79:25-79:27

Last reel change: The transition from the flower shop to a shot of the building. Again, more is missing compared to the German version.

1.8 seconds

The end credits again with white vs. colored credits.

British Laserdisc (M.I.A.)German Blu-ray (Shamrock Media)

85:47-85:49 / 89:28-89:30

Oddly enough, the BBFC apparently overlooked the bloodier version of the scene which was actually present in the end credits. Thus, this moment is even included in the UK Laserdisc version. For the German Blu-ray, the less bloody alternate take, which usually comes earlier during the actual scene, was used here.

No time difference

British Laserdisc (M.I.A.)German Blu-ray (Shamrock Media)

86:03 / 89:45-89:49

The final shot fades out earlier. In the original version it was slightly longer (showing further movement forward).

3.6 seconds

Mediabook by Shamrock Media - Cover A: