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Betty Blue

original title: 372 le matin


  • Theatrical Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jan 10, 2010 - Author: sine707 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version taken from the German VHS by CBS/FOX (FSK 18) and the Australian Director's Cut version by The AV Channel (R18+; DVD).

The French classic "372 Le Matin", better known as "Betty Blue", was released only in a cut version at the theatres in 1986 because the movie was too long.

15 years later, director Jean-Jacques Beineix made, together with a few technicians, the "version integrale", the Director's Cut. Now it isn't only easier to understand Betty's inner conflict, funny scenes have been added, too. Due to continuity reasons some scenes have had to be removed though. Others were arranged differently.

Theatrical Version (FSK 18): 1:54:11 min. without ending credits
Director`s Cut (R+18): 2:54:34 min. without ending credits

52 cuts/new scenes = 60:23 min. in total
The Director's Cut (DC) displays the text "version integrale".
no difference

A shot of the car is missing.
8 Sec

Zorg and old George are loading the delivery truck and talk about Betty. She joins them and gets in the car. Betty says the changed her mind and wanted to go with him.
After eventually managing to start the car they drive away. While Zorg is loading some vegetables on the truck. A friend of his sees Betty and says that he tore out her picture from the Playboy. Betty grins and sucks her ice cream.
They drive on.
1:55 min.

Some shots of Betty and Zorg getting drunk with Pernod are missing.
25 sec.

A scene showing Zorg hitting the glass on the table has been dropped due to continuity reasons.
+1 sec.

Zorg's boss is giving him a little dress-down. He takes a nip from his flask and asks Zorg if he wants to drink, too. Zorg declines. His boss goes on by saying that the best place to store coffee in order to preserve it's aroma is the fridge.
38 sec.

Zorg has been fallen asleep with a cigarette in his mouth. Betty tkaes the cigarette, undresses him, kisses his penis and blankets him.
56 sec.

Betty throws some stuff out of the window.
7 sec.

Betty asks whether the numbers on the books determine their order. Zorg affirms and Betty pulls the lamp down in order to be able to read better.
11 sec.

One can see Betty reading.
14 Sec

Zorg is waking up and sees Betty still reading. He goes to the sink and washes his face.
29 sec.

Betty gets into the car and drives away. Zorg gazes after her, goes back to his bungalow and smells her underwear.
26 sec.

In the TV he gazes after her out of the previous shot.
+4 sec.

Betty comes driving back. When Zorg sees it he is glad and hits against the bungalow. When the owner comes out of the bungalow and asks him why he did that he answers that he just wanted to hit a mosquito.
41 sec.

The TV shows Zorg painting the bungalows instead.
+8 sec.

The hotel owner talks about her late husband. When she promises them the room, Betty and Zorg drag her onto the bed and cuddle with her.
Zorg takes a walk with the hotel owner. They talk a bit about relationships.
2:04 min.

Zorg watches Betty typing and boils some eggs. He notices that the tap is leaking.
30 sec.

Betty drinks Chianti with her friend and Eddy and talks with them about the hotel.
30 sec.

The two girls are high fiving.
1 Sec

Betty fetches the mail but no letter about Zorg's book is among it. Zorg comforts her and says that only four days have passed.
34 sec.

Eddy gets out of the car and tries to take a suitcase out of it.
15 sec.

a shot of the restaurant is missing.
5 sec.

The couple orders something and nags.
47 Sec

Zorg is sitting in the kitchen reading denials when Eddy comes down the stairs, gets something out of the fridge and asks whether Betty was sleeping.
57 sec.

Betty screams longer in the stairwell and runs the watching neighbors off by doing grimaces.
Also missing is a sales conversation with an olive merchan who gives Zorg more and more to drink in order to get him drunk.When Eddy and Zorg drive home later they discover the concerned Betty in front of the door.
In the next scene a policeman and Zorg talk about Betty's behavior towards the publisher first. The conversation soon changes it's direction when the policeman shows Zorg a manuscript of his own book. They drink together and make a plan about forcing the publisher to drop the charge against Betty.
Zorg raids the publisher, pours Martini over him and makes him drop the charge. In the last scene of this cut one can see Eddy starting the Party.
9:02 min.

The DC shows the car drive when Eddy shows Zorg the house.
58 sec.

After Zorg fell down on the floor he says that everything is alright.
4 sec.

Betty covers Zorg and caresses him.
36 sec.

Eddy and the others are sitting around the table and talk.
38 sec.

