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original title: Horror Planet


  • US DVD
  • German VHS
Release: Oct 18, 2010 - Author: Leatherface666 - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
The times were counted without the respective company logos.

Despite being the longer version, the German tape was censored at one point, however this is not mentioned in this report.

German version from Arcade: 1:24:42 (there are no end credits)

US DVD (NTSC): 1:28:01 / 1:31:51 (with end credits)

A woman asks if Ricky had an idea what might have caused the explosion. He answers that he hasn't a clue.
4 secs.

A dialog between the reporter and the colored man is missing.
The US version doesn't set in until she starts her dictating machine.

The reporter asks why it would be so terrible to cancel the mission.

The colored man answers that they just started to discover things which might help them to understand the origins of the planet. Further, it might give them some clues to why the previous inhabitants became extinct and that this is what they were there for.

The reporter responds that they were archaeologists, that the crystals contained live matter, and that that this meant that they hadn't the facilities to test them. She ads that she hopes that Holly sees it that way.

She then turns on her dictating machine and the US version sets in.
30 secs.