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original title: Za jia xiao zi


  • Export version
  • Original version
Release: May 18, 2022 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the export version and the original Hongkong theatrical release version, both included on the UK Blu-ray of Eureka!

- 4 cuts
- Cut duration: 700.2 sec (= 11:40 min) [in 23.976 fps] - equivalent to 11:11 min in PAL

Sammo Hung directed Knockabout for Golden Harvest studios in 1979, treating himself to a smaller role while the acrobatic Yuen Biao appears up front. Along with the early Jackie Chan films, this title is absolute must-see for fans of oldschool Easter comedies.

In English-speaking countries (and e.g. Germany) the film was initially released on VHS only in the export version, which was cut by over 11 minutes. Basically, this is a typical case of cuts for pacing, but several fight scenes were lost along the way. The export version thus flows a bit more rapidly, but the original version remains the preferred choice. In the UK the movie was released uncut on VHS with original audio and on DVD by Hongkong Legends as well.

On April 25, 2022, a Blu-ray of Eureka! has now been released in the UK, which as usual offers a nicely wrapped, complete package. The HD master here unfortunately doesn't look as outstanding as most new Blu-rays from Eureka! and 88 Films, but still good enough to be a clear recommendation over previous DVD releases for those interested. The old export version was also included here as a bonus (reconstructed from the same HD master).

Runtime details are arrange according to the scheme
Export version on British Blu-ray / Original version on British Blu-ray

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Right after the logos, the credits diverge: English vs. original.

Export Version (British Blu-ray)Original Version (British Blu-ray)

Here are two pictures from the German VHS for historical comparison. Even the opening credits are zoomed in a bit and the rest of the movie runs in the horrible full screen.

Export Version (British Blu-ray)German VHS

05:53 / 05:53-10:00

After the bank clerk's uncle determines that it is not gold, there is some further dialogue between the two. They then set out to find Yipao (Yuen Biao), with the beggar (Sammo Hung) still seen outside the door.

At a tavern, they find what they are looking for and expose Yipao as a fraud. There is a lack of much dialogue and some fighting action. The police chief (Karl Maka) gets involved, takes on the case and tries to solve it. He reweighs the banker's gold and compares it to the receipt Yipao has from him. Since the weight of the gold does not match the receipt, Yipao is cleared of the charges and can leave.

247.1 sec (= 4:07 min)

34:32 / 38:39-42:42

After the happy news that no ordinary man could defeat them, Yipao and Taipao (Lau Kar-Leung) go to the city to test this.

At the market they observe people taking protection money. A woman does not want to pay, whereupon her stand is destroyed. Tiger (Mars) tries to intervene, but is pushed away. The two catch him and intervene themselves. Fights with the gang follow, which they all win. Yipao mainly uses his foot. Of the money they get back, they pay back only half to the woman and disappear with the rest to a casino. Tiger talks to them briefly on the way there and looks at the mugshot of Ku Wu Tao again.

243.2 sec (= 4:03 min)

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