A garbage man asks about the matress and says that they could not take it with them. Shortly after that a colleague of him joins them and beats the matress with his hook. He explains that years ago a matress tore off his hand when he put it into the garbage car and that he can't stand the sight of matresses ever since.
Another shot of Zorg is missing when he has almost reached the shop.
2:03 min.

Zorg is walking down another street.
5 sec.

After Zorg looked at the yellow car one sudddenly sees the two sitting in the car kissing. However, in the DC we also can see the follwing scene:
Zorg comes home when Betty is cleaning the floor. They talk about their need of some money and have breakfast. He asks her to the balcony, points to the yellow car and complains about the alleged owner. The two go down to the car and he convinces her to go on a joy ride with him. He shows Betty the interiors and after a while she asks him to stop. From this point the two versions run parallel again.
2:41 min.

Zorg is calling Eddy longer.
26 sec.

After Zorg tells Betty that he wants to go to the supermarket he really does so. Betty tells him that she wants to drive. When she is driving like crazy he comments on it. Suddenly she gets out of the car and goes down a street.
1:24 min.

Zorg carries Betty to the bed. He looks at her.
Next scene: Zorg cleans the windows of the piano store. After a short talk with Betty he goes to Bob and asks for some paint to paint the windows. He is writing a slogan on the window.
Next scene: Zorg cleans a piano. Betty stands on the scale and complains about the fact that she gained another kilogram. Zorg then is having a little monologue.
Next scene: Betty brings Zorg dinner but it only consists out of a half tomato because she decided that they need a diet. Betty wants to take a walk but Zorg rather stays and tries to sell pianos.
Next scene: Zorg is sitting in his store alone and is thinking out aloud. Betty comes to him and asks if she can take care of the store while he buyys some cigarettes.
Next scene: Zorg is in the butchery and talks with the butcher.
Next scene: Zorg comes back to Betty who surprises him by having sold a piano. Zorg decides that they should go and eat Chinese food.
Next scene: Betty and Zorg stand on the street and cuddle.
5:33 sec

Betty and Zorg are lying in bed and are happy because they sold a piano. They pet each other a little.
Next scene: Betty takes a shower and and Zorg calls Eddy and tells him about his failures with his manuscript and the piano store.
1:47 min.

Betty and Zorg are sitting down and are talking.
1:33 min.

Betty tells Zorg to sleep with her. He, of course, complies.
45 sec.

Zorg is in a hurry longer. Betty stands besides him and asks whether she has become fatter.
20 sec.

Betty and Zorg are in a Chinese restaurant. Zorg goes to the bathroom and makes grimaces in front of the mirror. A dealer is coming in and sells him some cocaine. Zorg disappears in a stall and comes out making strange comments. Then Zorg and Betty are on their way home.
2:20 min.

Zorg goes down the corridor a bit longer.
37 sec.

Zorg leans back and blows a berry above himself. Betty grabs it.
19 sec.

The TV shows some landscape shots instead.
+16 sec.

Eddy and Zorg talk while fishing. Zorg says that he thinks that Betty wants something that doesn't exist and that he wants to help her.
1:15 min.

Zorg robs a bank being dressed up as a woman. He ties a young employee who really thinks he is a woman. This employee gives him some hints for the robbery because he hates his job. After Zorg tied up everyone else he writes down his "name" for the young employee. Josephine.

During the drive back Zorg finds Betty on a cemetery. She says that she would like people to look after her when she's dead. In the car Zorg shows her the money, she also sees the fake bra and asks Zorg to wear it. When they are together in bed later, Zorg says that in case someone asks he has been with her all day.

Next scene: Betty and Zorg are visiting the annual fair. Betty sees a child, takes it and runs away with it. Zorg is running after her. In a mall Betty has rented a whole toy store and is sitting in a tent together with the child. Zorg is having an argument with the employee and goes to the tent. When the furious mother enters the mall both flee via the roof.

12:35 min.

Zorg is loading some stuff in the trunk.
6 sec.

Bob and Zorg are longer in the hospital. Bob says that she's sleeping. Zorg has to give some information before he can see her.
2:07 min.

The TV shows another shot of Zorg entering the room.
+5 sec.

Again another shot is missing in the DC. This time Zorg looks at Betty.
+5 sec.

The nurse tells Zorg to go because he can't do anything for her. When he comes home he hears Bob and his wife having an argument.

1:10 min.

Zorg hangs up. He stands there longer and his holding a sausage to his crotch. The arrival at the hospital is longer, too.
1:05 min.

Zorg is going to the hospital - again dressed up as a woman - longer.
15 sec.