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  • Unrated
Release: Jun 30, 2010 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated Version, taken from the German VHS by TOPPIC and the uncut US DVD by MGM (R-Rated, but includes the unrated Version)

David Croneberg's great horror movie from 1979 was initially released only in the cut R-Rated version in several countries including Great Britain and Germany. The uncut version wasn't released there before the DVD age.
The US DVD, although showin the R-rated sign, contains the unrated version of the movie. In Great Britain the film was released by Anchor Bay, the DVD there features both versions.

Smaller mastering mistakes will not be mentioned
Cut version = 87:43 min (PAL)
Uncut version = 92:17 min (NTSC)

Missing scenes sum up to 54 sec, 36 sec of them are missing due to of censorship.
00:00 The MGM logo can only be seen on the US DVD.
10 sec

18:40 The murder of Candice's grandmother Juliana has been shortened a bit. The "creature" hits her more often with the steak hammer while Juliane is crawling on the floor and tries to protect he head with her hands.
8,6 sec

63:16 When Frank turns Ms Mayer's (the theacher) head to the side it is longer visible in the uncut version. Cut to Frank's face and again to Ms Mayer and Frank's blood-smeared hands.
10,3 sec

79:16 Beginning of the shot in which Nola tears up the amniotic sack of the fetus.
3,5 sec

79:38 Nola licks the fetus longer.
2,1 sec

79:42 Very gory close-up of her licking it some more.
9,2 sec

82:01 One can see the dead Dr Raglan (Oliver Reed)lying on the floor.
2,3 sec

87:43 The MGM logo after the ending credits is only shown on the US DVD.
8 sec