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Crimes of Passion


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Sep 15, 2013 - Author: Bob - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Crimes of Passion is one of the movies with serious problems with its theatrical release in the US. Drastically cut for an R-Rating, foreign coutries were better off because the movie often was released uncut.

But then again, a so-called Unrated Director's Cut with two re-inserted plot scenes is available in the US and also in Sweden for instance. Except for that, there are further differences when Bobby looks at the book with Japanese sex positions.

Compared are the uncut Theatrical Version (German Free-TV recording from 10/08/2012). The UK-DVD is identical, except for one thing: it follows the US-Version when the black and white scene is on.

Please note: the black bars on the right and the left of the screenshots taken from the Theatrical / German Free-TV Version result from sloppy transfer to the computer. They do not exist in the original Free-TV recording!
When Bobby is filming China Blue, the shots are black and white in the Unrated Director's Cut while there's a blue coloration in the Theatrical Version.
no difference

Unrated DCTheatrical Version

When Bobby's sneaking around in Blue's appartment, he turns on porn on TV.
21 sec

Bobby keeps browsing in the book with Japanese sex positions.
7.5 sec

While Bobby quickly browses in the book with disgust in the Theatrical Version, he's checking out more pictures in the Unrated DC plus he takes a look at the porno on TV now and then which also disgusts him.
US: 33.5 sec | DF: 11 sec

Unrated DCTheatrical Version

While the Unrated DC shows the breakfast scene before the limo scene with China Blue, the Theatrical Version shows the BBQ scene which is also in the Unrated DC but after the limo scene. Except for that, the actual scene remains unchanged.

Bobby's family at breakfast. It's obvious that his wife and he don't assort well with each other anymore. He notices too late she has a new haircut but she plays it cool anyway. But when she accidentally puts syrup on his pancakes, he totally overreacts. But the wife still doesn't want to pick a fight. But then it gets real nasty because they're dragging their kids into this now. For starters, Bobby makes his wife look worse. Then she avenges when their son has a science question for school which Booby is unable to answer correctly. She laughs about him. Then she recommands to better ask his teacher. Bobby gets up and leaves for work, his wife stays behind. Neither of them looks really happy.
148 sec

After the separation, Amy tries to get together with Bobby again. She's lonely and she misses but she also wants to impress the kids. Bobby's cold response is what for. To teach the kids the true meaning of the word hatred. Hatred and despite are the dominating factors in the marriage. She brings up the responsibility for the family. She keeps trying to convince him that he has to come back and realizes Bobby apparently met another woman who's a bad influence. She wonders which bitch showed him another kind of lifestyle and why he doesn't want to live his old life anymore. Bobby reacts edgy again. He complains about the prudery which was also part of his (previous) life. He says sex was damn good way to express his own feelings and that there wasn't anything bad about it. Amy's kind of stuck but she demands Bobby would reconsider if he really didn't want to take responsibility for his kids and wife anymore and if he wanted to get seperated for good.

It's a real bummer that this scene is missing because it's a nice addition to the following scene with Joanna who tells him the exact same thing from another perspective.
140 sec