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Addams Family, The


SNES Version
Region: Worldwide

Genesis Version
Region: Europe

Release: Jun 16, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: DaxRider123

Back in the days, the Addams Family was a very famous TV series that spawned a cartoon series in the 90s as well as 3 successful movies. Often, this results in a video game with the same topic or the story of the movie. The "Addams Family" video game from 1992 is a rather confusing Jump'n'Run game that includes a few elements of the family in order to justify the title. You play Gomez - the father of the family - and jump through several small level segments that depict the family's house as a maze. Due to the huge number of enemies as well as the confusing "rooms" the game is pretty hard, yet - just as the movies - directed to a young audience. There is no blood or violence, as well as no Christian symbols (which would appear rather weird in this house), still the guys from Nintendo found something to censor when the game was ported to the SNES - apparently they thought that it was too much for the kids to take.
In one of the maze-like levels named "The Old Tree" you have to jump up a tree. On top of it you will run into a green bird that flies back and forth. In the original version he goes so far as to drop poo on you - yes, poo! This bird does not lay eggs, but shits small brown piles into your direction. This was deleted for the SNES version. The bird does the same movement, however, he no longer drops anything. The bird's mimic was also slightly changed - if you can talk about mimic when referring to a bird. In the SNES version he simply opens his beak, while in the uncensored version he seems to be strained from pushing his fecal matter out.
SNES VersionSega Genesis Version